Skitzocow John Dimitriadis / Johnathon Chance / Sinseer / Sinicalass / Sinseerdiscordia / Vicidiscordia / Eris2323 / Fallout76_clown / Numbersex / Fnord - 16,000+ hours in Fallout 76, Enthusiast in Discordianism, Infamous in the Fallout and D&D communities, Ran Technosexual he did his wife on, Doxed by pizza.

Sep 10, 2021
After playing Fallout 76 for awhile, I hear rumors and word from multiple people "Do not piss off Sinseer, Do not interact with him" and to "stay away". So being curious about this guy, I decided to look into him a bit and the more I looked into him, the deeper the rabbit hole went.
I originally covered Sinseer content Here but the amount of content became too much so I contained it all here in this thread.

Who is Sinseer?

John Dimitriadis is a man in his 30s who's hobbies include streaming Fallout 76 videos and recently New World ones.
Before fallout 76, Going by the name Johnathan Chance on social media, John went to school at the L'Amoreaux Collegiate Institute and studied at Centennial College.

After Technosexual, He had an interest in other MMOs, especially Dungeons and Dragons according to mentions on his old now banned twitter account.


From 2001 - 2007, John ran a porn site called Technosexual with a list of basically every sexual fetish that exists out there. There are multiple archives in the Wayback Machine of his website. He did porn with his ex wife occasionally as his career there with multiple photos of them doing sex scenes.

Contents of John's site.



John and his wife



John doing it with his ex wife in multiple videos.

To this day, John continues to model all of his characters off of his ex wife.

Fallout Career

Introduction to John
John can be heard in the audio below interacting with the Fallout community in voice chat during a session in a server while screaming at random people. John argues with some Indian later in the audio as well. Audio starts at 0.07

John is rather an infamous figure in the Fallout community, known for going off at random people at any given moment.




John also runs a website and claims to run a company for Fallout 76 complete with an enemies list and in game items. John threatens multiple people with jail time for offending him and often brings up how he contacts the feds and some lawyers for every post he sees demeaning him.
Most people know John just says this to scare them off and nothing ever comes out of it.
John has a habit of reporting people for "Death threats" but fails to provide any evidence of such happenings and sometimes resorts to editing what other people say to him in poor attempts to make his case.

Disclaimer for those reading the thread
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Due to the amount of content in this thread, I will landmark notable incidents below

1) Everything regarding John getting banned on Bethesda's main Discord server are under the Lorespade and ShiningEternity spoilers
2) John logs IP addresses of everyone via email and website visitations, You can view evidence of his IP logging under Twitter Content and Frogow/Vurkin spoilers.
3) CMT-Sinseer saga

I know most people aren't stupid enough to do this shit but someone out there will have an idea to email him a bunch of stuff, Don't, It's a trap. Do NOT email Sinseer, He will log your IP address, He will track it down and report it to multiple places once he gets it. He is known for harvesting IP addresses which is why he asks everyone to email him and the same people emailing him a bunch of garbage wonder why John traces them. Proxies tend to break eventually revealing your real IP address, This is what VPNs are for but he will still find a way to report your email address to authorities. It isn't worth it, Plus John is really unhinged and nothing good will come from it. Proton may seem secure but it can also be reported as well.

TheDiaryYouNeverHad uses a Proton account and emails John. Images are a little blurry and have been taken from a video John uploaded in July.



John reports the email to the feds


John reporting the Proton email to it's service


John claims what was sent to him was child exploitation videos, he could be just pissed off about something this guy brought up from the past.

John tracks IPs that frequent his website and stores them, doxes some kid and sends his information to police.




John claiming he tracked an IP address back to their residence

Sinseer and the Fallout Network

John joined the Fallout Network megaserver on March 21st 2017 and had a habit of explaining his whole life situation to the entire server while many never cared about it. John's habit of picking fights with people goes back to 2017 and became obsessed with the server in total. He also became a mod of that server at some point and was then demodded and eventually banned from the megaserver altogether.
John joins the Reddit Fallout Network.

5/12/2017, John flirts with Spoopy Keeks after claiming to get drunk on Vodka


5/19/2017, John flirts with Spoopy Keeks again after she posts a photo of herself.


John goes on about Illuminati and Discordians

John mentions running a gore website he made in 1993 with crime scene photos many years ago.


Direct John quote taken out of context

Someone sharing a screencap of John's rant toward them.

John discusses breaking up with his ex wife and how his brother can cook better than her thanks to Youtube videos.

Someone argues with John over a false ban and John defends himself over it

July 7th 2019, John shits up the Network server after accusing them of being behind impersonator accounts, He ends up getting muted and warned by a mod.




