Jimmy Carter 11-11-2020 plus four year 100 years! -

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Hello everyone. Today is 11-11-2020 November 11 2020. Jimmy Carter is a former living President of the USA. We just had a election in the USA on 11-03-2020 November. Jimmy Carter needs to make it to 100 years old to see the next Election of the USA on 11-03-2024. He will be 4 years older. 100. His Birthday is October 1. 1924. 100 years! There is not very many living Former presidents. Bill Clinton (74) George W. Bush (74) Barack Obama (59). George H. Bush died in 2018 at 94. Donald Trump will become a living former President of the USA. A lot of people are honestly curious who will win in 2024 but he has to be 100 to find out. Jimmy Carter. Its a question that is rather curious. Bump this thread on 11-03-2024 to find out.
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