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It's very hard to describe this person without calling him a brony or babyfur. His name is Jin (Power word: Matt Beard) a Minnesotan with an unhealthy obsession for the inanimate. He caught wind of the My Little Pony fad during 2012, where he noticed a certain Mary Sue and knew he met his match. Since then, he's posted pictures of himself fucking a plushie of one of the characters in a home-made mini sex dungeon, commented on nearly all art of his waifu and claiming it to be rape, and insisted that the spirit of this fictional character embodies his plushie when others aren't looking.

Matt has also become obsessed with Paw Patrol, a TV show aimed at pre-schoolers. He has a plushie of one of the puppies on the show and, you guessed it, he has sex with it. Spiraling further and further, Matt has "officially" come out as a babyfur.

If you didn't think it could get any worse, he also wrote a story about molesting a minor.

Chapter 1: The Short End Of The Wishbone

"You know, today isn't such a bad day to be alive," the coyote thought to himself as he walked down the sidewalk. He wasn't wrong. Jin's luck hadn't been the best the past few years and today was one of those rare reprieves from the drudgery of his twenty-two odd years of existence. It seemed like nothing had gone quite right since his parents had a new litter of pups and kicked him out of the house four years ago. Maybe "kicked out" is too strong of a phrase, they weren't bad parents. After all, they did send him on his way with enough money to put a downpayment on a small single story house in this podunk midwestern town and pay for his first two years of college; which was pretty generous considering they had four other pups from his litter to put through school as well. Too bad he didn't even last the two years they paid for.

Jin sighed quietly to himself, reflecting on his time college and his untimely failure as a student—and as an adult in general—he took one last drag off his cigarette and snuffed the butt on a nearby park bench; disposing of it in the adjacent trash bin. He was funny like that, rarely feeling compassion for anyone other than himself and yet he still couldn't bring himself throw a cigarette butt on the ground. Most people aren't worth the air they breathe but nature never acted with malice or cruelty, making it more worthy of his consideration he supposed. Taking a moment to adjust his backwards baseball cap, then glancing around to make sure no one was looking before shifting around his backpack and adjusting the diaper well hidden under his loose fitting jeans and t-shirt, he continued on his walk through the park towards his favorite book store. Not that there were many book stores to choose from in Imperial, Nebraska, in fact Ferrington's Books to was the only book store in this backend of nowhere town, but the word "favorite" had a pleasant ring to it that cheered him up; and he needed all the cheering up he could get.

As he walked a broken bar of sunlight streaming through the trees caught in his light blue eyes, glinting over his narrow rectangular framed glasses and dancing little patterns in the fallen leaves littering the sidewalk while the wind whistled a comforting tune in his oversized ears. Today really wasn't a bad day to be alive. It was late August and the breeze had yet to turn chill, in spite of the trees already abandoning many of their leaves in preparation for their long winter's sleep. Arriving at Ferrington's, Jin had more to be happy about than just the weather. His favorite author Brian Jacques had just released a new book in the Redwall series titled Salamandastron, and by golly he was going to get the first copy the book store got in! Sure, they may have been marketed as books for kids, but he still enjoyed reading them and the high fantasy adventures did a good job of taking his mind off all of life's woes. Besides, even though he was twenty two years old he was still in diapers—on account of some unfortunate lifelong bladder control problems that seemed to flare up whenever he got excited or anxious—and that meant he still counted as a kid, right? Right?

"Kids," the coyote whispered to himself under his breath as he reached for the weathered brass doorknob adorning the front door of the book store. Kids were the source of more than just one of his problems. As if having to feel like a kid all the time wasn't bad enough, why did have to feel so… attracted to them? Jin was, to put it bluntly and in no uncertain terms, a pedophile. A gay one at that. He tried his best not to be, pursuing several relationships with guys his own age throughout his teenage years, but none of them ever lasted terribly long and at the end of the day the only people he felt truly attracted to were those who were too young to reciprocate his feelings. He didn't believe in God, but he mused to himself that if there was some kind of divine being up there in the sky then they must have one heck of a twisted sense of humor. What kind of god would make someone who's only attractions were to people they couldn't even procreate with?

Ah well, at least he was a decent pedophile… if there was such a thing. He avoided being around children whenever possible, turning down every babysitting gig he had ever been offered back when he still lived at home, and he made it a point to only masturbate to artwork and never look at real pictures of kids on those rare occasions when he just couldn't fight his urges any longer and needed some relief. "If it makes you happy and doesn't hurt anyone then it's good," was the mantra he told himself every day in an attempt to make himself feel better about it all. Unfortunately, it didn't. There wasn't any changing who he was though, no matter how much he might have wished otherwise, he just pulled the short end of the wishbone when the sexuality cards were being handed out and that's all there was to it. No one gets to choose who they're attracted to, and if given a choice he definitely wouldn't have picked kids, but that was the card he was dealt.

Today wasn't a day for thoughts like that though, today was supposed to be a good day! Today was Monday, which coupled with Saturday and Sunday was one of his three days a week off work. A day free of scrubbing plates and pruned paw pads that reeked of dish soap and pasta sauce, and he was darn well going to enjoy it! Swinging open the rickety old glass paned door to the bookstore he headed inside and waved a chipper, "Good afternoon!" to the portly spectacled hedgehog behind the counter, none other than Ferrington himself. Ferrington was getting on his years but he still ran the store day in and day out, seven days a week as he had done since time immemorial as far as anyone could tell. The hedgehog smiled and waved back a friendly, "And a good afternoon to you young sir!" as the coyote made his way back to the Sci-Fi/Fantasy section that occupied so much of his time in this little oasis.