July 11th 2019, 2 days after shitting up the server about impersonator accounts, John starts up again about it and blames the Fallout Network for giving him shit and one of the old mods there tried to ban him for causing trouble but kept failing to ban him multiple times.



John makes a response video with his version of what happened over a year later


John's biography

John registered on Bethesda on June 10th 2018, and began streaming Fallout 4 using the Horizon Mod on August 10th of that year.


John has thousands of hours put into Fallout 76 and his goal is to stop the "evil doxxers and toxic people" He also claims to be bi-polar and have other sets of issues. He will never leave Fallout 76 and will stay until he's the last user on the game.


What John Dimitriadis looks like, His personality is being a clown.

On stream

John after getting out of the shower

Older photos John posted when he went by Johnathon Chance


John's behavior in the Fallout community

John's Youtube hobbies include sitting idle in Fallout 76 or making personal army videos on people who mess around with him

Most of John's videos are the same things while starting drama or screaming at random people in Fallout 76. John breaks it down while listing more enemies.

John engaging and starting drama in Youtube comments

John does not play well with others, he can be triggered by the smallest comments

John reaches 1,000 Youtube subscribers
After his 1k milestone, He makes a video consisting of a moving female clown character which is supposed to be his face at the time while using voice changer to make it sound high pitched, He also reached the 14,000 hour milestone in Fallout 76 as well.


Notable drama in the Fallout community

Note) All videos, mainly fallout gameplay have been compressed into audio due to the audio being more important and less time to upload them all.

Sinseer vs Sinisterhand

John engaged in drama with Sinisterhand / SH Games, also known as Steve Arthur who also lives in Canada and is himself unhinged in a different way. Sinisterhand / Steve is also a confirmed pedophile and was outed months before he went dark. Steve was a popular Youtube influencer and was known for hanging around minors in the Fallout community and even grooming some to do stuff for him. These are John's interactions with Steve and the drama between them lasing years while they sometimes screamed at each other and made multiple personal army posts everywhere trying to rally the Fallout community behind them while they fought. Sinisterhand / Steve was covered Here
John's drama with Sinisterhand AKA SteveArthur began when Steve came in from the Reddit Fallout Network and attacked his base. First few text logs are of how it all began with Steve.


Steve becomes upset that John is talking about him in Discord servers and responds in a private message.



Sinisterhand / Steve put a bounty on John using a Reddit sock

Steve became Sinseer's top foe and blacklisted on his website

John states that Steve is their number 1 foe and that his rank of that will never change.

John uploads a video of Steve after he visits him.

Steve brought a couple of his buddies to annoy John, Full audio of this video.
John also has some music playing in the background like he does in most of his videos.


December 15th 2019
Steve makes a sarcastic remark and John complains about Steve while exiting the server.



On March 31st 2020, Steve used an alt to visit John's camp, both of them proceeded to scream at each other over videos they made about each other.

Sinisterhand / Steve was outed as a pedophile in the Fallout community, just John's take on him in the Youtube comments


The end of Sinisterhand / Steve after his pedophile revelations and John celebrating in relief.



Someone emailed John confirming Steve / Sinisterhand quit and deleted all of his social media.


Shortly after Sinisterhand / Steve went dark on all social media, John re uploaded Steve's super villain speech
However, it appears John cannot help himself when people question him himself and proceeds to sound off on random users. John claims to have talked with Bethesda staff via voice chat about getting accounts banned.


Other content

An exchange between Italiangoddess resulted in her calling John out for including her name, months before John getting his original twitter account banned for doxing.
If the image below doesn't show up, You can find it Here

John owns a website currently dedicated to Fallout 76, images of what the content on there is.

John mostly copies stuff from Bethesda's website and pastes it on his own.

John using mods on Fallout 76

Disclaimer on John's web page.

As you notice, John begins listing drama and those he despises in February 2019, some of it about Sinisterhand / Steve.



Twitter Mobilization and Personal Army

John using his Vicidiscordia twitter under of his "employee" to sound off on his enemies. He was banned on his original twitter account Thesinseer for posting a fake dox Dupers R Us baited him with. Based off the tags of his old twitter and them all being based around Ontario Canada, John created Thesinseer some time in 2011.
John published a direct link of IP addresses while tagging the FBI. John apparently collected IPs over some website hack and bragged about being allowed to tweet it out.


John going off on Whiterin over being in the same discord as one of his enemy exploiters, screencap taken by Whiterin232.

John was baited by Dupers R Us with a fake dox he reposted to twitter



People on Twitter calling John out before his original twitter account got banned.

