Skitzocow John C. Lasheras / Singularitarian Technologies - Transhumanist philosopher being telepathically raped and tortured by Mark Zuckerberg, Isabella Santiago, and stupid niggers.

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Feb 15, 2015
Mark "Divus Dumbass" Zuckerberg, Facebook Incorporated, Palantir Technologies, Edilberto Santiago, Marissa Santiago, Isabella Santiago, Every Dumb Gorilla Horse Faced Negrus that Raped me, of the "Illiteramus Negrata" species, John "Type Conversion Tarmac" Carmack, Palmer "Plamer Lacken" Luckey, Peter "Peta Tiel" Thiel, and so on and so forth, if you keep raping and torturing me via the hostage taking and sex slavery of Isabella Santiago, I will be forced to go on a mass campaign against you once coronavirus vaccines are given out.


John Cravo Lasheras is a severely schizophrenic individual who believes that Facebook has sexually trafficked his Internet sweetheart, Isabella Santiago, and is currently telepathically raping and torturing him. Most of his rage is directed at Mark Zuckerberg, but Peter Thiel, Palmer Luckey, the FBI, the Elizabeth Police Department, and a pair of randos who he believes are his former girlfriend's parents are all involved. He has taken this conspiracy theory to numerous websites, including 4chan, Twitter, YouTube, Steam, and various news sites.

The great Facebook conspiracy

Mr. Lasheras has always been a man full of incoherent schizo rage, as proven by a comment about a doctor he left on this site.

John Lasheras — 1 starI arrived at Dr.Herrera's office today with three intentions qualified with reasons I shall explain further below:
-To get referrals for various specialists
-To give Dr.Herrera a status update on my health
-To get a blood test done (with possible urinalysis if required)

The reasons I am giving him a one star review are as follows:
-Even though I gave him the most explicit reasons for the referrals to other specialists, Dr.Herrera disrespected me by disqualifying all of my reasons due to an illness I do not wish to disclose publicly. In summation, it is a psychiatric issue.

-I rebutted Dr.Herrera's arguments with factual counterpoints to which he could provide no legitimate response; in summation, every standard by which Dr.Herrera tried to disqualify my arguments was due to my psychiatric illness. He stated "I have an agitation in my mind" as his only argument.

-Dr.Herrera stated that I was demanding of him referrals when I conceded to him the following points:

-That I am not abusing the system
- I am requesting such referrals via reasonable rationales
-I have not requested such specialist referrals ever in my life and finally because

Here is a longer explication of the antecedent points.

After prompting Dr.Herrera for these specific referrals (which will be backed up by my notes that I wrote in a small notebook), Dr.Herrera stated that the only way to proceed would be via a psychiatrist. I requested the following specialists:
-An Endocrinologist
-A specific Immunologist (will edit later for specific immunologist, I believe it was a neuroimmunologist)
-A Urologist in connection with the Endocrinologist
And finally, A nuclear medicine specialist for MRI & FMRI scans with prior authorization from my health insurer

The reason for the endocrinologist & urologist was due to an unknown cause of impotence ruining my sex life. Dr.Herrera and I have doctor patient confidentiality so if he decides to breach this by discussing it publicly on the internet, I will search and find out if he uses public identifiers including the following:
-His name
-His practice, associates and colleagues.
-Facebook or social media profiles if publicly available or searchable through membership with such networks.

The consequences = criminal litigation. I will update consumers if such litigation also entails the right to sue for civil damages.

I do not have sex that often and I went to the clinic on 12/28/2016 --I am HIV negative. Will update w/results of the testing w/results 4m PlannedParent.

The reason for the Immun. referrals was explicitly due to a concern about microbial organisms in my brain and body. Specifically, the protozoan parasite Toxoplasma Gondii. I told the doctor succinctly that I was scratched by a cat multiple times as a child when I slept over a friend's house. I was about 7 yrs old. Another leg. reason = I live near cats that defecate & urinate on the premises.

When enough scientific research and information was available on the internet, I searched for such things concerning the effects of cat scratches on Google, Wikipedia and Google Scholar.

R2= What Microbes are in brain & blood

Finally, the nuclear medicine specialist request (with proper authorization) was to monitor and track blood flow in my brain concerning my mental illness for research & solutions.

