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Trainwreck Jody Allard / @SendVodkafeminist single mom who thinks her sons will become rapists and makes them buy her tampons

Discussion in 'Beauty Parlour' started by PortsideDave, Jul 15, 2017.

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How will the boys turn out?

  1. Women hating incels

    23 vote(s)
  2. Well adjusted adults who are republicans

    53 vote(s)
  3. Serial killers

    10 vote(s)
  4. Rapists

    8 vote(s)
  5. Killed by Jodi

    20 vote(s)
  1. Long time poster and first time thread starter here, forgive me if this isn't the absolute best thread. But this woman really needs one because she is uh she's something alright. Meet Jody Allard, a quote unquote “former techie turned freelance writer” who has written some rather interesting articles.


    The article got her semi-famous was dealing with the Brock Turner case (an admittedly fucked up thing and arguably a transgression against justice) written in the Washington Post. Some choice quotes:

    Making a sexist joke means you are gonna be a rapist when you grow up. Now these quotes obviously show this woman is nuts but what makes her lolcow material? For starters she makes her own children buy her damn tampons (strong independent woman amirite?) because she had an embarrassing accident with her own period. (Seriously what the fuck is with radfems and periods? You want it to stop being such a big deal just stop making it a big deal).

    She also puts politics above their own eduction, so much so she took them out of class because the evil Drumpf won the election.

    The article that caught my attention was the one posted by our good friend @Ruin in the news section. Let me tell you this is where the real crazy starts rearing its ugly head:

    Source: https://archive.fo/oHbws

    Yep that’s right she’s afraid her sons will grow up to be rapists because they told sexist jokes. Some more important reading thanks to @Emperor Julian:

    Before I give you her links, it is worth noting she is fat and claims it's because of a mitochondria disease.

    Twitter: https://twitter.com/sendvodka (ofc she writes for buzzfeed and teenvogue)

    Personal website: http://jodyallard.com/

    Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Jodyallardauthor

    WaPo article that got her e-fame: https://www.washingtonpost.com/news...en-sons-about-consent/?utm_term=.914dfbe10f40 [archive]

    Her list of articles: http://www.rolereboot.org/author/jallard/

    Teenvogue: http://www.teenvogue.com/contributor/jody-allard
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    PortsideDave Concentration camp counselor

  2. I feel sorry for those boys
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    Pikapool The Pikachu with the mouth

  3. Luckily her children are teens (if they were younger she'd probably try to troonify them) and are supposedly getting involved in the "right-wing" (which is probably just moderate). There is still hope for them.
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    PrimateMurder Altrouge's Demonic Dog

  4. Well, on the plus the two future rapists don't seem to be indoctrinated to this psycho's feminazing. They are rolling their eyes in boredom and getting pissed about her accusations of them.

    With a little luck maybe they will find this thread and be able to vent a bit about mommy dearest :heart-full:
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  5. This is sad. It's like your standard slightly-overprotective-but-pleasant mother got injected with a dose of militant feminism. She loves her sons, and clearly cares deeply for them, but her whacked-out political beliefs have pretty much alienated them from her.
    As far as I can tell, she's not tumblr levels of man-hating deviancy-glorifying stupidity, but she's completely ignorant to the fact that pretty much everything that offends her is an imagined or exaggerated slight. I bet her sons starting to go through puberty sent her ballistic as they started (gasp) being attracted to women.
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    Vrakks You are huge! That means you have huge guts!

  6. Her now-ex-husband was caught in a Craigslist honeypot.

    Her writing about her kid's depression is painful to read- not only is she clearly provoking it, the writing is all about her and her feelings. She has precious little regard for consent when it comes to her children agreeing to have their lives turned into fodder for their mother's narcissism. They must have horrible lives, and any caring feeling she expresses for them is extremely dubious, put in as a sort of boilerplate before she launches into an attack using their problems as accessories.

    She's a repellent personality but has found a way in which she can rage at the world and be the victim while doing so, but to judge by the comments of her latest article people are tired of her schtick.