John responds to getting banned on Twitter and getting baited by Dupers R Us.

March 24th 2020, John looks up linked accounts in attempt to identify users on Psycho Voltage he claims is harassing him



John proceeded to make the Vicidiscordia twitter account while posing as someone he employed but everyone knows it's John, some of the notable tweets on this account.

John has a strong hatred for Demonasylum and claims to have reported hundreds in his discord hub.

Another twitter user called Sinseer out for seeking attention




10/18/2021 John's twitter updated to a new pfp


Small bits

Ironic John is saying this since he went on government benefits around the time Fallout 76 came out.

John used u/therealsinseer on r/fo76 to complain about doxing and copypastes of his name and apartment. However, The Reddit spam filter kept removing what content he posted.


John's enemies

Content consists of John's interactions with those he hates the most in each name. Due to the mass size of the content with more being added, I had to spoil all of it to avoid a cluttered mess.

John's beef with Algosaur began around this time because he was affiliated with this Todd_Showered person. Algosaur routinely asks John for bobby pins in some accent and John is annoyed by it.

Algosaur bought up John's whole inventory in game


Algosaur joins John's world again.

Full audio of the video


The same day Algosaur payed John a visit, John goes through Algosaur's exe files that lists weapons and effects, He finds what looks like a name at the top corner right of the 2nd image.



Algosaur got banned from Fallout 76 and John celebrates.



Even after John's victory in getting Algosaur banned, he continues to go off about him

Close up of the image John posted from Algosaur's Discord

John banned God

John talks about Algosaur getting banned on his main account.

John makes a video on Algosaur


John once again blacklisting anyone associated with Algosaur

John uploads what looks like an older video of Algosaur, full audio here


John bans a couple recent users that joined associated with Algosaur.

John confirms Foodbuild_Supreme on Fallout 76 and the name backwards on Discord is Algosaur's modern account
John claims Hotwheely brought up sex around the Bandit Bar Discord so he proceeds to pick a fight with him.


Hotwheely told John to kill himself and John calls him stupid



Hotwheely, Todd_Showered and a few others messed around with John, mostly using soundboard or meme videos and altering their tones.





One of Hotwheely's friends defending him after being named in John's video
These two are more members of the Reddit Fallout Network John has a hatred for.




John recognizes Elundis7 as being an alt of Frogow and tracking his IP address while recognizing it as having visited his website multiple times.


John uploads a split two part video months prior of himself arguing with a redneck Andy2Angry123 who was hanging around Frogow
The first half is John arguing with a redneck and the 2nd half begins at 6;30 with Frogow taunting John

John is very infamous in the DemonAsylum Discord, Sinisterhand drama mentioned.

John was already aware of Demonasylum's trading hub when someone brought it up.


John made a Youtube video of Demonasylum's server and scrolled through a list of people


John explains why he's trying to take down a real money trading hub.




John picked a fight with some real money trader from Demonasylum's Discord for mocking him, Also known as Peter Smith Robinson since he linked his real name to his PSR account.
John and Peter end up screaming at each other down the road and both of them make videos trying to rally people against each other.



The drama around Innovsurvivalist's Fallout ban started a slapfight between John and Peter
On May 15th 2021, John uploaded a video complete with a Personal Army request and Peter's voice


John took a picture of his notes he likes to use to keep tabs on his enemies.

Another screencap he took of Peter

Peter Smith Robinson / PSR made a Personal Army video against John for getting his accounts banned, Image taken from John's video

John using his Vicidiscordia Twitter makes a post of Peter Robinson's Facebook and drama between them.

John going off on Peter Smith-Robinson who used his real name with his PSR account.
John got banned from /r/fo76FilthyCasuals for shitting it up and starting drama with Uxoguy. After getting banned, John proceeds to sperg out about it and go off about Uxoguy.


After getting banned from Filthycasuals, John tries to make his own group but has issues doing so.





One of the Filthycasuals members calls out John through a PM on Discord, John takes it as a threat.




A year later, John is still scarred from getting banned from /r/Filthycasuals.



Uxoguy's response to John on Reddit
Rincewind75 is a friend of Lorespade's and they both mock John whenever he embarrasses himself in their Griefer News videos. John's beef with Rincewind75 began when he launched a nuke at his base.

Rincewind75 was blacklisted on his website


John Re uploaded a video he timestamped to around this time of Elundis/Frogow, Some kid who made an account to mimic him while John blamed Rincewind75 for it


John talks about Rincewind75 and others around him on his Discord

John stated he would blacklist anybody associated with Rincewind

John adds shoesifer to his blacklist for knowing Rincewind





John mentions Rincewind's supposed IP address in a video and planned to track it down and report it to police.