Dr.Herrera said idk what I was talking about b/c Im not an MD. He said I have to see a psychiatrist 1st (Which I did for 9 months with no results above highest dosage w/no agg. fact like psychoactive drugs). He said I needed clear reasons 4 asking 4 referrals. His argument rested solely on his discrimination of my mental illness. He said clinically I can see u have no amoeba in ur brain. I said oh really? Can you see it right now? He said I can just tell. A clear fabrication of absurd nonsense. Convo started peaceful then he requested aides to call the police for no good reason. I said to the patients stop coming here this isnt a good MD. Fuck you. He's my brain agitation. I didn't act violent at all nor provoke such waste of police resource.

How dare you fucking disrespect me? How fucking dare you. I will see you ruined. Here's a quote from Niccolo Machiavelli to make you think about what you've done

"Men ought either to be indulged or utterly destroyed, for if you merely offend them they take vengeance, but if you injure them greatly they are unable to retaliate, so that the injury done to a man ought to be such that vengeance cannot be feared.
-Niccolo Machiavelli

You better fucking hope that you don't get your MD revoked when I contact all of your associates, the issuing university and the board. You better fucking hope you're lucky enough to come out unscathed you fucking clown. How dare you fucking disrespect me. You are an agitation to me. I didn't have one before but now I've got one.

If you delete this Dr.Herrera, I will post this every night ad infinitum until the crows come home to roost. How fucking dare you talk down to me like that.

Watch your fucking mouth son. Fuck You.

However, he didn't fully implode until somewhere around October 26, 2016. During 2016, Lasheras was Sweetheart Saga'd by someone going by "Isabella Santiago", an obvious catfish. Because Lasheras is fucking batshit, he didn't realize this.


(Those e-mails are from 2019, 3 years after the original catfish. I don't know if it's the original catfisher trying to get more of his money or someone weening him, but it still proves how obviously fake it all is.)

In October 26, 2016, Lasheras applied for a job at Oculus VR, a subsidiary of Facebook. He never heard back from them. At around the same time, his catfish took his money and ran, and he never heard back from her, either. Schizophrenia did the rest.




According to Lasheras, Facebook hacked, wiretapped, and tracked his GPS coordinates after his failed application. Then they kidnapped and sex trafficked his Internet girlfriend, who they have been raping ever since. Because John and his girlfriend/wife have a telepathic sexual connection, he feels these rapes and tortures constantly. You know sexual telepathy is real because he uploaded some videos proving it.

These videos are also where my new avatar comes from:


He has also written a diary of his rapes and tortures:

My rape and torture will end soon, but Mark Zuckerberg's fate is rape and torture via criminals in prison and then he's going to get fucked by Satan's big black dick up his ass for the rest of eternity.

You know how Judas, Brutus and Cassius are in the mouths of satan? Mark Zuckerberg is going to mount Satan's big black cock for all of eternity.

He has tried to submit various complaints to different law enforcement agencies about the heinous crimes being committed by the evil Facebook cabal. These include "the local police department (Elizabeth PD), the Federal Bureau of Investigation, the Federal Communications Commission, the Federal Trade Commission, the Secret Service, the House and Senate Judiciary Committees, the President of the United States as well as the governor of California." For unclear reasons, they've been never acted on. John believes they're all in on the conspiracy, even if he claims to have been a "volunteer FBI informant" at one point. He's currently suing the FBI for their inaction.

The Elizabeth PD is especially relevant, because he has had more than a few run-ins with them. You see, John regularly gets drunk and threatens people (he has admitted as much). This has led to at least one arrest in April 27, 2020, where he was put in the loony bin. He explains it all in this document.

On that same document, he attaches a pair of videos of him freaking out at some poor bald cop.

Also on that document he states that he doesn't take his meds, which explains many things.

I've sourced all of this from numerous posts he has made on the Internet, but primarily from a document he himself has uploaded on Google Docs. If you want the full, detailed evidence of the wicked actions of Mark Zuckerberg and his co-conspirators, you can read it all here from the man himself:

John Lasheras, transhumanist visionary​

On the side, John also moonlights as an author on topics regarding transhumanism. He has distributed his writings on Amazon, OpenBooks, and Wattpad. On his author biography, he describes himself as such:

John Lasheras is a Futurist and Transhumanist author. He released his first novel, Metaparadise, on May 9th 2018. He writes science fiction and is planning to write about other genres as well. He is the Chief Executive Officer of Singularitarian Technologies Corporation and a Financier on Wall Street. He studied theoretical physics at Rutgers University from 2011-2012. He is a self described Transhumanist, Philosopher, Researcher, Singularitarian, Autodidact and Scientist. He also is a bodybuilder and inventor of multiple technologies, pharmaceutical formulations and various engineering technologies.


