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Oh man I remember following Jin a few years back when he was in the brony fandom, he was so entertaining. He had his own little private section where he'd post plenty of pics of Twilight and himself in a diaper, so I knew he was into that shit for a while. He got kicked out cause he kept fighting with others, and I was devastated. At that time, I didn't know kiwifarm existed so I'm happy I have an update of his weird creepy stunts here. At the end, he started talking a lot about Paw Patrol, and I genuinely thought he was gonna ditch his "wife" for another children's cartoon.

I'm kind of disappointed he didn't, but he's definitely taking this diaper stuff pretty far.


Wait, he uses the plushie to wipe his ass?
Oh, you sweet innocent soul...
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Dr W

End it.
Oh, you sweet innocent soul...
I knew he shat on the plushie, I just wondered if, instead of TP, he just grabs the horse and drags it between his asscheeks.


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