John made a stream over a month ago complaining about Rincewind

Rincewind and Lorespade made a tribute video mocking John again after John bragged about reaching 1k subscribers.

John got monetized as a Youtube partner around the same time after 3 years of his Fallout Career and asked Rincewind why he wasn't a partner yet.


After getting pissed off at Rincewind's tribute video, John proceeds to spam the same links with the same text under all of the comments.
Shininghero is seen in a sample screencap at the top of this thread, he was blacklisted by John after meeting him through Sinisterhand / Steve early 2019


Shininghero uses an alt to try to convince John to grow up.

John originally thought ShiningHero was a Sinisterhand sock

February 20th 2020, John's interaction with ShiningHero. Re uploaded by John recently as a shortened version




ShiningEternity makes a response to John slandering his name in his videos



ShiningEternity makes a video about John's proposition and updated people on what happened.

Content of ShiningEternity's video who for some reason made the entire thing red so it may be a little hard to read.
To sum the content up, John was banned from Bethesda's main Discord server for starting Drama with Lorespade, which ShiningEternity pointed out. John proceeded to contest his ban with one of the Bethesda mods who told him that the ban was not going to get appealed, John was eventually blocked by the Bethesda mod for messaging him too frequently about Fallout drama and also wanted to become a Bethesda mod himself.






Someone mentioned something they heard about John potentially holding the Zanimax team hostage by threatening suicide if they ban him which many call bullshit on.

Another person told John to grow up and to stop seeking negative attention, as usual proceeds to screech about ShiningEternity.



John got a video of ShingHero's taken down for copyright stuff.

Notable members John has a beef with the most:

John first caught wind of the CMT group when Papafr0g joined


John begins growing suspicious about Papafr0g


John doesn't want drama in his Discord, pretty ironic.

John found his twitch and banned him.

John comes across someone from the CMT group

John talks about CMT members getting banned from Bethesda's server

John blocks another CMT member for playing music over voice chat.

John hops off the server over one of the CMT members being there.

John goes off on hacked weapons

Some of the CMT members and Archerdepp are blocked by John after they visited him again






John lists more CMT enemies, notably AmberDaFriendlyGhost




John blocks all CMT members

CMT-Legend visited John again

Raxis is a friendo of Algosaur and also part of the DemonAsylum mega server, as well as the CMT and Dupers R Us groups that fucked with him.

November 22nd 2020, John makes a video on member Raxis for using Google docs he claims is storing his address.

John makes another video claiming Raxis was a member of Dupers R Us while going on a rant.

John figures Raxis as being one of the people who set up a server he claims to harass him

John's much less known enemies


Sinseer vs Lorespade

One of the most notable drama incidents regarding John embarrassing himself

John began his crusade against Lorespade on the Bethesda Forums late 2019 over his trap camp videos, he has since been one of his top enemies.
Some time later, He complained about his ban from Bethesda's main Discord server, he apparently pinged the mods there to remove Lorespade's video of him and they considered it naming and shaming. Now, Lorespade is another influencer in the Fallout community who is known for making trap camp videos and covers drama in the Fallout community in good detail, he doesn't engange in drama aggressively though and just mocks John most of the time when John starts more drama.
John's drama with Lorespade on the Bethesda Forums.

John began talking about Lorespade in his discord on New Year's Day

Lorespade made a video stating how he and John got banned from the Bethesda Discord server


To sum up the contents, John gets pissed at Lorespade through Private Messages and Bethesda's main Discord server, He mostly talks about gimmick accounts roleplaying as him and Lorespade's videos and eventually kept pinging the mods on there to deal with the drama.



Bethesda Server chat






John complaining about the ban video Lorespade had out, even months later.

John made a video stating how Lorespade ruined his already depressing life and cutting him off from the world (Fallout and Discord)


Lorespade made a video calling out John for embarrassing himself and bullshitting


John continues to go on about Lorespade and still can't get over getting banned from Bethesda's main server.

John goes off on another one of his listed enemies in the Bethesda server drama video and Lorespade mocks him for it.




John goes off on Lorespade for making a video about him and claimed he contacted the police.


John makes a video stating how he did not get Innovsurvivalist banned from Fallout 76, He blamed Lorespade and Rincewind.

John continues to go off about them in the comments and some people tell John to calm down.



Lorespade hosts another Griefer News special about John, while also inviting Nukacolariley to the mix.

Riley describes John as unhinged and unable to move on from the smallest things

Current events

John's current living situation and his Happy Clown Place Discord takes. Date stamps for recently taken screencaps of John's activity or drama.