From what I've gathered, the only book he has actually written is "Metaparadise", a sci-fi novel. It was initially published for free on Amazon and Wattpad, but it's no longer available there. His OpenBooks profile claims he took them down from those sites, and it is apparently still available there, but I'm not gonna sign up on yet another website just to read some schizo's ramblings. If anyone wants to do it, go ahead. Meanwhile, you can read the blog he wrote while developing the book (, or, if you want an outsider's perspective, this review by a third party ( who actually somehow managed to read the whole thing. I believe his final comment neatly sums everything up.

This is not a book for fans of SF or space operas, possibly not for fans of words or humans neither. If you chose to read this book, I have great admiration for you.

On this same page, John apparently runs a company named Singularitarian Technologies, LLC. I assume it to be named after the singularity, a transhumanist concept. John describes it as "is the first corporation with a prototype artificial general intelligence containment device schematic as well as the means for emulating the human brain in-silico". He also claims it is developing a cure for schizophrenia. It's safe to assume it is not working. I don't think John is mentally sound enough to run anything, let alone a corporation, so it's probably just a shell company that does not actually do anything.

John Lasheras, gamer​

Every man has his hobbies. In John's case, it's gaming. In particular, he seems to be a fan of the Total War strategy game series. Unfortunately, Facebook's actions have also negatively affected John's ability to enjoy this part of his life. (

The most notorious part of John's gaming career is his YouTube account. In it, he mostly plays Rome: Total War while informing us of the atrocities being commited against him. I've saved a few choice videos.

Particularly notable is this video, where he explains in no unclear terms that he will have no mercy on Zuckerberg:

And his latest as of this writing, horrific proof of telepathic rape:

Some choice snips from that last video:

Other accounts: ( ( ( ( ( (

Discuss, and try to not get mentally raped.


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Sep 29, 2020
I met a schizo a while back who was also obcessed with Facebook and who also believed Mark Zuckerberg was in a conspiracy to separate "them" from "their" beloved. She was a middleaged woman who believed her body was controlled by the souls of twin men, hence them.
Interesting thread op, maybe a bit too long?


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Oct 16, 2020
why would you use mega for a few youtube videos instead of something like youtube-dl?
The one I linked even has a ui so its easy to use.

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Dec 3, 2018
This thread isn't bad by any means but hosting a shit ton of content off-site isn't great for archival purposes. If the files are relevant to the OP and can't be directly uploaded due to size limits, please contact Null about hosting.


Nov 26, 2019
"Fbi-chan my hips are moving on their own!"
Also why can't he stop making himself laugh really hard in those videos? I'm dyin' over here.

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Dec 18, 2020
Well I skimmed through the Being Raped Journal. Very repetitive and goes on for sixty-three pages, but I copied out some of the highlights.

2:15 AM still being raped and tortured, severity decreased slightly.

1:50 AM while playing Counter Strike, I was beginning to get telepathically harassed by Mark Zuckerberg wherein he tried to intimidate me into forgiving him, for the umpteenth time, and I will not.

11:33 AM to 1:02 PM raped and tortured sporadically, busy doing things, no time to document

8:52 PM TO 9:03 PM being Telepathically raped and tortured against my will while eating cereal


1:19 PM the telepathic rape and torture sensations are coming back again. I am being tortured and it is not a good thing. I feel emotionally, physically, spiritually and mentally damaged. I feel like the life I had is definitely no longer the same than what it is now, what it was 10 years ago and four years ago respectively when this phenomenon started happening to me.
If you are a good catholic, I ask for you to sincerely pray for me. To forgive me for what I’ve done. I apologize.


9:06 AM the second I sit down at my desk to work, the rape and torture starts.

