John Michael Kelly / vazorium / jmkacc / jkellytwit / UJDaedalus - GamerGate Reject, Gay-Ops Veteran, Ruined Seattle4Truth's Digs, "Master 'Bater," A-logger of Internet Blood Sports figures, Hater of Nick Rekieta, Crybaby

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JMK Banner.PNG

Whenever drama occurs on the internet, certain individuals insert themselves into the conversation, if not taking a proactive approach in perpetuating the drama themselves. While observers usually note and dismiss these individuals as “drama whores”, some hold the potential of evolving into full-blown lolcows as they continue into insert themselves into controversies. Enter John Michael Kelly.

John Michael Kelly, circa 2015.png
John Michael Kelly (on the right), circa 2015.

From his involvement in GamerGate, reinventing himself as a “Master Debator”, a-logging certain Internet Bloodsport figures, his behind-the-scenes involvement with Cog and others, and his insertion into Weeb Wars, Kelly arrogantly plunges into the latest internet controversy with hot takes that try to magnify his self-importance. He poses himself as a pseudo-intellectual capable of hosting debates and outwitting his opponents. In reality, there is more to Kelly than what he lets on: he is a conniving Gay Ops expert. This is his story.


Details about John Michael Kelly’s internet life prior to 2014 remain unclear. Even the URL of his blog site appears to be a “tech blog” by a Jonathan Kelly in 2008:

From what little that could be gathered, Kelly followed Channel Awesome content creator Spoony on Twitter. By 2014, rumblings of strife in the gaming community caught Kelly’s curiosity and paved the way to his eventual lolcowdom.


Kelly heard about GamerGate in passing, but his proper introduction into the subject came after watching videos by Mark Ceb/Action Points:

Notably, Ceb joined a panel with the Washington Examiner's Ashe Scow and Breitbart's Allum Bokhari at the Society of Professional Journalists (SJP) AirPlay 2015 event, where attendees discussed the topics of GamerGate and the ethics of journalism.

From Ceb, Kelly went on an information-gathering spree about GamerGate from two unlikely sources: MundaneMatt and Spoony. After watching GamerGate videos by MundaneMatt and tweets by Spoony, he watched Episode 47 of The Co-Optional Podcast featuring JonTron:

Not long after, Kelly became redpilled: he started listening/watching livestreams by King of Pol aka @Bryan Dunn (or so he says). Not content with just mindlessly consuming information, he soon took a more proactive approach by writing articles for websites TechRaptor ( and ( in addition to livestreaming about GamerGate. As Kelly stretched what influence he had to other social media platforms, he began receiving a bit of notoriety.

Kelly aligned himself with Theodore Morgan-Majo‏, infamously known as Thidran. Thidran and his ilk were the dark underbelly of GamerGate, originating from the group BurgersandFries:

This group called upon the ending of careers, marriages, and even lives of the e-celebs involved in GamerGate:

Thidran boastaboutmediaattention.jpg

Thidran ending careers and marriages.png

Eventually, they were called out in this livestream:

Following this, Kelly began denying any involvement with GamerGate:

In truth, Kelly was involved in the splinter group known as GamerGate Revolt, or gg revolt. From late 2015 and into 2016, Kelly applied the triangle into his Twitter name, which was a symbol used by group members:

Despite his involvement with a group wanting to destroy the lives of e-celebs who hijacked GamerGate, Kelly attached himself to a particular “face” of the movement: Ethan Ralph. In August of 2015, @theralph invited Kelly on a stream with him. On August 16, 2015, Kelly accepted.

John Kelly Ethan Ralph.PNG

He appeared on the August 19, 2015, edition of the Killstream (video is gone because @theralph got yeeted from YouTube):

Kelly would appear on later episodes of the Killstream with @theralph afterward from time to time. This attachment later proved costly. In October, annoyed users from /cow/ posted a questionable dox that led to some hilarity later:

Strangely enough, this did not elevate Kelly’s status from Hanger-On to cow on The Farms, save for these threads:

Cole Lamberson aka Acid Man decided he would go to war on GG Revolt (Kelly can be seen in the following chat log):

Eventually, GG Revolt had its own share of internal conflicts that reached boiling point.

Some members of GG Revolt, rankled by Thidran and Kelly’s Gay-Ops, started turning on them:

Valid Point.PNG

This lead to Thidran and GG Revolt member Variloh feuding:

John Kelly did not escape suspicions by other members, either. Fellow GG Revolt comrade (and lolcow) Seattle4Truth confronted Kelly in a “debate” moderated by Thidran:

While GG Revolt self-immolated, @theralph’s sins came to light and members of /baph/ (or Baphomet) had enough. They doxed @theralph and they included GG Revolt members as targets. After Thidran’s dox, it was only a matter of time before a Baphomet user eventually posted John Michael Kelly’s dox:

In a move of self-preservation, GG Revolt made a video feebly attempting to memoryhole the debacles caused by Kelly:

The commenters were not having it and called them out on their omitting of Kelly’s antics:

YouTube Comment callout.png

As for the gay-ops that John Michael Kelly himself was involved in during GamerGate, YouTuber DA Talks summarized them nicely:

If there was ever any indication of how John Michael Kelly felt about his experience in GamerGate, this article encapsulates it:

The Debater

Even before GamerGate met its demise, Kelly began remolding his persona. For outsiders, Kelly’s “expertise” on GamerGate gave him the zeal to take on anyone in debates. Most notably, Sargon of Akkad himself, Carl Benjamin:

Johnny Fox (the moderator and host of the debate) made the video private.
[A link to watch the debate will be provided shortly, but it can be downloaded here]
Archived Stream (Courtesy of @damian):

He also debated Greyknight of BlueChat:

However, Kelly’s arrogance as an “intellectual” sometimes led him to bite off more than he could chew:

Of course, this did not stop him from being a “religious expert” either:

Internet Bloodsports and Gay Ops

While Kelly kept the persona of an “intellectual debater” for the public to see, Kelly was more active behind the scenes by putting to good use the skills he learned from GamerGate Revolt. By the time the Killstream became the arena for Internet Bloodsports (IBS), Kelly’s opinion on @theralph changed.

This did not stop with @theralph, either. Former “faces” of GamerGate turned into IBS combatants. Andy Warski , Mister Metokur (formerly The Internet Aristocrat), Kraut and Tea, and others engaged verbal bludgeoning matches to enthralled audiences. Besides his disdain for @theralph, Kelly also harbored a hatred for Warski as well:

As these IBS figures self-destructed, Kelly was enjoying their roasting. He has made several a-log livestreams against @theralph and Warski:

Aside from blasting @theralph and Warski (and other IBS figures), Kelly joined Zoom’s Discord (Courtesy of …. @Colonel J):

JMK in Zoom's Discord.png

From there, he continued to stir the pot.

Recently, Kelly has inserted himself (unsurprisingly) into another internet drama. As the Cog/Drama Queen controversy brewed, YouTuber Ear Juice reviewed the entire situation:

Naturally, Kelly felt he needed to throw his hat in the ring and eventually landed an interview with Ear Juice:

Following the interview, Kelly held a stream about Ear Juice:

Ear Juice responded in kind by dropping a “lore” video about Kelly:

Nick Rekieta and Weeb Wars

It is unknown why exactly John Michael Kelly decided to involve himself in Weeb Wars. By all accounts, Kelly is not exactly against Vic Mignogna himself, but rather his supporters. Particularly, Nick Rekieta, a lawyer from a small firm in central Minnesota and the host of Lawsplaining the Internet. Whether or not Kelly’s animus stems from Rekieta’s association with @theralph and Mister Metokur or simply he believes Rekieta to be a malicious grifter, Kelly began to brigade against Rekieta.

Though Rekieta addressed Kelly several times in the summer of 2019, he never had Kelly on his show, despite offering him time to do so. However, Kelly did appear as guest in a stream with IStandWithVic (ISWV) YouTuber SenpaisHome:

[It seems the archive channel, cornbreadman, has been nuked]

Rekieta did relent at one point to allow Kelly as a guest on the show, but they could not agree on the date and time. Frustrated, Rekieta decided to do a spite stream in honor of Kelly:

Kelly’s response to this stream is lost to the ether as he deleted all his tweets prior to September 30, 2019 (save for some retweets of tweets made by @theralph).

This did not stop Kelly from getting into Weeb Wars slapfights. Kelly tried to provoke @spirit of e m o s h into a debate:


John Michael Kelly’s internet history tells the story of a pompous man with illusions of self-importance and self-assertion of being an intellectual titan. His past also shows he is willing to insert himself into whatever controversy that happens to be the topic of the day. However, his past sins has finally caught up to him. It is time he should be further ridiculed for his sheer idiocy and lack of self-confirmation skills.


John Michael Kelly is the living embodiment of this meme:

Angry Crying Face.png

Special thanks to @Tipsy Tea Cup for retrieving the following (see attachments for the actual document):

John Kelly Lost Case.png


John Michael Kelly/vazorium/jmkacc/jkellytwit/UJDaedalus

DOB: September 5, 1989

Address: 11 Oak Trl, Danbury, CT 06811-3054
JMK address.PNG

JMK Address 2.PNG

Social Media Accounts




Special Thanks to the following:
@Tipsy Tea Cup
@Coach Kreeton Of All That

Special shoutout to @Fougaro.


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The fuck? In what dimension did Shane of GamerGate warrant a thread? Was being part of Zoe Quinn's FBI report really make this irrelevant faggot worthy of a thread?


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The fuck? In what dimension did Shane of GamerGate warrant a thread? Was being part of Zoe Quinn's FBI report really make this irrelevant faggot worthy of a thread?

To be fair, @Null cited Kelly for his OP on Allison Rapp:


-|- Sometimes also called Pan -|-
Here is a list of youtube videos/streams from John Kelly's channel going back to the Gamergate days. He just unlisted them, not deleted them. I went through archives of youtube videos and after a long ass time going from video to video i was able to collect a long list of links to videos on his channel that were just unlisted.