October 10th 2020
John brings up how the block function doesn't work in Bethesda's sub server and one of the janitors asked for them to drop the subject.
October 12th - 13th 2021
John becomes increasingly paranoid about the maintenance people cleaning his apartment and that they'll hide chemicals under his bed.




After the maintenance people leave the apartment, John complains about Bethesda, Calling them pathetic for not doing enough to ban cheaters
October 14th 2021
John got some warning for his behavior in Fallout 76 and complains about it.

John taking things out of context in Discord

Apartment and pizzas

John's apartment became the satire theme for pizza jokes due to many getting his information while his brother ordered a pizza in the background. I do not encourage people to actually go through with this and it's also one of the oldest internet pranks around. John can also form a legitimate legal case against someone for pulling this stunt, especially if they lived in Canada.

John boasts about his big apartment building in the Fallout Network server.

John reports someone for making a pizza order joke.

"Screw Bethesda's naming and shaming rule, I have a right to do it!"

John lives in 85 Gamble ave Ontario Canada, The information is confirmed when searching up his website.

People who were too lazy to google up his website got his address while his brother ordered a pizza in the background. Since then, he has been plagued by the thought of pizzas or pizza gifs. John also brings up living in an apartment in some Discord logs as well.


John's confirmed residential information

His apartment on Google Maps

Social Media



Current Twitter he uses
Youtube Channel

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Mar 16, 2019
This thread looks decent but this thread needs more content and more of the funny /drama part. Also OP needs to fix the images they linked in this thread, because i can't see some of them.


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Oct 16, 2020
You know, when we said to make a thread, we didn't think you would actually do that.

Seriously, this screams personal army to me this guy really doesn't stand out
There’s only 8760 hours in a year and this guys says he has 13,000+. the game came out in 2018 which means it hasn’t even been 3 years.

this guy is definitely a cow in some way. op might need to work on it a bit still, but there is something there.

Sep 10, 2021
Ok, so I've re-organized much of the OP since it was a sloppy start, Moved some images around and added more images regarding John's drama and interactions with the Fallout community. I archived some web pages, My original intention was to only make one post about this dude in the Fallout 76 thread, but the deeper down the rabbit hole I went, the more content I found that became too much to post in a game thread itself. I spoiled some of the larger images since it took too much room and added more detail with drama John started. I am still working on a better introduction and haven't yet found any aliases John had before his Fallout career which indicates so far that his life went downhill when Fallout 76 came out.

Aside from lack of content before his Fallout career, let me know if there's anything else i'm missing from OP. I'm still adding more images daily and editing in more detail but I hope it looks cleaner and easier to read through than it did before. I'll post here again when something interesting happens with John to keep you updated.

Sep 10, 2021
Combing through John's Discord server, it seems our friend here has an interesting view on Russians, He thinks they are all script kiddies that use outdated software. "Who in Russia did I piss off?"

Some older posts indicate he wants to block Russia entirely.


John talks about dancing Russian bears

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Jun 3, 2018
Tbh I’m unsure of what to do with this thread right now. On one hand, you’ve provided a boat-load of information to try and cover as much as you can about the guy’s past history, which is good. On the other hand though, the thread kinda lacks in substance, and clearly lacks in engagement. I’m especially not keen on this thread mainly being updated through discord screenshots, since those tend to be incredibly dubious compared to what cows publicly put out on Twitter, YouTube, etc.
I’m fine with keeping this up and seeing if things change for the better, but I’m unsure if it’s really ready to move as of now. In the meantime, I suggest making some additional changes. Social media should be listed at the end, you should only give the guy one introduction (you basically introduce him twice, if not more), and it would help if you could try and shorten or simplify your writeup if possible.

Sep 10, 2021
John has been active lately in making videos and posts about people he follows around the map and has also locked down his Discord's main channel after a couple of people from another group joined , This made him become paranoid about it but luckily I was able to save and cram in all of his Discord logs into the OP before they became lost.

A couple days ago, He said he was done engaging in drama in the Fallout community and claims to be moving on from Fallout76 but it seems he doesn't learn time and time again and will keep attracting more attention to himself.

Edit) Shit is getting real intense, Standoff with someone who copied his username and drama on twitter recently.

His recent post includes his complaint about some Shamwhatguy using a cut weapon while also complaining about real money traders.


John has engaged with this VI guy and his little group while expressing his anger.
John complains about VI-Cram and this supposedly racist group he likes to complain about.




Video description of his VI-Cram complaint

Chat log taken from John's stream, Mostly screaming about these VI people

John complains about someone copying his username and asks people to report him.