12:43 to 2:27 PM No rape and torture detected

1:29 AM TO 1:50 AM Being telepathically deepthroated against my will and without my consent

4:45 TO 5:16 AM I am being severely telepathically raped and tortured against my will and without my consent. Somewhere in this time range Isabella Santiago was having an orgasm, but I did not take a note of the proper time.
Out of curiosity I tried to find a copy of Metaparadise, but it doesn't seem available on OpenBooks anymore.


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Jan 23, 2019
Surprisingly interesting cow, given the frequent low quality of threads in recent months. I'll be watching this one. I hope he finds the thread (after everything is archived) and gives us tons of milk as he chimps out about it.

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Feb 15, 2015
Coincidentally, John uploaded another schizopost around the time this thread was posted.

Full Mega archive:


From 47:12 to 50:00 he also goes on a long winded rant, but you sadly cannot hear much of it because the audio of the video he's playing in the background drowns it out. From what I could gather it involves "hooknoses" whose breath smells bad.

Technically he uploaded two other videos, but they aren't accessible because they got copyright strikes. I don't know if there's a way to salvage them.

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Feb 15, 2015
Doublepost, but John streamed for more than 8 hours yesterday.

As always, I bring you some highlights.

In the first part of the stream he gets high and drunk off his ass, and cries while showing off videos of CEOs he likes. The best part is when he apologizes to Tim Cook for calling him gay and having a Samsung phone.

There's his usual chimpouts about Zuckerberg being a hooknosed genetic failure mongolian nigger who rims Satan's anus and is a freemason.

At times he comes dangerously close to fedposting.

"Via the law" should replace "in Minecraft".

Anyway, the reason the stream is titled "Algorithmic Victory" is because John developed an algorithm that he believes can predict the market and will "pwn" Mark Zuckerberg. He actually lost profit in the stock market with this algorithm, but that's just because Zuckerberg is illegally manipulating the market, and the rape and torture doesn't let him invest well. He also reveals he has almost no money because he lost it all investing in Robinhood. I don't know, I don't really understand economics and much less under the lens of schizophrenia.

He plans to sell this algorithm for money, even though Zuckerberg is trying to steal his intellectual property from him.

And finally, he has a victory rockout, featuring Jesus.

Again, the entire stream is on Mega:

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Feb 15, 2015
Triplepost because fuck you all, this guy produces a steady stream of wonderfully batshit content and even if nobody cares except me I will still archive it.

He showcased his current Reddit account in a video. ( ( (

Also, Mark Zuckerberg is a rapist, a sex trafficker, an extortionist, a murderer, a corrupter, a briber, a hostage taker, a liar, a perjurer, and racketeer generally. I have caught him over the last four years and Facebook Incorporated through Palantir Technologies abusing many older women like my ex girlfriend and ex wife and little boys and girls.

Mark Zuckerberg is associated with Jeffrey Epstein ex post facto in good company and is inherently a scumbag phenotype derived from inherently a mentally retarded inbred autosomal defect called marrying into money and having sex for money like inbred hook nosed retards. What Mark Zuckerberg is, metaphysically, is inherently a morphological construct reincarnated into hook nosed inbred indiversity to the point of morphological defect beyond immediate relief even with hundreds of billions of dollars. Including having to rape and torture people who ask you for help for no reason, taking the loves of their lives and destroying your own company, YOU FUCKING INBRED RETARD.

No wonder you can't see in red in green cause I know you in the red and I'm in the green.

He uploaded also uploaded a few more videos, where we get a wonderful view of his gunt.


He yells at his neighbor for knocking due to his constant chimpouts.

He believes the election was stolen and has a few choice words for Biden.

And during one of his rages he punches a hole in the wall and immediately regrets it. I laughed at this like an idiot for like 5 minutes straight.

The Megas:

He's streaming right now as of this writing. I will wait until he ends it and then crop the juicy bits as usual. Then again, it might take a while since he appears to have fallen asleep on stream. *yawn*

EDIT: He's now awake and literally watching gore on stream. I'm glad I archived his shit because his account will likely be nuked,
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Feb 3, 2013
You don't have to apologize for multiposting if each post is a day apart.

Sep 9, 2020
Being this guy's neighbour must be a hoot. I wonder what the guy's thinking when he's screeching about mark zuckerberg being a nigger.

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Dec 18, 2020
I managed to get a copy of Metaparadise. Might skim through it for some highlights later.