    Have a compilation of her headlines:


    She's also an animal abuser, according to the good folks at Ripoff Report.

    There's a short article by a detractor to be found here, and she's got quite a footprint on the web generally, there will be plenty more to be seen (although it's not super hilarious to watch a mother abuse her kids for internet points).

    Jody Allard comes across as BPD (i.e. a medical diagnosis that you're an asshole)- guarantee that this is where Alison Rapp is headed if she should ever pop out a sprog.


    Antipsychotic medication rounds the eyebags out nicely, even!
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  7. I don't think her kids are rape apologists because they don't speak out against every rape case there is, I think they're just tired of their mother's antics. She doesn't seem to be a very nuanced person when it comes to conversation topics.
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    Chloe Price

    Chloe Price Hella bitter, shaka brah

  8. Those poor boys, it must be horrible having a mother who speaks poorly of you all over the internet like this.
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  9. Based on what I'm reading about her, I can definitely see her getting to this site, and then her name being the next to pop up in "Take That Off The God Damn Internet!" That narcissism and feminism, though.
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    Rumpled Foreskin

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  10. Maybe she'll expose us for a hive of rapists and misogynists in a Jezebel article or something. There's plenty of cow potential here.
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  11. Feminazis like her go on and on about men making sexist jokes and whatnot, yet it's good fun and games and TOTALLY LEGIT BECAUSE MEN HAVE OPPRESSED US FOR THOUSANDS OF YEARS when these feminazis do the same thing to men.

    Also funny to read that her sons are more republican, and I hope that grinds her gears even more, because dumbasses like herself are the a big reason the FACIST ORANGE got elected in the first place.

    I hope these poor boys can get out of their mother's grip quickly, because they sure won't be going back.
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    Jack MeHoff

    Jack MeHoff Dong Masseur

  12. I've been following this horrible woman's REEE-fests for a while now. She combines the worst of mommy-blogging, SJW, and clickbait in one ugly package. Her sons are kinda wusses but I can see them turning on her eventually.
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    Karl_der_Grosse Escaped from the US by a gay-related ruse.

  13. It sounds like pretty much all of her family members were pieces of shit too, so it's not too surprising to me she has huge mental issues. It's really too bad these types of women who are the most vocal about male privilege and rape culture also always choose the worst guys to have kids with. I think she should blame herself for whatever rape culture she thinks her sons embody since she chose to not only pass on the rapist genes she carries herself (since her dad molested her) but also chose her dating pool to include the small fraction of men who are narcissistic and abusive... And then thinks like every other feminist that all guys are just like that and not that she just has really shitty taste in men.
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  14. There's lots of speculation all of the abuse stuff is horsepuckey.
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    Karl_der_Grosse Escaped from the US by a gay-related ruse.

  15. There was once that study that showed women often gravitate towards men that were like their fathers, or something like that?

    I feel bad for her in a way, but at the same time she seems like that family member that never gets invited to anything because she can't shut up about politics.
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    Erica resident shitlord

  16. >complains about rape and thinks sons are rapists

    >writes article where she's the victim

    >dates man who molests her daughter

    >writes article where she's the victim
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    Lackadaisy it was me

  17. It's like they aren't even hiding their disdain for rational thought and intelligence any more. This is why I think the SJWs ruined Social Justice for everyone else.
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    Feline Darkmage

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  18. Shit!
    So not only are her sons screwed up by her actions, her daughter is too!

    She has 7 kids.
    She claims 6 of them are from three sets of twins.
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  19. Thanks for the extra info dude. I had no idea she was making one of her kids depressed and made herself the victim when she found out her daughter was molested. I'm surprised she managed to allegedly have six or seven kids even if some turn out fine the others might not be so lucky.

    Also added a poll, how will the kids turn out??
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    PortsideDave Concentration camp counselor

  20. This woman will die alone, and the feminists who egged her on won't even be the sole visitors to her funeral.
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