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Skitzocow John Raymond Apt / Jai Amun Bhakti / JB / Christ John"Defendant Apt appeared to be in a stupor and was calling himself Jesus Christ."

Discussion in 'Lolcows' started by Gengar, Jan 26, 2019.

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  1. Introduction

    John Apt is a dirty hobo, a wannabe cult leader, and the self-proclaimed reincarnation of Jesus Christ.

    Mr. Apt first came to the attention of the farms thanks to our very own Luna Slater, who has somehow fallen in as a member of John's "tribe." John's hobbies include panhandling throughout the country with his child bride twin flame, violently assaulting unsuspecting police officers, and posting on Facebook about his past life as Jesus Christ / Lucifer / various other religious figures.

    A cursory glance at his Facebook might suggest that John is your run-of-the-mill white stoner with dreads, but further investigation reveals John to be an insane, drug-addled bum with violent tendencies, severe delusions, and an obsession with proving to the world that he is a reincarnated Messiah, sent to earth in order to lead his tribe of 144,000 servants.

    facebook13-christjohn.png facebook11-messengers.png


    It isn't entirely clear at what point John came to believe that he was the reincarnation of Jesus, but early remnants of John's internet presence suggest that he was surprisingly normal - successful, even - before he ate a few too many tabs of acid.

    He worked in banking for several years before receiving his business degree at a nearby community college. He was the recipient of multiple academic awards, and worked as a relatively successful businessman for a few years afterwards. His LinkedIn contains several positive recommendations from former colleagues, who described him as an intelligent, dedicated, and highly motivated individual. He also had two children with his now-ex.

    A shift in John's behavior can likely be attributed to his newfound interest in yoga and music festivals around 2011 and 2012. This change of heart is documented on an old Wordpress blog, where John spoke in cryptic, ambiguous terms about the many realizations he had while attending these events. The mother of John's children also seems to have dropped off the face of the Earth around this same time. (Fortunately, a bit of digging showed that she and her two children have found normalcy and stability elsewhere.)

    kids2.jpg kids3.jpg
    Around this same time, John met Nichole Leger, AKA Nikki Starseed, AKA Starseed Davina. She who would become his "twin flame," his partner-in-insanity, and the mother to two more of John's children, both of whom are dead.


    Starseed & JB

    As with countless other cows, John's exceptional behavior has been heavily fueled by the presence of an equally-exceptional romantic partner. Enter Nicole Leger, more commonly known by the nicknames Nikki Starseed and Starseed Davina.

    John and Nikki's love for one another became its own entity, in a way, with several shared social media accounts between them. They traveled around together, attending festivals, preaching their mutually shared nonsense, and presumably taking copious amounts of psychotropic drugs.

    During this stage of John's life, his posts became more and more cryptic, and he and Nikki began pursuing increasingly bizarre endeavors. They advertised their psychic services online, assumed responsibility for a hippie music festival in California, and spoke often of being one another's "twin flame." In several Facebook posts, John explains that he and Nikki are lovers from a past life.

    Similar to his prior relationship, John impregnated Nikki on two occasions. Sadly, in both instances, the children died upon birth. Very little detail surrounds the death of the children, save for John and Nikki's Facebook posts. At this point, John's following was growing in size, and several commenters can be seen expressing sympathy and referring to the children as spiritual messengers who had passed on to another realm.

    baby1-sophia.png baby2-halcyon.png
    Yes, both infants were given the middle name "Halcyon."

    From 2016 to 2018, John kicked it up a notch and began descending into much more noticeable levels of insanity. The following posts are quite lengthy, so if you don't want to read the drug-fueled ramblings of a schizo hippie in the midst of a serious midlife crisis, the posts basically express John's belief that he is a reincarnated deity, and that he has been given the important spiritual task of preaching his message to those who wish to join his tribe.

    facebook8-iamgod.png facebook9-kachina.png facebook10-pahana.png
    Despite their former insistence that their love was preordained by God himself, Nikki & John parted ways sometime in 2018. Neither partner spoke much of the separation, but it's safe to assume that it had something to do with John's new twin flame: a young girl named Madeleine Jade Everhart, who had just recently graduated from high school.


