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Everyone on this stream is sub 90 70 iq

At around 01:17:46:

"Well John (...) why do you waste your time with these dumbasses? Out of curiosity. (...) What is the fixation you have with like dealing with these 30 year olds? They're fucking losers."

The inbred sounding retard makes a good point, an important lesson John's crippling autism won't allow him to learn once again.
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Captain Manning

Good luck, kid.
I'm linking this here.

For the past year JMK has said he DIDN'T report my first Discord account. Last night during his debate with Earjuice he admits that the "only person [he] has had removed from Discord is Spectre", and the only account I had permanently banned was my first one. He also admits he reported both myself and Held for the deep fake on Earjuice's server, but he knows our accounts aren't permabanned (he admits as much in the clip I provide). This faggot sits here and accuses people of lying, being "disingeuous" and engaging in flaggotry yet he does the same fucking things!

See my post above. He's an absolute nobody that feeds off the attention people give him when he spergs out. I strongly recommend ignoring him completely.
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Well here some hypocrisy from the stream he did with his boyfriend Sen.

Sen deleted his stream so here a link to download.

"...its not like your telling people where to go and find it"

Tells the chat who doxxed sleuth.

Does double standards regarding the loli shit when it comes to Sen compared to the people Jmk went after in the past.


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Captain Manning

Good luck, kid.
Crosspost from the Ethan Ralph thread. I believe it's archived there.

JMK: Faith is a whore and was raised wrong.
Faith's father: Sup? Debate me.
JMK: Oh... ummm. This is... Uhhh... cringe.



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Faith is a whore and she was raised wrong. Should be the easiest position in the world to argue for. Yet our stunning and brave JMK doesn't have the spine to even do that.

She is a worthless slut who is about to give birth to a worthless baby from a worthless piece of shit. What an utterly dumb trashy cunt.


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Imagine being JMK

ISWV hates you buts thats a given

KV disowns you and thats an accomplishment since they defend Ron and Manjaw

Your evidence was completely irrelevant to Chupp

Your clinging onto Gamergate, a thing that no one cares about anymore

And you fucked your sister
thought that was nafedude or whatever the fuck
or is the banjo section of the internet expanding?

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Faith is a whore and she was raised wrong. Should be the easiest position in the world to argue for. Yet our stunning and brave JMK doesn't have the spine to even do that.
Literally anything her dad tries to say should be refuted just by playing a gif of the finger butthole incident.

'course I'm not sure you could do that on a YouTube, but it's really the only response you need.

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I'm not familiar with this guy but he seems like "professional autism". He takes everything 100% seriously. Phantom's pouty shtick is pretty funny though.
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I tune in to the live stream with Godwinson on PO's channel and the first thing I hear out of JMK's mouth is "Godwinson do you have autism?" You can tell he hears that often.

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