Who is the True and Honest Sinseer? John continues his rant on CMT-Sinseer, thus starting a new saga.




John continues his rage against CMT version


John has deleted 15+ comments on his newest video

John is at war with ShiningEternity over pointing out how John uses cheats and exploits himself, Later gets into a heated debate on twitter about what's ok and what's not.
John goes off on his enemy Shining Hero, He also filed a take down notice against him in September too.

Images from the ShiningHero tweet




John complains about someone using an unreleased in game item and is called out for naming and shaming by someone who frequently replies to him.


John says he can pick and choose what he wants to call cheats, and claims his are ok.









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Apr 9, 2021
Hey I've been connected to the whole Sinseer drama for a couple of years now. I would love to give my side of the story but I'm new to kiwi farms. As a result I would like to get into contact with thisighuf or anyone else running this thread so all my info can be properly displayed and organized for future preservation. I don't want to clog up the board with my autism and would rather relay the info with citations to a proper farmer. Please add me on discord to get into contact: Purplepootis#4698 Here is some proof of my time with Sinseer
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Nov 4, 2021
Made an account just so I can give some added context for my side of events.
Unfortunately some of this information appears to be missing, but I will try to edit in what I can find.

-Highway was a name I formally went by, before sticking to Shining (with some added variation) in 2019.

- I am not in any PVP, Duper or hacking groups. I am not against those practices either outside of Nuclear Winter.

- Despite posing as a white knight against cheating, how Sinseer plays Fallout 76 is very questionable. He has used a number of mods that either give him some kind of advantage or break what the developer intended. Some of these include...

Balloon Mod: Allows for body and loot bags to appear more visible to the player.
Clean Underwear Mod: Also turns female players topless.
Extended Third Person Camera: Camera in zoomed out far more than intended and was used when Nuclear Winter (Battle Royale) mode was active.
Map Enhancements: Displays certain loot and resources on the map.

Broken Camera Mode: This is the most interesting and perhaps disturbing to me. Instead of acting like a floating drone/selfie stick, this mod allows the camera to travel indefinitely away from the player. It can also seemingly pick up conversations from hundreds of feet away. Collusion detection is also disabled allowing the camera to clip through walls. He has been using this to spy on other players.

He also runs two instances of the game simultaneously. Sinseer and Sinicalass. These two characters will share perks and inventory in real time, in addition to take up two server slots.

- Sinseer will claim these mods are "harmless" and do not give him a "significant advantage". However he will attack people for having equally harmless glitch camps or unobtainable clean Mr Fuzzy Suits

- This is likely the encounter where he mistakenly assumed I was SinisterHand. Sinseer was reletively unknown at the time. At the time I didn't appreciate it, but found it comical.

- My issues with him mostly stem from how he tries to drag other people into his problems. The first case I witnessed of this was in late 2019 when he posted the entire user list from a discord server who was owned by somebody he didn't like and then listed them as griefers. Some of these people (Stankdank, Showstoppah and GoodCrunchyTaco) I knew had never even met him before. This is what prompted me to begin calling him out.

- Sinseer was banned on Twitter after posting a griefers information publicly that had been falsely fed to him.

- Sinseer often denies this is the reason why his account had got banned, pledges to get appealed and said it was a mistake due to something spam/advertising related. He also posted a batshit insane essay around this time called "My Explanation" which comes off as an admission of guilt.

- A new twitter account was created named @ViciSinseer which claimed to be an employee or fan of his. However it is super obvious Sinseer was using it due to the frequent posts being identical to his facebook posts. Recently he has stopped pretending and acts as if it is his own now.

- Any exchanges between him, myself and others at the Overseer's Camp in 2000 were consensual on his part. He openly invited anybody who did not like him to send a friend request and air their grievances with him there.

- He would then proceed to edit these videos so that they could be taken out of context or appear as if people were harassing and saying these things out of the blue. In this clip he frequently shares of me, I started the conversation by asking about how was formally a porn website hence, "There is nothing wrong with it...". The rest is clearly just me memeing as it is a quote from Van Darkholme.

- Every video he has of us interacting is consensual on his part. Whenever Sinseer was at the Oversees Camp and another time I dropped in his Camp in the middle of a 40 minute conversation with Intergalatic.

- My name is on several videos solely for being on the same server as him. I never interact with him. This is also random as the game has no server browser or way to join specific servers outside other than use of friends list. In his stream he will often leave right away while making some remark about how I will do exploits, despite having no footage of me doing any.