    Partners in Crime (Literally)

    At the time of this post, Madeleine is a 19-year-old girl. She hails from California, and her pre-John social media suggests that she was a pretty standard pot-smoking, beach-loving blonde teenager. Since becoming John's new twin flame, Madi's life now consists of panhandling around the country with her 38-year-old boyfriend, who frequently uses Madi as an excuse to beg for money on the internet.

    facebook5-homeless.jpg facebook4-sanctuary.jpg facebook12-money.png
    John refers to Madeleine as his wife, although there is no legal record to suggest that the two are married. However, there are legal records to suggest that their bond transcends petty, earthly concepts of "husband" and "wife." No, Madi can better be described as "John's personal human shield."

    The above screenshot comes from a fresh police report, filed into the Broward County records database just a few weeks ago. I've re-uploaded the PDF here, if you'd like to read the full report for yourself. It turns out that the Messiah is currently facing felony charges after he began accosting a police officer while he was performing a routine traffic stop.

    I should mention that the traffic stop wasn't even being performed for John. No, the cop was speaking to a complete stranger who just happened to be in the vicinity of our brave hero and his child bride, and John took it upon himself to confront the police officer. In attempting to protect her innocent and well-meaning lover, Madi was arrested as well. Fortunately, Madi's mother, Linda Everhart, was kind enough to bail them out of jail. I'm sure she must be very, very proud.

    court2-john.png court4-madi.png

    Note: John and Madi are proud of their liberated homeless lifestyle, so the address listed is only their technical address, according to legal documents. In reality, they pretty much just roam around and stay wherever they can find someone to leech off of.

    Name: John Raymond Apt
    DOB: 06/23/1980
    Legal Address: 6164 SW 192 Ave Pembroke Pines, FL 33332 (as of January 2019)
    Phone: 858-776-4511
    Facebook (Personal) | timeline | posted photos | tagged photos
    Facebook (Godstep) | archive
    Facebook (Temple of the One Tribe) | archive
    Twitter (Personal) | archive
    Twitter (Personal 2) | archive
    Twitter (Shared with Nikki) | archive
    Online Psychic Network | archive
    LinkedIn | screenshot (doesn't archive)
    CouchSurfing | archive
    Google+ | archive
    YouTube (Personal) | archive
    YouTube 2 (Shared with Nikki) | archive
    Blisstival Blog | archive
    Personal Blog | archive
    Starseed & JB | archive

    Current partner: Madeleine Jade Everhart
    DOB: 02/12/1999
    Address: 6164 SW 192 Ave Pembroke Pines, FL 33332 (as of January 2019)
    Facebook | archive
    Instagram | screenshot (doesn't archive)
    PayPal | archive

    Ex-partner: Nicole Leger / Nikki Wall / Nikki Starseed / Starseed Davina
    DOB: 12/29/1977
    Facebook | archive
    Instagram | screenshot (doesn't archive)
    Patreon | archive
    Twitter | archive
    YouTube | archive
    Online Psychic Network | archive
    Personal Website | archive
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    #1 Gengar, Jan 26, 2019
    Last edited: Jan 27, 2019

    Gengar Dream Eater
    True & Honest Fan

  2. I can smell a documentary on this fucker that stretches as long as his own history with the law at this point. It's kinda sad that Madi probably will be used as a crutch if John starts to gain more of a cult following to the point where it will start to be a good ol copy of Jonestown. Minus the koolaid.
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    SomethingWittyandBadass Daddy's too busy fucking a whore to care Timmy.

  3. and just because I couldn't find a good place for it in the OP, here's a pic of naked John Apt, just for good measure. this was his cover photo for awhile.
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    Gengar Dream Eater
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  4. Great write-up. I have to say it's refreshing to see that they didn't kill the kids through negligence, which is what I was expecting from the opening paragraph. Also that police officer has the patience of a saint, I'm surprised they aren't both dead. Even especially with crazies I feel like losing even one child puts a huge amount of strain on a relationship.
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    Dingus Egg

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  5. Burning man
    not even once
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    BlueArmedDevil They said this bomb was clean

  6. I really doubt he lives at the address listed in the police report. The house was sold in 2016 and it looks like a nice home devoid of weird hippie cult leaders.
    spot where the incident took place according to the police report:
    and as you can see the address given to the officers is the house on the right below the pin with two cars in front of it.
    Edit: I think they just put that address down as the residence because they're transients.