With great anticipation he traced an outstretched finger along the shelves that jutted out from the stacks as he searched for the author he was looking for. Herbson, no not there yet. Immanuel, getting closer. Jackels, almost there, and… Jacques! There we go! Pouring his eyes over the titles on the shelf he searched for the latest entry in the Redwall series, but alas it wasn't in yet. Ferrington always put the new releases out on the shelves before opening up shop in the morning, so if it wasn't there then it wasn't in it. "Oh well, maybe tomorrow," he told himself with a long drawn out sigh. Today was a good day for sighing, it seemed. Not feeling ready to head back home just yet, he decided to continue his quest for new literature and see if there might be any other books of interest to pick up as long as he was there. Minutes turned to hours as he perused shelf after shelf of books, pulling out one or two here and there to read the introductions and occasionally a few bits and pieces of the first chapter; to get a feel for the stories before deciding if they should come home with him. Ferrington never minded him taking his time as long as he bought something by the time he left.

It was good medicine and the time spent browsing was thoroughly brightening Jin's spirits, that is until the most shrill of noises broke the tranquil silence. At first the coyote wasn't sure whether someone had inadvertently stepped on a cat's tail or if someone's wayward dog had gotten ahold of a rabbit outside, but it soon became apparent that the sorrowful yowling sound was in fact coming from inside the book store! Cautiously peering around the stacks towards the back of the store in the direction of the sound, the culprit was clearly evident. Standing near the comic book racks at the far end of the store was a young red fox, ears plastered back, fists clenched in tight little balls of fluff and bawling his fool head off.

"For the love of all, would someone please shut that brat up!?" Jin grumbled to himself, gritting his teeth and contemplating plugging his ears to drown out the fox's din. Alas, the coyote's wishes would go unanswered. A minute or two passed and no one had come to retrieve the youngling, who was still sobbing inconsolably with small rivers of tears streaming down the black freckled patches dotting his white cheek fur, and pounding his arms at his sides in a fit of one kind or another. The kid's parents were nowhere to be seen, and a glance towards the front of the store yielded no hope of respite from the awful noise either; as Ferrington's usual post at the front desk lay abandoned. There wasn't a single soul who could offer assistance anywhere in the store. "Well he picked one heck of a time to take a lunch break," the coyote bemoaned to himself. "I guess this one's on me."

With no small amount of apprehension the coyote placed the pawful of books he had settled on purchasing on the floor and nervously approached the diminutive fox. Anyone else wouldn't have had anything to feel nervous about at all, but Jin went to great lengths to avoid children and he wasn't very good at talking to them either. He always seemed to get tongue tied and fumble his words whenever he had to talk to one, in much the same way an adolescent boy might when speaking to a girl he fancied. Nevertheless, there was no else around who could come to the fox's aid and something was obviously wrong.

Stopping a few feet away and looking down at the kit over his glasses, he tried his best to speak in a soft soothing voice that felt somewhat contrived, "Hey… hey, kid. Are you alright? What's wrong, huh?" No response. Bending his knees and crouching down next to the fox, the coyote gently placed a forepaw on his shoulder and spoke again, "Are you okay? What happened, huh?" With that the kit finally opened his tear laden hazel eyes and pointed down at the floor between his shaking legs, stammering, "It… it happ-happ-happened! Again!" before gripping the lower hem of his blue Transformers t-shirt and pulling it up to bury his face in, resuming his sobbing.

A quick downward glance was all it took to ascertain the cause of all this distress. There was a narrow zigzagging line of wet fur running out from the fox's khaki shorts and down his right leg, and a fairly sizable puddle on the carpet between his legs. "Aww, did you wet yourse…" the coyote began, stopping mid sentence when an upward glance caught an all too familiar sight jutting out underneath the kit's upturned shirt. It was the top edge of a diaper, a typical disposable department store variety one not all that dissimilar to the diaper he was wearing this very moment. "…oh, you leaked," he mumbled in surprise.

Mumbled or not, the fox evidently heard his words because this statement sent the youngling into a real tirade. "This always happens! Grammy changes me every morning but it always leaks before I get home from sc-sch-school I hate it! I don…" The rest of the kit's words were lost in a jumbled blubber, but the coyote got the idea. How old was this kid though? He had to be, what, ten years old? Jin wasn't a very good judge of age. Far too old to be still wearing diapers in any case, he surmised. Unless he had the same kind of problems that… "Hey, hey now. Calm down kid, it's alright! I'm sure no one saw and you're gonna be just fine. Is your grandma around here somewhere?"

"Ecco," the kit sniffled in reply.
"What was that?"
"Ecco. My na-name is Ecco."

