JoeysWorldTour - Annoyingly fun to watch fast food reviewer


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Here's the write up if anyone cares, it's an enjoyable and educational piece.

I do find Joey trimming down and stopping fast food to be a bit, well :optimistic::optimistic::optimistic:. I also have mentioned for someone with such a back round in food how he just loves this well, junk. I want to say I'm not saying that as a food snob or to bash fast food, I mean Joey has history and education with food and eats this stuff. We all have a guilty pleasure or 3 but seeing Joey love the stuff rate it so highly and sometimes, quite rarely make a comment someone of his skills would have. I'm sure Alton Brown probably sneaks a whooper one or two times a year but he knows it's junk and nothing fancy. Joey loves this stuff. But I also am starting to wonder how much hype is for the show.

Anyone not reading the link, Joey is a car salesman and makes more on YT this is a strange world we live in.


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Now you begging to see some more 1080p Joey.

Joey attacks the camera to spout his catch phrase. Taco bell has chips based on Joey looks confused and says "packets" Taco bell sent him these chips. If you ever eat enough taco bell they mail you gifts, re think your life. Jokes aside, I think Joey is famous enough he can start getting some kick backs... how mixed feelings that gives me is beyond words.

For some reason the camera picks up on that bag crinkle so loudly it feels like they are being opened inside your ear drum. These chips are for sale at 7-11. Joey wants to say this isn't sponsored, they just mail him these. Props always when do disclosure is the right way to do this. Joey starts with the mild and says the smell is stronger than you expect. Joey eats a single chip and chews it. This is the most human intake of food ever on Joey's Channel. Make note as I doubt we will see it again.

Joey points out it's "ok" has a little spice but not hot, it does deliver and does taste like the mild sauce packet. He compares to doritos and says these chips are heavier. But you get the mild sauce packet flavor. He rates them not bad and moves on to the fire chips.

He hopes the fire will be a little hotter, the chip is a deep fire engine red Joey informs us, and it's clear from the view he gives us. He smells and says it's probably going to be quite spicy. Joey eats a chip says OK and dips his greedy maw back in the bag for another. Joey says they are better than the mild noting improved flavor. Joey picks a strange 1-4 heat factor, listing it as a 2.5. "It's not fire it's smoldering" it's little puns like that making Joey so likable at times.

Joey recommends the fire over the mild. On his 1-10 scale Mild gets a 6 and the fire a nice solid 8. Joey says 7-11 is first place to get them and they plan to expand.

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Forgive the double posting but a different flavor of Joey, the live stream :

The comments are all scary and sexual harassment.
It's worth mentioning that it looks like he's doing a live stream every week now. Last Saturday he destroyed a Quarter Pounder w/ Cheese, and his food challenge was putting panty hose over his head and pushing a banana through the mesh and into his mouth.


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I want to mock and sneer at this disgusting buffoon but there’s something so tragic watching these videos. He tries to be funny but you can see the despair behind those eyes. The American dream turned into a debased existential dread. If there’s a documentary film made about this man I want it directed and narrated by Werner Herzog.


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I get Joey is a man child and hypes the act up for his show, but this is some shit your 7 year old kid does because you are already spoiling them with junk food for dinner and then they want to turn it into SUPER JUNK FOOD because they know this isn't coming for another few days or in Joey's case hours.