- I happen to join his server during the server wide event known as Fashnacht Parade. In the video you can clearly see he is trying to get my attention by following me around. After announcing he would be leaving because of my presence, I say "fair enough." and then he proceeds to go on a tirade in which I remind him he could leave at anytime.

- I clipped the above video and uploaded it onto my personal account to both share and report his behavior. Six months later he decides to get it taken down, likely as a means to incite issues between us.

- The dramatic video was from a video he had posted. Originally the log was intentionally posted out of order to make it appear the mod was still talking to him, when in actuality it is obvious the mod stopped responding awhile ago.

- Proceeds to call me a "content thief" and "toxic youtuber", despite my youtube channel is obviously not meant to be taken seriously.

- Sinseer gave out his own information on stream and I am convinced it was somewhat intentional on his part. A sort of "test the waters" to see if anybody would do anything.

Wow.. I feel like there is even more that I could share, but going to leave it at that for now.

Edit: Actually I will add one more thing. He posted our recent exchange out of context by minimizing it to a single line "You were busted by youtube." that is no longer there.
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Sep 10, 2021
Hey I've been connected to the whole Sinseer drama for a couple of years now. I would love to give my side of the story but I'm new to kiwi farms. As a result I would like to get into contact with thisighuf or anyone else running this thread so all my info can be properly displayed and organized for future preservation. I don't want to clog up the board with my autism and would rather relay the info with citations to a proper farmer. Please add me on discord to get into contact: Purplepootis#4698 Here is some proof of my time with Sinseer
I am unable to edit the thread atm but if you have additional information to add, you can just make a post about it here and I will link it to the thread when i'm able to edit.

I will also note that there is a lot of content about this dude out there that I haven't found yet and just found out about the Technosexual shit about him and his wife a few days ago, It seems the deeper I dig the deeper the hole goes and that the Fallout community may not be his first rodeo.

Apr 9, 2021
*EDIT* Sinseer is currently using any means to remove archives of his past. Some previous archives do not work.*


INTRO: This is not the totality of Sinseer Lore but here is some of the knowledge I have on the subject. I will do my best to breakdown the information I have but I am new to farms so give me mercy. Again I would like some help organizing and breaking down this cow so everything can be streamlined, please get into contact via discord so all stories and info can be organized.
(I would also like to add, I have a lot more information regarding everyone associated with Sinseer due to my lengthy time with the fallout 76 PC community. I do not have enough citations to backup all the claims I can make, so I will only posts the things I have citations for here to establish some proof of my claims. If there is an interest for more mundane facts and details I can post more about it. An example is the story of why he calls people Nazi's. In an attempt to troll Sinseer ingame, players used a dev item, a paintball gun, to spray paint a Nazi swastika on his house. Ever since that incident he has called everyone a Nazi no matter who they are. Additionally, I am the creator of the 10k hour sinseer special.)

Sinseer's Faith
Sinseer tends to believe in a weird cultist faith called discordianism and has used their logos and main deities name before. Many of his alts and even his twitter has gone by the name Eris or eris2323. Here are some logs proving eris and sinseer are connected (Example two: This is his old DDO account (Example three: This is his old reddit account:
(Some skitzo-posting)

ALT ACCOUNTS TIED TO SINSEER This is one of the website he has owned in the past. He used to be involved into DDO and as a result was kicked from a DDO forum.

Sinseer spent some time living in Colorado between 2008-2009 and left a review on his time there.

He seems to have taken up the mantle of NumberSex as another alt of his after his wife left him. (Here is an alt channel sinseer has.)

Here are some more pictures tied to Sinseer's past.

here are some more technosexual posts (This seems to be a profile for his exwife)
(This is for VIP's for his technosexual website)
(Not very interesting, but some stats on his site after going to porn).
(Some old RP on his site.)
(Some poetry and work done by Sinseer on his old site).
(Here is an old store front he and his ex-wife set up.)

Mentally Ill Thumbs-
This is another porn site connected to technosexual

Time on Boychat Website
Sinseer spent an awfully long time on pedophile boards. Specifically he spent a good amount of time on (ATM I HAVE FOUND NO DAMMING POSTS, but still the stuff he has posted comes off as someone who is picking fights with pedophiles.)

There is more to be shared but I will leave it at that for now.
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Nov 4, 2021
Screenshot from just to show it used to be a porn website. This is all we have currently since he is actively trying to delete his past. The website also endured a number of identity changes ranging from a D&D Online Guild to offering web services.
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Sep 10, 2021
Trying to dissect the mountain of information @Purplepootis provided while archiving images here in case the archives get removed, There is also no way i'm even going to visit that boychat shit but the fact he even made an account on there in the first place, even when it's just to pick fights is very sad.

