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I highly doubt that Joey would have purchased this beyond meat burger AND deemed it "delish" and a "home run" without being paid. However, I do think he would have tried this burger at some point without a sponsorship, but his assessment would have been much less positive given his past reactions to any food that could be considered remotely healthy. Moreover, in Joey's past reviews you can see when he really likes what he's eaten, and in this case, you can definitely tell he's not enjoying this despite what he says.
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In this video, Joey makes his best effort not to get DOXXXXXXXXXXXED by covering up his Volvo dealership employee badge with a large amount of electrical tape instead of doing this review on a day that he's not working.


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I can't fuckin do this shit. I'm not a feeder and hes just too cringe. I'm going to go watch some BME pain olympics like some pussy ass nigga faggot fml
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Am I out of the loop, or is this a new development? I thought he worked as a chef for a catering company.
It's hard to say. I just noticed this, but he's worn the blue Volvo shirt in his last two videos, and the name tag was taped differently each time so it was probably on two different days of filming. Before this, he wore the same blue-ish Reebok work shirt in every video for at least a month. There are a few times where it looks like he's wearing that Volvo shirt underneath a jacket. That, and he is driving a service van in a few of his videos, as well.
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