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New JMK/Spectre shit on EJAS. Last part. First part is some shit about Goypers or whatever.
Maybe around the 1 hour 30 min mark. I'll get timestamps when the stream is over.



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It's okay guys, keep calling JMK a pedophile regardless of what the fuck went down and what's happening.

He supports the group that likes calling people pedophiles even when there's nothing that sticks to the wall as terms as accusations go so it's only fair.

Even if that wasn't the case, JMK has avenues to set the record straight but instead of handling things maturely he tards out and basically digs himself in a deeper hole. In the spirit of Kiwifarms, encouraging him to keep digging is in his best interests.
It's true. I've seen his Twitter and he likes to retweet Douchette who has called Vic a pedophile. In other pedophile-related news...

Mr. Kelly is upset he was muted by one of Nick's mods and is putting the onus on Nick for it even though Nick has no clue who he even is.

Ha-ha! @RekietaMedia is such a coward that he let his mod @SyronJAG mute me from his youtube chat.

These guys can't have anyone standing up against their ISWV narrative. This is why they gatekeep their circles.

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It is a mystery. JMK doesn't have any skin in this so his salt over the GFM doesn't make sense.

More of Kelly's posts in the chat:
This is just depressing. If anything comes back on appeals he's just going to say something like "Oh I was just being a contrarian."

What is this sad existence he scrapes together for himself?
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Last batch:
Running commentary on Nick's opinions on Doucette:
JMK 01-26-2020 (40).PNG

JMK 01-26-2020 (41).PNG

JMK 01-26-2020 (42).PNG

JMK 01-26-2020 (43).PNG

What are you saying, John?

JMK 01-26-2020 (44).PNG

JMK 01-26-2020 (45).PNG

JMK 01-26-2020 (46).PNG

Look at John trying to be Kiwi Farms. It's pathetic.

JMK 01-26-2020 (47).PNG

Again, it's back to the GoFundMe.

JMK 01-26-2020 (48).PNG

Back to extensions:
JMK 01-26-2020 (49).PNG

JMK 01-26-2020 (50).PNG

JMK 01-26-2020 (51).PNG

JMK 01-26-2020 (52).PNG

JMK 01-26-2020 (53).PNG

He got BTFO'd shortly after I nabbed these:
JMK 01-26-2020 (54).PNG

JMK 01-26-2020 (55).PNG


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"Only 2 thousand viewers", I'd love to see literally any of the KV speds try to pull that kind of viewership for livestreams on a consistent basis.
That's also low viewership for Nick, and he generally gets a lot more when something of note is actually happening, rather than dribs and drabs of near nothing like Waid's dipshit lawyers copypasting the same exact jurisdiction argument the court has rejected over and over and over already.

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Wish he wasn't muted in that stream. I was having too much fun. He flails every time his point is addressed for being disingenuous. Though JMK should win a gold medal for the mental gymnastics he was doing in full display complete with Salchow jumps and face plants.

oh I didn't see this one. Wish I did so I could respond
Begging is a form of asking
Just like Yelling is a form of talking
That disingenuous twat being disingenuous


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Is he trying to dunk on Nick because Nick decided to not do a show the other day?

Here's Kelly chortling about Nick and ComicsGate:

Retweeting Renfamous and Doucette does not make you smart, John:
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Hold up... did JMK finally pay to access Nick's discord?

Fucking lol.