"Jim" / James Augustine née James Patrick O'Shaughnessy / Mister Metokur / Jim81Jim / Internet Aristocrat - His autistic videos and the gay beta "sweetie squad" who mindlessly suck his cock

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Its brakes severed, the rape train thunders onward
Of course I really feel compelled to defend such greatest hits like using the exact same voice for @theralph as I do for ghost, or the super high quality audio production value I meticulously maintain in every painstakingly recorded video. The content is autistic, terrible and low effort. I am more shocked that there is a man named @John Andrews Stan who is so ass-mad about movie bob that he has been posting several times a day in his thread for nearly a year, I just had to bring it up, it's sweet nectar, gorgeous ambrosia to my soul.
Ah yes, these are the exact words of a not-mad person.


Welcome to the Future you chose.
I get the feeling watching Jim obsess about COVID and China in particular, that his wife has a particular hatred of China and getting off on how much they hate China and how bad COVID is for China is a shared activity of theirs. It's like an in-joke all couples develop. And, since it's not something that flings shit at lolcows it has no IRL blowback risk for them, it's a safe thing he can also make bank on. She's happy, he's happy, piggy bank is happy.
Jim goes full out Falun Gong when?


srsly, wtf is dis shit?
I think it's more the former, as Jim is an old Millennial (or young boomer) who smokes and at leasr has one illness that is severe enough for him to go to the hospital. He's probably part of the fragile group most affected by it.
I read somewhere that smoking might actually inhibit the 'rona's ability to thrive. No idea if that's still true, but the camels might have saved him several times already.
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Mary O.

On that note, reminder that The KF Archive of his older stuff still exists, so if you're looking for Jim content, you're better off watching past shit than waiting till "Jim Time" is over for newer shit.
Or, you know, you could watch a TV show or movie like a normal person since an angry boomer tard raging at Internet drama isn't worth looking back on. The act of putting this cunt on a pedestal compared not only to other YouTube channels, but to other entertainers is no different than calling Chris Chan a celebrity.

Wasn't James the one who got unironically angry at Vee back in October 2018? OH WAIT, HE IS!
Yeah, James was totally the winner of that situation. Vee must be so bitter.

People like to parrot "JIM DOESNT CARE ABOUT ANYTHING ALL HE DOES IS TROLL FOR THE LULZ" but even when bringing up lolcows, I feel its obvious that a lot of them he makes videos on largely out of outrage. Jim has shown he cares about and gets upset about things like harm to children.
"We here at O'Shaughnessy Asset Management stand against the act of beating, raping, and killing children."
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To me, I feel like being an edgy youtuber is like being a rapper in the projects. Jim got a wife, a house, probably kids, a stable career he had the whole time, and didn't start hating his fans. He's "won". And while I'd love to see more Jim stuff, if the guy can retire earlier than a normie off his superberries, good on him.

I do feel like he should just come out and say he's done instead of keeping people expecting more though. Even if it makes his subscribestar turn into Spoony's patreon.


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I understand everyone is stressing out over facist Trump being president, white supremacists and Nazis being everywhere, innocent Afrian Americans getting killed by white cops and regular white people, the Covoa-19 virus killing 80% of population, 80% population being out of work and months of no new videos by Metokur

But one thing that has helped me get through these stressful times, is having lots of faith and prayer
And we will get through this together

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