"Like the dolphin?" the coyote half chuckled to himself, thinking back to an advertisement he had seen in the latest issue of GamePro magazine for a video game of the same name coming out in a few months. Suddenly realizing that his question might have come off as insensitive, and not wanting to distress the traumatized little fox any further, he cut the thought short. "Never mind, it's nice to meet you Ecco. My name is Jin. Is your grandma here with you? What about your parents?" The coyote was keeping his cool surprisingly well, especially considering this was the first time he had even spoken to child in a good four years or so since he left home. His forepaws were a little sweaty and clammy feeling from anxiety, but other than that he was doing fairly alright. At least he hadn't wet himself yet like he usually did when he got nervous. Ecco on the other paw looked no less miserable than he did before their conversation started, whimpering, "N-no, no parents. Just Grammy, she's at home. I just wanted to look at comics after school but then… then…"

No parents? Poor kid… Jin thought to himself for a few moments before it dawned on him that he had just the solution to this whole problem. Not wanting the kit to start crying again and seeing that further waterworks were imminent, he stood up and lifted up his own shirt—a black t-shirt adorned with the Sega company logo across the chest—and pointed at the exposed waistband of the diaper poking out underneath, blurting out, "I, uhh… I have to wear these thing too, you know, and I always carry a spare in my backpack for situations just like this! Here, you can have it! The boys room is right over there, just take it and go get yourself changed and everything is gonna be fine!" Unslinging the backpack from his shoulder the coyote unzipped the rear compartment and pulled out a neatly folded diaper, presenting it to the dumbstruck fox with one paw and pointing at the bathroom in the back corner of the store with the other. "Go on, take it! It's probably a little big for you, but it should fit if you pull the tabs real tight."

"I… I can't," the wide eyed kit muttered back. "Whadaya mean you can't? Of course you can! Think of it as a gift," the coyote retorted. "N-n-no, I mean I can't! Grammy always changes me, I can't do it myself!" Feeling somewhat flustered about having his solution to the problem shot down, the coyote took a deep breath and calmly replied, "Look kid, I mean Ecco, you're going to have to try. Okay? There's no one else here who can change you and you can't walk home like that, you know?" Wiping the tears from his matted cheeks with a tiny forepaw, the young fox looked up at the big coyote with plaintive watery eyes and spoke only two words, "You can." Feeling his heart stop for a moment, Jin proceeded to involuntarily wet himself.

Once his heart resumed it's normal beating activity, albeit at a mile a minute, the horrified coyote let out a rambling chorus of stuttered and mostly unintelligible words. Chief among them were, "Oh no, no, no, no I can't! You don't know… I really don't think…" followed by assorted gibberish. Tilting his head and flopping an ear to one side quizzically, the now well-composed kit sagely reasoned, "But you change yourself, don't you mister Jin? You said I should change myself so you must know how to do it!"
"Well yeah, but…" was all the emotionally bedraggled coyote got the chance to say before the young fox, smiling and satisfied that he was in capable paws, seized him by a sweat drenched forepaw and led him off to the boys restroom.

As Ecco stood up on his tiptoes to flick on the light switch and lock the door behind them, the resounding clang of the bolt in the bathroom door's lock falling shut reminded Jin very much of what he imagined a prison cell door closing might sound like; because behind such a door was exactly where he dreaded he would find himself if anyone ever discovered that he was in here with this kid. He had spent nearly half his life jumping through every hoop possible to avoid getting into a situation like the one he now found himself in, and up until today he had succeeded admirably. Panic swept over the him and his stomach twisted itself up in a bundle of knots, faced with the realization that there truly was no escape this time. The small fox standing before him needed help, and there was no one else who could provide it. No amount of begging, praying, pleading or wishing it wasn't so would change that fact. Today—for once in his messed up little life—he would have to try to act like a normal adult.

Swallowing the sizable lump in his throat, the nervous wreck of a coyote took a couple slow deep breathes and tried his best to compose himself. In through the nose, out through the muzzle. In through the nose, out through the muzzle. Turning to face Ecco, who was now standing square in the middle of the restroom with a hopeful look on his face and a newfound brightness in his eyes, he sputtered, "Okay Ecco, I… I'll do it. Let me just look the other way while you take off your shorts then we can take that old d-diaper off, pu-put on the new one, and get out of here." The pint-sized architect of his imminent destruction giggled and pointed up at the fold-out baby changing table mounted to the bathroom wall, "No goofus, you're supposed to do it up there!" The coyote would have piddled himself again if there was anything left in his bladder.

Resigning himself to his fate, Jin took hold of the three-foot-long changing platform and folded it down, eyeing it up for size and enquiring to Ecco, "You sure you're gonna fit up there? You look a little… big, for this thing." The roughly three-and-a-half-foot tall fox nodded, "That's how Grammy always does it. My feets hang off but I fit, mister Jin," wiggling his sneakered footpaws side to side in demonstration of what parts wouldn't fit on the table. With his umpteenth sigh of the day, Jin grumbled to the fox, "You really don't have to call me 'mister', you know. Jin is fine. Why are you even trusting me to do this anyway? Didn't your grandma ever tell you to be careful about trusting strangers?" The kit's gaze directed itself towards the ceiling for a short time while he contemplated the question before confidently asserting, "But you're not strange, Jin. You wear diapees like me, you must get picked on a lot too. I trust you," and nodding his head once more.

Whatever ice there may have been locked up in the coyote's heart suddenly melted and a warm tide of calm washed over him, with all the anxiety he had been so fixated on drifting away as the young fox's words sunk in. With what may have been his first genuine smile of the day he knelt down next to the kit, gently wrapping one arm around his back and placing the other behind the fox's knees. "Yeah, I used to… until I got big and scared all the bullies off. Okay, upsy-daisy foxie!" With that he scooped the kit up in his arms and carried him over to the plastic table hanging off the wall. At five-feet-six-inches tall Jin was rather short for his species, but he still managed to lift the fox up to the changing table without too much difficulty. Ecco was heavier than he had expected, but not uncomfortably so and the warmth of the kit's soft downy fur felt nice against his arms. Maybe, just maybe, everything was going to be alright after all.