Edit: Alright, here are the cliffnotes for chapter 1

Well it definitely isn't good. It would seem Singularitarian Industries origin is the company the main character works at in the book. Alvin Reed is the main character. Invents an AI that's so smart it can solve any problem, along with nanomachines. He gets hired by Singularitarian Industries, which uses it to solve every problem, become worth a hundred trillion dollars, and put us into a scifi setting in like two years. He also becomes the CEO of the company.







The last headline was a harbinger of reckoning for the company, “SINGULARITARIAN EMPLOYEE LEAKS SUPER SENTIENT AI AS CAUSE OF DEVELOPMENTS”
This causes an advanced species who rule the universe called the Annunaki to invade earth, and tell them they are now a vassal planet. The aliens can't stay around because they are fighting a bunch of other alien races, so there emperor tell Alvin he is now the ruler of earth. The president calls Alvin and brings him to the Whitehouse where he shows us a PowerPoint presentation to secretly build a huge fleet to battle the aliens. First they have to fight the Reptilians for control of the underground though.
Here's how we end the chapter.
"Two wars on two different fronts were now in play, one against the Annunaki and another against the Reptilians. Earth marched towards the genocide of both races."

“Greetings Alvin, I am James Holding, Vice President of the United States” said the vice president.

“I’m Sandra Black, Secretary of State” said the secretary of state.

“Henry Stevenson, Secretary of Defense” said the secretary of defense.

“I'm Steve Maddox, Commander of the Armies and Starline Fleet” said the five star general.

“Isabella Garcia, Secretary of Homeland Security” said the secretary of homeland security.

“Hey, I'm Gavin Forthright, Chief of Staff” said the chief of staff.

The emperor turned back to Alvin and gave him a look of sternness. He squatted his eyebrows and contemplated deeply.

The President gave a half tilted smile and nodded.

Alvin’s wife, Lonna Reed, was startled awake as well. Lonna met Alvin during his first few months at Singularitarian . She was a technically superb engineer, graduating top of her class in Electrical Engineering at CalTech in 2025. She was 5’4, of medium build with auburn hair and brown eyes. She was white, had an angled jaw and plump lips.

His penthouse overlooked Manhattan's skyline at an astonishing 5,000 feet in the air

Manhattan was still bustling regardless of the news of the Annunaki presence.

“Knowing this traffic it'll probably end up taking ten minutes to go down these three blocks. I hope you know that we have to do this for your safety. Who knows what some maniac might do if we walked those three blocks without the Secret Service protecting you.


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Feb 15, 2015
John has uploaded a few more streams since my last post. They're mostly his usual insanity, but one of them is of particular interest.

In this stream, the elusive Daddy Lasheras makes his video debut. Him and his son get into a heated argument, culminating in John accusing him of plowing the neighbor's wife. I call it "Joao Walks In".

I know that John's dad is called Joao because this led me to do some investigating on his family. John is open about the fact that he lives with his dad. A number of white pages or similar websites show John and Joao Lasheras as living in the same household. The data seems to be outdated, since John and his dad now live Elizabeth, NJ, but it is enough to prove that he lives with an older, male relative. Joao was apparently arrested in 2005 ( for punching out a random jogger, so John better watch his face if he keeps pissing off his dad. (And don't worry about the article title, Joao is thankfully not a pedofork. The incident is unrelated and described further down.)

As for who his mom is, there are two possibilities. The same website shows that a Kathleen Lasheras used to live with John and his dad at some point. Kathleen used to be comptroller of the town of Green Brook, NJ. In any case, she seem to no longer live with them.

The other option is Rejane Lasheras, who is likewise listed as a relative of John and Joao. She apparently lives in Brazil right now, but lived in Jersey City before. This makes sense, as John's older relatives seem to be first-generation Brazilian immigrants. Her Facebook led me to some interesting finds. First being a picture of what appears to be John as a child.


Second, a profile for Joao Lasheras in her friend list. Since this is the only Joao Lasheras in the friend list, I don't know who else it can be but our man's father. Here we can see a clearer picture of the head of the Lasheras household.


Sep 9, 2020
That dada lasheras slapfight brings me back straight to xbox-live. Mic-rape chimpouts are a nostalgia trip.

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Dec 6, 2020
I hope this isn't a stupid question, but is he a sovereign citizen?

His style of writing reminds me of those guys.

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