"Jim" / James Augustine née James Patrick O'Shaughnessy / Mister Metokur / Jim81Jim / Internet Aristocrat - His autistic videos and the gay beta "sweetie squad" who mindlessly suck his cock


Did she make any other shit posts or just that one?
Hadn't seen that before - she wasn't on my radar during the GG days, but then again, I was happily married then (or so I thought). That video was kinda cringey, but I'm still gonna simp for her. The controller fumbling bits made me laugh. Congrats on your qtπ azn waifu, Jim.
Anita parody video was the one that got Jade the most attention and she put most effort into. Like what Happy Fish already said, other vids were just videos of her making sexy cosplay costumes, wearing them, and occasionally dancing. I went through some of her videos back then, but I do not recall anything noteworthy. Jade deleted her channel as soon as she got involved with Jim, and the Anita video was the only one people cared about and archived.

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do you guys think Jade is a Chinese spy, sent to cuck Jim out of being the based ìnternet King of the oldfags, leading the charge against IGN and shit? We know that Reddit is in cahoots with Chyna, Microcuck and Cisco too, seems like big eDaddys have a vested interest in beating down any real gamer revolt(after all there is no greater threat to the establishment than revolutionary gamers and youtubers), and so the next natural question of this impeccable rational line of thought is; who will lead us now? Gator, the first of the old fags? Reethan Ralph? The farterpounder?

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Here's a video where she admits she posted to Reddit Gonewild.
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Look I know "beauty is in the eye of the beholder" and all that, but Chubby Cheeks Chink over here is a perfect example of why Perspective is VERY important. When she tilts her head, she looks passable, but that face and nose is just so off-putting when she looks forward. Her tits are literally the only "nice" thing about her.


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Apparently Jim was binge watching Hikaru no Go for a week, but he's back to talk about COVID again.
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Probably stayed low because the Ralph stuff was peaking again and thought now it's safe to come out again