"Heh, you're pretty big yourself Ecco! How old are you?" he asked, laying the kit down softly with the his shoes dangling over the end of the table. "I'm seven and a half years old! How old are you?" Ecco beamed at the notion of being thought of as big, though he couldn't even begin to guess how old the boy he was in the care of was. Sixteen? Seventeen? Two billion five hundred and sixty-eleven? Neither of them were very good judges of age. Jin smiled back and chuckled, "I'm twenty-two, but gosh, you're awfully big for a seven and a half year old! I would have thought you were at least ten." Ecco contemplated how long twenty-two years must be, at least three lifetimes for him, and wondered aloud, "Have you always worn diapees too? Who changes you?"

"Uh-huh, I have. I've never been good at holding my pee in either. My mom used to change me when I was little, but now that I'm all grown up I have to change myself. You'll learn how to do it too someday, I think." The coyote's heart sank a little as he a reflected on his youth. Seeing the expression on his face turn blue, the little fox piped up, "I'm sowwy… maybe someday I can change you too, when I'm all big like you! …I can't keep my pee or poop in." It was Ecco's turn to sigh, directing his gaze towards the wall in a mix of shame and the longing for normality that was all too familiar to coyote standing over him. Jin was starting to blush at the thought of such an adorable little kit changing him, and a kit with a poopy diaper no less, but the look in the fox's eyes shook the thought from his head before it could take hold. "Hey, hey! It's normal for some people to have to wear diapers, alright? This isn't something you should feel bad about, and that's the truth! There's nothing wrong with you, and don't you ever let anyone tell you otherwise! Now let's get that wet diaper off and get you changed."

Ecco felt strangely comforted by the coyote's words. His grandmother had told him many times that he was normal, but she was an old lady and sometimes old ladies just say things to be nice. This was the first time another boy had ever said anything like that to him. It made him feel big too, and maybe even a little normal for the first time in longer than he could remember. Ecco lifted up his shirt to expose his waist for changing and smiled, "You really think I'm… normal?"
"Yeah, I do," the coyote smiled back tenderly, and began to do something that he never in a million years would have thought that he would do; let alone with this much calm collected confidence. He unfastened the seven (and a half) year old fox's belt buckle, unsnapped the button snap of the kid's shorts, unzipped the zipper, and slid Ecco's shorts down to the end of the changing table around the kit's ankles.

What greeted Jin underneath the fox's shorts was one of the most enormously overfull diapers he had ever laid eyes on. The plasticy front was puffed out like a balloon and any wetness indicator markings that may have resided there had long since been washed away in a flood of prepubescent fox urine. No wonder he leaked! All this was from today? How much water had this kid been drinking? Not wanting to damage the fox's renewed self-esteem, Jin kept his thoughts to himself and resumed the task that was set before him. Gingerly pulling the two saggy tabs on each side of the diaper free of their sticky backings, he folded it down between Ecco's parted legs and the staggeringly intense odor that wafted upwards upon opening the kit's diaper overwhelmed the coyote's sensitive nose; filling his nostrils and permeating his senses. It was like nothing he had ever smelled before! Overpoweringly strong, but soft and sweet; not at all acrid like his own urine that he was so used to smelling when changing himself… or when he was masturbating.

Maybe it was a product of spending his adolescence in diapers or maybe it was just yet another bizarre quirk of his own sexuality, but as far back as he could recall Jin had always been enormously turned on by the scents and flavors of bodily waste. The stronger the smell was the more he liked it, and between the intoxicating aroma and the sight of the fox's tiny urine matted sheath and scrotum—both veiled in the thinnest layer of soft fuzzy looking fur—before he even realized it was happening Jin's knot had swelled to twice it's normal size in his sheath and he had an erection prodding uncomfortably against the front of the diaper underneath his jeans. Panic swept over the coyote once more, faced with the realization that the whole mental pep talk he had given himself about handling this like a normal adult had all been for nothing. There was no vaccinating this disease of his and… "Jin, are you okay? You look funny." Ecco's words snapped him out of his arousal induced stupor.

"Oh yeah, sorry Ecco. You just smell… nice," Jin reassured him, still trying to shake off the haze that clouded his senses. "You really think my diapee smells nice? You're not just saying that so I won't feel bad about it?" Ecco murmured. Jin should have chosen his word's more carefully, but it was difficult to put a coherent thought together in his current state. In an attempt to convince the kit that he meant exactly what he said the coyote slid a forepaw underneath the fox's lower back and gently lifted him up, sliding the thoroughly soiled diaper out from underneath him while taking care to not let the elastic tail band catch on the fox's fur, then folding the whole thing up he raised the kit's soggy diaper to his nose and gave it a long audible sniff before awkwardly smiling down at the fox. "See? Nice!" They both blushed bright red in embarrassment and Ecco giggled, "I like to sniff it sometimes too."

In that instant Jin had never wanted to kiss anyone so badly in all his life. The kit's statement made his cock twitch and leak a small dribble of pre-cum against the inside of his own already well-soaked diaper, but he knew that no matter how turned on he was right now he had to restrain himself. This kid was counting on him, depending on him, so it didn't matter how he felt; he couldn't act on it. Every fiber of his being was urging him to press his muzzle up against that of the little blushing fox laying half naked on the changing table in front of him, but he knew that Ecco wouldn't understand and couldn't share his feelings. This kid trusted him, and he wasn't going to betray that trust no matter what. Turning around and tossing the soiled diaper into the waste bin next to the sink, Jin resolved himself to set his attraction aside and finish the job he had to do.

