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INTRODUCTION: Who is Joe Winko?
On the internet,there are many Weirdo Nobodies with Egos the size of Supernovas,but nobody really takes the cake as Joe Winko.

Joe Winko is defined by many things,his obsessions,his art,his costume,and an ego as fat as he is thin. Joe Winko is a self described "Gay Diabetic Youtuber Florida Man"
From his Wikituber
"Joe Winko is a native Hawaiian orphan who resides with his adoptive parents in the mid-western region of the United States. It is mentioned numerous times in his Joe Winko Talk videos as well as his Joe Winko Horror Films that he has resided in the Dominican Republic in the past, although he did not originate from there.

Joe Winko also claims to have a mild form of autism which greatly distorts his method of thinking and his perception of life, which also gives him the ability and creativity which he puts into his videos. He is supported greatly by the comments his fans give him. Joe Winko's YouTube channel is also dedicated to his uncle Romario who passed away from brain cancer in 2012."
Why is Joe Winko?
Joe Winko's recognizable costume and equally expansive yet unknown internet presence is as bizarre as he is. He activley describes his love for the macabe and weird,and his fanatic love of Ed Edd N Eddy has inspired his esoteric character. His orphanhood was quelled by his loving Uncle Romario
Joe Winko however activley dispises his biological father and half brother,representing them as demons and villains in the Winkonomicon

Joe Winko the Deviantartist

Joe Winko's art is heavily inspired by the word of horror films and Dan Anntinoucci. And when he's not making Bateman-esque vent art,he's making Avant Gaurde Photoshops that almost always revolve around his one of a kind form. None the less extremly homoerotic in style and substance.
Joe Winko the Gamer
Joe Winko's a VERY epic gamer. Most notably is his love for horror games and the sims.
It is clear through research that Winko enjoys the "Low Poly" style of the early 2000s,and desires to archive and prolong his sense of wonder coming from it.
Joe Winko The Film Maker
When I describe him as "The Ed Wood of Machinima" I mean it. Pumping out No-Budget Passion products at a miraculous pace,Joe Winko's contributions to the Horror community is only outpaced by his use of the Sims 2. Giving his Works similar energy to Vernon Chatman's "Xavier Renegade Angel"
YIIK eat your heart out!
Selected Posters from the Winko Co. Kino Vault
When not making neo-kinos,Winko regails spooky tales to his small but passionate audience
Joe Winko the Fan-Ed-Tic
Joe Winko's obsession with horror is only outmatched by his love of Ed Edd n Eddy (While he personally uses the Purgatory theory as his canon) Creating an OC self insert in to Cul-de-sac and shipping him self with Ed
Due to Joe's Massive Ego,his only fear is that of death
However,he comes with the belief that whenever someone dies,they will be reincarnate into a "The Sims" Character (Bless the heart of whoever became the Johnny Zest of the Meme House universe) Joe Winko decided to increase the odds of his eternal life by implanting mods of himself into every single Sims Game He Can
The Winkopedia

Joe Winko decided in his great wisdom to document all the oddball characters of his exponential Escapades from his Ed Edd n Eddy oc to missing cases he documented on his channel.
The Life of Joe Winko is a bizzare Dramedy that,like said earlier,parallels the tale of Ed Wood but for a modern era. I comenot as a bully or detractor but as the theoretical first "Winkologist". This thread is not to humiliate or harass Winko (I Know You're reading this right now buddy) but instead to document,examine,and release his visage to a wider audience. Viewers of this thread and Up and Coming Winkologist are advised to help unravel the rabbithole Joe leaves behind. I can only hope that someday in the future some hollywood big shot will see your story and turn you into the next big thing. Bravo Winko,Bravo.

Joe Link-O's

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I like how in the shipping dynamic Joe is the straight man.

You guys all think i'm in love with ed from ed edd n eddy? i never thought of it that way... i really just got the "pet the chicken" drawing idea from this picture below. Me and double-D would make a MUCH better couple honestly (perhaps i could make fan-art of that). i can't date ed. he's too messy.

pet chicken my little pony.png

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