He ran the Griffons Nest website for his previous hobby which was DNDO

He didn't always live in Canada?

More fetish porn in a blog, The fact he has the word "Teen" in a lot of it sounds illegal. Also definitely some gerontophile shit listed on his site


He had several images before

John looks like he's thinking of some evil plan



This Nightwitch person, supposedly his ex wife sounds as crazy as he is.

There is also something else I'm wondering, John mentioned this gore site he ran in 1993 with crime scene photos he mentioned in the Reddit Fallout Network, Kind of curious about what website that was supposed to be.

Apr 9, 2021
Hope Saga
Recently Sinseer has started using the name Hope on his twitter bio. Additionally pictures of himself are becoming more and more effeminate as seen below.
Modern John:

small trannyseer.PNG

Old John:

(MY HYPOTHESIS: ((Kiwi farmers please evaluate my hypothesis and give me feedback)))
Based on all current information available to me, it would appear Johnathan is a textbook example of the Incel to tranny pipeline. John, after having a short period of sexual relations with a woman, starts to become rejected. As a result he becomes obsessed with his previous obsessions and things like Fallout 76. These obsessions spiral out to a point in which he becomes obsessed with porn and other degenerate material. As he follows theses obsessions down the pipeline he has finally arrived to the bottom. What will the future hold for our brave and beautiful Hope?

Nov 9, 2021
Hope Saga
Recently Sinseer has started using the name Hope on his twitter bio. Additionally pictures of himself are becoming more and more effeminate as seen below.
Modern John:
View attachment 2698831
View attachment 2698844
Old John:
View attachment 2698836
(MY HYPOTHESIS: ((Kiwi farmers please evaluate my hypothesis and give me feedback)))
Based on all current information available to me, it would appear Johnathan is a textbook example of the Incel to tranny pipeline. John, after having a short period of sexual relations with a woman, starts to become rejected. As a result he becomes obsessed with his previous obsessions and things like Fallout 76. These obsessions spiral out to a point in which he becomes obsessed with porn and other degenerate material. As he follows theses obsessions down the pipeline he has finally arrived to the bottom. What will the future hold for our brave and beautiful Hope?
Not short he was actually with her for about 10 years

Hope Saga
Recently Sinseer has started using the name Hope on his twitter bio. Additionally pictures of himself are becoming more and more effeminate as seen below.
Modern John:
View attachment 2698831
View attachment 2698844
Old John:
View attachment 2698836
(MY HYPOTHESIS: ((Kiwi farmers please evaluate my hypothesis and give me feedback)))
Based on all current information available to me, it would appear Johnathan is a textbook example of the Incel to tranny pipeline. John, after having a short period of sexual relations with a woman, starts to become rejected. As a result he becomes obsessed with his previous obsessions and things like Fallout 76. These obsessions spiral out to a point in which he becomes obsessed with porn and other degenerate material. As he follows theses obsessions down the pipeline he has finally arrived to the bottom. What will the future hold for our brave and beautiful Hope?
Sadly John is in need of psychological help. I am (sadly) his birth mother and he has attacked even me, calling me “soulless” and a few other choice names. I have cut off ties with him as he desperately needs help and not willing to get it..and was destroying my life. Beware anyone who crosses him! Unfortunately he is much like his father (my ex) with even deeper problems..

Nov 4, 2021
Not short he was actually with her for about 10 years

Sadly John is in need of psychological help. I am (sadly) his birth mother and he has attacked even me, calling me “soulless” and a few other choice names. I have cut off ties with him as he desperately needs help and not willing to get it..and was destroying my life. Beware anyone who crosses him! Unfortunately he is much like his father (my ex) with even deeper problems..

Hi Mrs. Chance(?), assuming you are who you say you are, I am sorry to hear that your son has turned out this way and that you ended up finding out more of his internet exploits.

While I do not deny there are people who take pleasure in giving him grief, some of us were simply caught in the crossfire of whatever rivalries he either instigates or exacerbates. Initially my interest in John was very minimal until continuously witnessing him spreading his issues across the community. My intentions in the past were to point his behavior to him in hopes that the lights would come on and he would make an effort to improve himself. It wasn't until I came to realization John is somewhat self aware of his behavior and has no interest in making a change towards a more fruitful lifestyle, that it turned more into just making others aware of his deceptiveness.

If you are willing to validate your identify (you could just provide an unseen photo of him) whether it be on here or private, I would be interested in asking a few questions about John in an effort to understand him better.

It sounds like there are factors that were beyond your control and regardless of who is to blame, it is up to him, the person inside that needs to turn things around.
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