Careercow Jim Hayden - Vietnam Vet and modern day Crusader makes America Great Again


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Feb 7, 2016

Meet Jim Hayden. He's a combat veteran with a very strange understanding of US law and economy, and he's also running for president. Jim seems to think that the US has a lot of "unnecessary" quirks that he can just snip out of government, even if that's inherently unconstitutional, he doesn't seem to care. For instance, in his opinion, charity is a act of religion, and because of this the government should be reduced in size.
Screenshot (595).png

He also seems to think that constitution prohibits law enforcement, and that civil militias should replace them.
Screenshot (599).png

Jim also has some very strong opinions on Immigration...To say the least.
Screenshot (597).png
Screenshot (600).png
Screenshot (601).png

Jim also believes that an all out Crusade against the Religion of Islam is key to the safety of America, this shall be done through raids on Terrorist branches of Islam to "break the will of Muslims"
Screenshot (608).png

All of these caps were taken from Jim's official website ( however, I was able to find a couple articles about him that further illustrates his views. Fortunately, both articles were small enough to screencap entirely.
Screenshot (606).png
Screenshot (607).png

Also, as many of you have probably noticed, Jim runs a forum, where he's samefagged for a while about his policies. (
Screenshot (603).png
Screenshot (604).png
Screenshot (605).png

TL;DR: Jim Hayden is making America great again and if you don't vote for him this election you're a unconstitutional race traitor.


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Apr 16, 2016
He should try for an endorsement from:ghost:. He'd have a listening audience (of mainly trolls, granted) and a platform. Hayden 2016, spread it around like wildfire!
EDIT: Apparently he tried running in 2012 too. Look at how active that forum is!
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