"Okay! My turn now!" Ecco exclaimed giddily, sitting up on the changing table and snatching Jin's belt between his small forepaws with a downward tug as his caregiver turned back around. "Ohholycrapwhatareyoudoing!?" the stunned coyote managed in one long string of syllables. "It's my turn! You sniffed my diapee, now I wanna sniff yours! And you said a swear, so now you hafta," the fox reiterated, gritting his teeth and struggling in vain to tug Jin's pants down over the large bulge in the front of his diaper. "What!? No! Crap isn't a swear! That's not how it, ohmyg…" The kit's grabby paws had found his belt clasp and he wasn't given time to argue the matter. With one last tug the coyote's pants were around his knees and the curious fox was nuzzling his tiny nose against the bulbous protrusion in front of Jin's extremely odiferous diaper—saturated in a mix of urine and steadily dripping pre-cum—sniffing emphatically.

"Nuh-uh, it is too a swear! Mmmm, you smell nice too!" the satisfied kit giggled, taking one last whiff and beaming ear as he patted a forepaw against the front of the diaper. Before the bewildered coyote could think up a suitable reply to thank the strange little kit for his praise, Jin's body betrayed him. His now painfully stiff member picked the worst possible time to twitch on it's own accord, bouncing up against the kit's fingers as he tapped it through the diaper. Jin had hoped that Ecco wouldn't notice, but this little fox was an unfortunately observant one. "Oh wow! Is that your peepee? It must be really big! Can I see it?" Ecco blurted out, wide eyed and excited as he inquisitively pawed at the mass underneath the diaper. Police sirens rang out in Jin's head and his mind raced a mile a minute in search of any way to extricate himself from this situation. Part of him so desperately wanted to say yes, to feel the soft little paws of a cub as sweet and utterly adorable as Ecco caressing his neediest of parts. It was something he had dreamt about for his entire adult life, but the sirens drowned out anything that the devil on his shoulder may have had to say on the matter and what actually came out of his mouth was, "Ahh, ma-maybe som-me-other time!"

Maybe some other time!? What was he thinking? Was he trying to get himself arrested!? It didn't matter, what did is that when push came to shove his better judgement won out. Promptly pulling his pants back up and over the tent pitched in the front of his diaper, he mentally congratulated himself for resisting a temptation that he would have never thought able to resist if faced with in real life before today. Softly patting Ecco between the ears he smiled and reassured him, "I'm sorry Ecco, but we should really finish getting you changed. I'm glad you liked the way I smell though, and thank you for saying such nice things about my… umm, thing. I guess it is pretty big, but yours will be someday too!" Wow… dig that hole a little deeper why doncha Jin, the coyote silently scolded himself. The small fox sitting in front of him however just laid back down and giggled, "Okie, some other time! How old will I have to be before my peepee is big all the time? It's always big in the morning, and sometimes in the bath if I play with that thing at the bottom, but not it's not always big like yours. Does yours have a thing at the bottom too?"

Jin laughed nervously and did his best to answer Ecco's stream of uncomfortable anatomical questions in the most matter of fact manner he could muster under the circumstances, which was no easy feat considering that the circumstances were various images flashing through his head of what Ecco might look like with an erection. "I, uhh… well, mine isn't big all the time either. It just gets big like that sometimes when you really like someone, sometimes. Yours probably won't start doing that until you're twelve or thirteen, and yeah. That thing at the bottom is called a 'knot', all canids like us have them. It's totally normal for it to get big in the morning or if you play with it, mine does that too." The more he thought about it, Jin didn't really mind answering all of these questions. Sure, they were awkward to talk about but he figured the kid's grandma wasn't going to tell him about any of this stuff and they probably hadn't taught him anything about it in school either; and it wasn't like he was doing anything illegal talking about it. At least he didn't think he was.

Ecco nodded along with every answer, making mental notes of all the new information and waiting for the coyote to finish before cheerfully remarking, "Aww, that means you really like me! I really like you too! You're nice, and you smells good. Can you clean me up now? My furs all sticky." The fox pointed down at his crotch, indicating the fur all around his thighs and groin matted with urine. Jin was not aware that his penis could get any harder than it already was, but apparently they were both learning new things about their anatomy today. "Yeah… I do really like you, a lot. You're a very sweet fox Ecco, and a really smart one too. Let's get you cleaned up," he replied, tearing off a pawful of paper towels from the dispenser on the wall and running them under some warm water from the sink. Much to his own surprise, Jin was actually starting to feel rather comfortable talking to this little kit. It almost felt like flirting, except not so... artificial. He was sure that Ecco meant every word of all the nice things he said, and he meant all of what he said to Ecco too. Even if the coyote was walking around with a permanent hard-on he still couldn't remember the last time that he felt this genuinely comfortable and at ease talking to anyone, let alone a kid.