    I was wrong as fuck
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    #6 Dingus Egg, Jan 26, 2019
    Last edited: Jan 28, 2019
    Dingus Egg

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  7. God as my witness, the man has Hank Hill syndrome.
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  8. The house is actually listed as the address of Madi's mother, Linda Everhart. She is the one who bailed them out of jail. In another court document, John is confirmed to be indigent, having no income whatsoever. John and Madeleine are very openly proud of the fact that they're don't have a home and mostly just live out of a van, because it's liberating or whatever. You're required to give some address, and it's likely that this was the only one they could feasibly use.

    Edit: The home belongs to a man named David Yelen, who seems to be a friend of Madi and her mother. More on that can be found here.
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    #8 Gengar, Jan 26, 2019
    Last edited: Jan 27, 2019

    Gengar Dream Eater
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  9. Of fucking course this dude is from Florida.

    Were the infants stillborn? Did JB/Starseed do something particularly dangerous during the pregnancy?
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    Annie Fire-Bear Cyberbully Girl

  10. One of them was born premature. I'm not sure about the other one. I don't want to be too presumptuous, but I'd think that their lifestyle - constant partying, festivals, traveling, living out of vans, having little to no income whatsoever - would make it pretty fucking hard to maintain the physical & psychological health that's necessary to deliver a healthy baby.
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    Gengar Dream Eater
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  11. That makes much more sense. I was crawling through their Facebooks since I posted because I wanted to find out more and most of the livestreams that he does were on a patio or inside. The livestreams themselves are almost carbon copies of his insane ramblings on facebook dragged out over 10-30 minutes. sometimes they show him playing guitar or her dancing with lights like hippies normally do. I'll edit this if I find a particularly good one to link.
    https://www.facebook.com/Jai.Amun.Bhakti/videos/10216738578759420/ this is a pretty good example of one of their begging videos.
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    #11 Dingus Egg, Jan 26, 2019
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    Dingus Egg

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  12. He should have followed
    rule 2 on how to be a good cult leader: CHARISMA.

    Rule 1 obviously being learn how to exploit others.
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    FatFuckFrank Goddamn Sexual Tyrannosaurus

  13. Nice work @Gengar, it was only a matter of time.
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    uncleShitHeel Paint Huffing Enthusiast

  14. I have a question, since Madi is a britbong, is she even a US citizen and can she be deported for being an accessory to a felony?

    Did nobody notice they put the same address down twice but in two different cities with two different zipcodes?
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  15. I've heard of this guy. A few of my friends go to burning man and came back with whispers of some messiah type they had run into. I thought it was just the usual burning man nonsense until they started telling me more. I'll see if I still have the convos and if they're in any fit state to publish here.
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    ADN_VIII Professional paint sprayer

  16. Not all Florida Men live in trailers.
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  17. Posted that under the impression he didn't even have a trailer.
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    Dingus Egg

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  18. Cults always interest me, I wonder what is the inner workings for someone to claim to be both Jesus and Lucifer in the same body/soul/life time. I think he and his 'twin flame' are obviously trying to mimic a cult based on the surface level details of non-Abrahamic religions to appear spiritualistic and appeal to other shallow, bored music festival goers who want to appear as #woke and #spiritual as them.

    He doesn't seem very active on Twitter and seems to be switching accounts often on the platform, so he may have an unfounded account.
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    Valiant Salty Space Bitch
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  19. How are John and his waifu going to get a tribe of 144k when they can't even break like, 50 twitter followers? :lit:
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  20. How many lolcow do we have that think they're Jesus?

    This guy is just sad. Looks like he had a chance at a normal life and threw it away for acid and psychotropic drugs. Dude could have been manager of a local bank. Sad.
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