Edit: There is also some videos/streams in this list that is not on Jkelly's channel, but streams where he shows up and is active.

I suggest people take a backup of all of these videos before John deletes them all.

If you read this, there is no point in deleting the videos now. I have them all backed up and i'll upload archives of all your videos as soon as you delete them. So there is no point. So spare your channel losing all those stats.

Streaming with Satan
Discussing GamerGate With Verdius
In Which We [Don't] Have a Debate
#OpSKYNET Reboot
Random Stream
Latenight Stream
Late Night Afterstream
GamerGate Debates
Zan VS Variloh: Cringefest
Robot Panda Pigeon Gamer Gate Stream
Robot Panda Pigeon 2 - Gamer Gate Stream
Pigeon's Coup Stream
A Chat with MrShikaki
GamerGate: Upcoming Games Media Sites
A Polite Conversation with Dan
Airplay 3 - Quest for More Money
John Kelly vs Greyknight, Epic Rapp Battle of GG(P)
John Kelly vs Greyknight, the Aftermath Discussion
#GamerGate Exp△s▽d!
Pinsof Interview Overview
Deep Freeze Interview with Bone Golem
PAX East Experience 2015
JKelly Live (Shooting the Shit)
GamerGate 12/2/14 Evening Show
Gamer Gate: Let's Rebuild
#SPJAirplay Afterstream
Tabletop Discussion
Streams/Videos still up and featuring John Kelly LtSarge Kidnaps JJTalkz
GamerGate Debate [aGG Throw Mirror]
john kelly sperging at beardmoe part 1 - JKFU4Life
RC Apologist vs Vazorium: Justification Debate
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I suggest people take a backup of all of these videos before John deletes them all.
Fair enough.

If you read this, there is no point in deleting the videos now. I have them all backed up and i'll upload archives of all your videos as soon as you delete them
:story: Way to give the game away.


-|- Sometimes also called Pan -|-
Fair enough.

:story: Way to give the game away.

My internet has a slow upload. I'd rather not waste my time uploading all his spergy videos. So i figured i'd let him know its pretty much useless deleting them at this point. But that i will if i have to. God willing if i had faster upload i'd do it even if he didn't delete them, but alas : (


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My internet has a slow upload. I'd rather not waste my time uploading all his spergy videos. So i figured i'd let him know its pretty much useless deleting them at this point. But that i will if i have to. God willing if i had faster upload i'd do it even if he didn't delete them, but alas : (
Look at it this way. You are letting him keep his metrics and giving him backlinks, which is good for search results. If he deletes them, he is only hurting himself.

My phone went into "wind down mode" (screen goes grayscale) just as JMK's picture scrolled into view. Kinda creeped me out.

Anyway, good to have this thread in case that FBI rumor is true. We can have a ready place to point and laugh at him.


-|- Sometimes also called Pan -|-
Look at it this way. You are letting him keep his metrics and giving him backlinks, which is good for search results. If he deletes them, he is only hurting himself.

Fair point. Though if anyone else with a good internet connection uploads them as archives then i'll just change the links so he doesn't get the metrics from it. But as of right now, he'll get a few more views on his incredibly hot takes lmao.

Archives of youtube videos still have working links to the videos in the recommended video section. So thats how i found them all. Just jumped from archive to archive and went through all the videos of his in the recommended section of the archived youtube videos.

Also, here is a higher quality photo of the main photo in the OP.
The photos were uploaded (and possible also taken) December 9, 2015 by John's mom, Joan Kelly.



Here are some more high res ones from the Baphomet post, since 8chan is down and we only have the tumbnails.

My favorite one.

Christmas 2014

This is one of John's sisters, Sophia Fumbleberry / Sophia Impazienza Ann Kelly (Facebook link)

This is John's mother, Joan Anita Kelly (Facebook link)

Here is a picture of John's other sister, Sally A Kelly (Facebook link) and their father (or step father, he is at least with their mom).

Here is a picture of another one of John's sisters Lefty Kelly (Facebook link)

And the last one i can be fucked finding and possibly the last sister, Philly Kelly (Facebook link)

note: She is white and seems to really likes dogs
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I remember John Kelly from the GamerGate days. He used to appear in a lot of these live streams, became part of the anti-ethics faction and used to hang around with Variloh. Arguably his biggest moment was when none other than Seattle4Truth interrogated him (read: screamed at him like the fucking sped he is), which gave us some memes and Julay. Listening to this stream from approximately 16:12 that does sound a lot like John. While he was a self-admitted conservitard, I never would have expected him to become a White nationalist/JQ nutjob.

First I learn that John Kelly returned as an unironic White supremacist nutcase who hangs around with Thidran in Zoom's Discord server and now you're making a surprise comeback. Sargon may get his GamerGate 3.0 at this rate (2.0 was IBS before you ask).

@Fougaro do you have receipts or the source of this? I'm sure the class would like to see this, too.

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