Returning to the changing table, Ecco appeared lost in thought; staring up at the ceiling with his head tilted to one side and suckling his thumb contemplatively. "What's up kiddo? Was there something else you wanted to know about?" Jin asked, placing a forepaw on Ecco's outer thigh and petting his fur softly. "I was just thinkin' that since you like me and I like you, and we both wear diapees, that we should be friends! I don't have any friends. All the boys at school just call me stinky diapeebutt and make fun of me. Would you be my friend?" the dispirited kit implored, with a look in his bright little eyes that was somewhere between hope and desperation. "What!? Stinky diaperbutt? That's not true at all! Let's see here…" the coyote leaned his face down close to the the youngling's lap, sniffing all about and being careful not to let his cold wet nose brush up against the now giggling kit's body. Lifting his head back up he smiled warmly at Ecco and declared, "Hmmm, nope! Not stinky at all! I don't know what those dumb kids were talking about, you smell great to me. And I don't really have any friends either, so… yeah, I'd like to be your friend too! Can I walk you home after we get out of here?"

Jin wasn't sure whether he just made the best decision or the worst mistake of his life, but what he did know is that the words that came out of his muzzle felt right. He felt a real connection with this little fox that he wasn't sure he had ever felt with someone before, beyond his erection that was thankfully starting to gradually subside. Ecco's eyes sparkled with delight and he cupped the petite forepaw that he was previously suckling on around the big coyote's paw on his leg, squeezing it tightly. "Sure! You walks me home and we'll be friends! I live at twenty-three eleven Chestnut Street, I even memorized the address," the fox nodded proudly. "For real? I live on Chestnut too! Twenty-three o' five, just a few houses down from you. I'm kinda surprised we've never ran into each other before. That's really cool," Jin replied, turning his forepaw over and gently holding the kit's paw in his own as he started to clean the fox's fur with warm, wet paper towels.

He started with Ecco's inner thighs, taking care to not rub his fur against the grain, then cleaned his waist line before asking, "You want me to clean your… umm, peepee and butt too?" with a slight hesitation. Ecco didn't hesitate at all in his reply, "Uh huh! My peepee is really sticky." Jin chuckled and lightly squeezed the tiny paw held in his own, "Alright, if you're sure it's okay for me to touch you there. I don't wanna make you feel weird or anything." The kit clearly had no issue with this idea, spreading his legs wide and nodding. With that the coyote set about his intimate cleaning duties, slowly and gently wiping the youngling's fuzzy little scrotum from bottom to top, then along the sides where his thighs met his groin, and finally up the entire length of his small puffy sheath. Ecco didn't seem to mind one bit, smiling with satisfaction at the cleaning he was receiving then lifting up his legs for the coyote to work on his backside after his privates had been wiped clean. Still feeling unusually calm about all this, Jin rubbed down the fox's somewhat plump butt cheeks in soft slow circles then wiped down the kit's crack and the base of his tail before tossing the dirty, wet paper towels in the trash bin. Going back with dry paper towels, he patted the still smiling fox's fur dry then let go of Ecco's paw to unfold the clean medium sized adult diaper sitting on the edge of the changing table; sliding it underneath the kit while carefully feeding his tail through the elastic banded cutout in the back.

Feeling satisfied with his handiwork, Jin remarked, "There we go, all clean and fresh! Do you want powder too? I've got some in my backpack if you want it." Ecco nodded emphatically, adding, "Powder smells nice, and it keeps my furs from getting all sweaty." At that the coyote unzipped the small front compartment of his backpack and pulled out a travel sized bottle of baby powder, twisting open the cap and shaking out a little mound of it into his left forepaw. "You want it just on your thighs or…" Ecco giggled once more, "Everywhere!" Jin couldn't help but giggle back and agreed, "Alright, everywhere it is!"

Rubbing his forepaws together to spread the baby powder around, he set about massaging it into the youngling's fur. Caressing the kit's thighs, gently kneading his little bottom, trailing a powder caked finger between his butt cheeks—which elicited quite a fit of giggles from Ecco—then finally laying his paws somewhere that he would have utterly dreaded touching up until just a few minutes ago. Exploring the fox's tiny sheath and ballsac with his fingers, rubbing every square centimeter Ecco's little boy parts up and down and feeling his soft, fuzzy milky white fur coupled the warmth of his skin underneath the coyote's paws; somehow it didn't feel wrong or scary anymore. It felt… right. After all, he wasn't doing anything bad; was he? Ecco was cooing with delight from the gentle powder massage and looked to be enjoying his pampering immensely, and it wasn't like he was pawing the kid off or anything. He was just helping the little fox with something that he obviously needed help with, and they were both having fun so where was the harm in it? Jin decided to end his line of philosophical pondering before his paws lingered too long on the kit's genitals.

Folding up the front of the new diaper and lining up the top edge just below Ecco's belly button, Jin lifted up the top two tapes from the side panels, pulled them taught, and stuck them down to the landing zone on the front of the diaper. They just barely made it without overlapping, and he was pleasantly surprised by how well his spare padding fit on the small fox. Aligning the lower tapes on each side and carefully securing them across the kit's inner thighs, he remarked, "Hey, this doesn't fit too bad! It looks good on you." Ecco lifted his head up and gazed down at his new attire, giving it a short visual inspection then wriggling around a little to test the fit and smiling. "Muh huh, your diapee does fit good; and it's comfy!" The coyote smiled back, pleased at how happy his new friend looked. "Okay Ecco, I think you're good to go!"

The small fox shook his head, "Nuh uh, you forgot something." Jin looked puzzled and raised an eyebrow, "What's that? We got your fur cleaned and dried, powdered you up, and that new diaper fits great; so what's missing?" Ecco pointed at his tummy, just above the tiny cavity of his belly button. "You forgot the kissies!" Jin couldn't help but blush and giggle out loud, "You want me to… kiss your tummy?" Ecco nodded enthusiastically, "That's how you're supposed to do it!" Jin wasn't going to argue the matter. Placing his forepaws around Ecco's sides, he leaned his his head down, pursed his muzzle, and planted a soft kiss on the little fox's stomach. It still amazed him just how wonderful Ecco's fur smelled, and with his nose pressed into it as he kissed on the kit's tummy the thought crossed his mind that he wouldn't complain if it was the only thing he could ever smell again; which made his cheeks go flush even more than they already were.

Jin lifted his head back up and asked bashfully, "All better?" The fox just giggled again and pointed a paw at his forehead, in the same manner he had previously pointed at his stomach. Without a word between them the rosy faced coyote took the kit's head in his forepaws, cradling and lifting it up gently as he smooched the fox once more in the spot indicated. As he pulled his head back Ecco pointed yet again, this time at his nose. "One more." Jin wasn't sure if he could blush any harder than he already was, but he wasn't going to turn down the youngling's request. How many years had it been since he had kissed anyone? He couldn't recall at the moment, but gosh this felt nice. Part of him wished that the Ecco had pointed at his muzzle, but he tried his best to push the thought out of his head. Closing his eyes, he gave the fox a long slow kiss on his little wet nose just as requested. With his eyes still closed he suddenly felt a tiny pair of paws wrapped around the back of his head, tugging him downward as something wet brushed across his snout. Jin's eyes shot open in surprise to find the kit licking his nose several times over, and blushing almost as brightly as he was.

His heart fluttered and the coyote's mind whited out like blizzard in the depths of winter, obscuring any sense of judgement and reason he had previously been clinging to. Without thinking he leaned down to press his muzzle to Ecco's in a tender kiss, but before he got the chance the little fox slipped from his paws. At that very second Ecco sat up on the changing table then hopped down to the floor, pulling up his shorts from around his ankles while grinning and still blushing a little. "Okay, all better now! Thanks Jin, you did a great job!" With a muddled combination of relief and and dismay the coyote laughed, "Oh, no problem Ecco! I'm glad you feel better too. Should we… get going?" The fox nodded and Jin picked up his backpack, stowing away the baby powder and slinging the bag over his shoulders as Ecco unlocked the door and they departed the restroom.

Out in the book store, the kindly old hedgehog shopkeep was just finishing up scrubbing clean the spot Ecco had left on the carpeting when he took notice of the pair approaching. "Hello there young sirs! I see someone had a bit of an accident." A mortified expression crossed Ecco's face and he looked as if he was about to soil his new diaper. With no idea of what to say or do he seized hold of one Jin's forepaws tightly, but before the fox could put any words together in his defense the coyote took charge, "I'm real sorry about that Ferrington, but sometimes these things happen; ya know? Don't worry, I'll clean it up for you." The good-natured hedgehog just smiled, adjusting his spectacles and chuckling, "Oh I know, the hogwife and meself had quite a few youngins in our earlier years. I've already got it taken care of. Would you and your little friend still like that stack of books you left over yonder?" Ecco sighed audibly, greatly relieved to not have gotten in trouble for the incident that started all of this, and his grip on Jin's forepaw loosened a bit.

In all the excitement of he and Ecco's meeting Jin had completely forgotten about the books that he had picked out, and though reading was the last thing on his mind right now he definitely wasn't going to leave without buying anything after Ferrington had gone though all the trouble of cleaning up the mess on the carpet. "For sure! I'll take them all!" he replied, before glancing down at his small companion and asking, "I saw you looking through the comics earlier, were there any you wanted? I'll buy 'em for you. Consider it a treat for doing so good back there." Ecco's ears perked up and, letting go of Jin's paw, he was off like a flash to the comic book racks.

Less than a minute later the bright eyed fox returned with a small stack of four comic books, which he held up with both paws and presented to Jin. "I want these! This series is my favorite and I haven't read these ones yet!" Looking down over his glasses the coyote inspected the kit's selection, feeling a little apprehensive about his offer after seeing the cover art of what Ecco had picked out. "Aliens: Hive one through four, huh? These look pretty scary, are you sure your grandma would be alright with you reading this kinda stuff?" Ecco nodded so vigorously that if Jin didn't know any better he might have thought that the kit's ears were going to come flying off. "Grammy says that I'm a big boy and I can read whatever I want! She don't mind as long as I stop if it gets too scary, but I like scary stories! Aliens is my favorite! Can I have them, please?"

Jin would have never pegged Ecco for a horror buff, but his enthusiasm was clear and if the kid's grandma didn't mind then he didn't either. "Alright, alright!" the coyote laughed, scritching the little fox's ears affectionately before adding the comics to his own pile of books. "You are pretty mature for your age, so I guess if it's cool with your grammy then it's cool with me. You like scary movies and video games too?" Ecco beamed and puffed out his chest at being called mature, nodding again. "Uh huh! Grammy took me to see Alien 3 this summer and it was great! Really scary! I don't think I've ever played a scary game before though, I just have Super Nintendo with Mario and Zelda." As the two walked up to the front counter of the store together, Jin continued the conversation. "I've heard Super Mario World and Link to the Past are awesome, but the only system I've got is Sega so I haven't played them yet. I did just get Splatterhouse 2 last week though, if you like scary stuff you should come over and play it sometime!" The kit's eyes opened wide as dinner plates and his jaw hung slightly agape. "You have Splatterhouse!? I'm coming over this weekend! We can have a sleepover and play it all night!"

The coyote pondered the idea. It did sound like a ton of fun, and he could definitely use a friend to play games and hang out with, but could he really restrain himself if he was alone in his own house with the cutest, sweetest, most charming, lovable, beautiful, and… no! No more of those kind of thoughts! He did good today, and aside from a couple close calls he was able to handle the situation in the bathroom like a normal, responsible adult. At least as normal as someone like him could under the circumstances, he told himself. "Yeah! Let's do it! We'll have to ask your grammy if it's alright, but that sounds like a lotta fun to me!" Ecco grinned and gave Jin one of his usual empathic nods.

After paying for the books and thanking Ferrington for his understanding, Jin took Ecco's paw in his own and the two stepped out the door into the balmy late summer afternoon. They walked the entire way home paw in paw, chitchatting about their respective favorite video games and horror movies, telling little jokes, and enjoying each other's company. When they arrived at the kit's house Ecco introduced Jin to his elderly vixen grandmother, who's name it turned out was Celia, and she thanked the coyote profusely for his help after Jin explained what had happened at the bookstore over a pot of tea. It wasn't the most comfortable of conversations, recounting his own history of incontinence and all the social troubles that had come with it, but Celia was a very kind and thoughtful vixen; as most grandmothers were. While Ecco was off washing his hands before supper the aged vixen confided in Jin what a difficult time the kit had been having in school, and how it would very much comfort her if Ecco could have an older friend who was sympathetic to his problems and able to look out for him... if the coyote was willing to be that friend.

It was a request that Jin couldn't say no to, and just like that the date for their sleepover was set.

Well, that answers that question. This dude is absolutely going to diddle a kid at some point, if he hasn't already.
His deviantart is: jin1515

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Never thought Jin would be mentioned outside of the brony thread. One thing to mention: when Project After had some mocking on this guy, one of the things mentioned was him putting diapers on his plushie (and himself IIRC).

Oh, Jin. Apparently now he's okay with people drawing porn of "his wife" and he claims that "she likes that she has so many fans" or something like that. There's some history of him before his Twilight obsession. I think he had some weird situation with his family or something?
If memory serves me right: he was an ex-homosexual who became straight solely for his purple horse waifu. Another kiwi (@Bridechu in case you are wondering) mentioned that Jin had some substance abuse and/or he himself was abused. The man got bad enough that even other tulpa plushies guys alienated themselves from him, not wanting to do with the guy.


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Oh goodness, is he so much of a pariah that even the tulpa defenders abandoned him?
He called them creepy. Sure, while he does have a point, he's the pot that calls the kettle black since he too owns a plushie he sees as a vessel for his waifu. I remember some mention that he hated Equestria Girls (calling Flash Sentry a fag iirc) and that he has his own headcanon universe that he wishes was true (again, this is from memory from what I read). He is (or was if there was some change) also into incest involving Twilight Sparkle and her brother.


You forgot the best part!!

Jin claims that only he is dating the real Twilight and all other pony lovers are fake and disgusting rapists who are horrid and terrible. Much drama ensues every time he enters a pony board.

Apparently he also ran the pony porn site Red Light Ponyville which had all kinds of its own tasty drama. Unfortunately I started paying attention long after the golden years of RLPV so I don't have much info there :/

But his old posts on My Little Waifu are classic.


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You forgot the best part!!

Jin claims that only he is dating the real Twilight and all other pony lovers are fake and disgusting rapists who are horrid and terrible. Much drama ensues every time he enters a pony board.

Apparently he also ran the pony porn site Red Light Ponyville which had all kinds of its own tasty drama. Unfortunately I started paying attention long after the golden years of RLPV so I don't have much info there :/

But his old posts on My Little Waifu are classic.
Added your quote to the first post, thanks for adding that!
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Saikou ni HIGH te Yattsu da!!!
I remember seeing the screen cap of that /mlp/ thread. Although the version I found spared us by having our very own @Hulk Hogan cover the picture of him fucking Twilight Sparkle
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[GALLERY=media, 162]Hide your power level by Sigyn posted Apr 3, 2015 at 6:53 PM[/GALLERY]
I've been waiting for a chance to use that.
But seriously. Groooooosssssss. What happens if one of his employers sees that? Eugh.
Holy fuck! I've seen a lot of awful internet, tons of it worse than that, but for some reason this one really disturbed and sickened me like no other. Ugh that's just so so fucked on every level.

1. Children's toy
2. He believes it is real
3. He believes he married the fucking thing
4. Oh hey there's his face!
5. He commissioned doll sized bandage for it
6. He cums on that fabric, how the fuck is it cleaned?
7. And to top it off a dick pic with the nice SPH.

Just makes me feel yucky, kinda like when I first found our dear Pamperchu

Edit: holy shit I meant "dear" not "dead"
*shivers* that was a very ominous typo
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[GALLERY=media, 162]Hide your power level by Sigyn posted Apr 3, 2015 at 6:53 PM[/GALLERY]
I've been waiting for a chance to use that.
But seriously. Groooooosssssss. What happens if one of his employers sees that? Eugh.
They would no doubt want to have a plushophile brony as a face of their company. Even then, as far as I remember, the guy is in college.

This kid needs a hobby that doesn't revolve around girl's toys.
He is into card and video games. Unfortunately, he brings his plushie with him.

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