Skitzocow John Raymond Apt / Jai Amun Bhakti / JB / Christ John - "Defendant Apt appeared to be in a stupor and was calling himself Jesus Christ."

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OG 666

I do have a permanently loose molar and a bone scar on my humerus from him breaking my arm. So I suppose it wasn't the first time he had been violent. Sigh.
Wow, he broke your arm? I assumed that he was probably psychologically and/or emotionally manipulative just based on the fact that he is dating a girl who is so young and inexperienced, but I didn’t realize he was also physically abusive. Interesting, for a man who claims to be so concerned with being a beacon of love and light.

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Jan 21, 2019
It genuinely breaks my heart to see that there's some bad blood between the two of you but I am glad that you have found a place to work it out, here of all places. You two have so much in common: you were victims of the same man; you both watched him leave with other women; you are both thriving in your own lives today; and you are both clearly stable, intelligent and well spoken women. It really seems to me that if anything, you two are in an unprecedented position to be allies to each other once the mud clears.

It really seems that the disagreements you may have are mostly based on John's lies and manipulation - no one is deliberately being insulting other than simply trying to convey their own experiences and what they were thinking from their own (incomplete) points of view.

I really hope you can both be understanding and forgiving - and give each other the benefit of the doubt moving forward, considering John's lies and craziness seems to be at the core of any ill feelings you may have lingering towards each other. It's unlikely anyone else will be in a position to understand what each of you went through better than the other one (except maybe for Jade) and as such you should be able to find common ground and respect each other's history, knowing both of your lives were affected in no small way by the same trainwreck of a man.

OG 666

3/30: I've been hella busy the past 2 days and haven't had much time to write a proper response until now, but seeing as I'm responsible for writing this thread and for digging up the majority of the information that's been presented here, I figured I should address some stuff. I really appreciate both @Saddened and @az19qws12 taking the time to write out such thoughtful and detailed responses regarding their experiences with John.
I would just like to say that to the commenter that believes our children passed because of neglect, that's not the case. Our children were born premature because I had a previous bout of cervical cancer when I was younger that lead to a portion of my cervix being removed. Therefore, I was told to stay on bed rest and that didn't work and the babies still came way too early and it was absolutely devastating to me as a mother.
I completely understand why you would be angry and upset to see people speculating that your personal lifestyle choices led to the miscarriage of your children. That said, I think it might be useful to keep in mind that the primary purpose of this site is to discuss eccentric individuals that we find on the internet. In doing so, many users discuss their speculations and theories surrounding the lives of people that are discussed here, and these speculations are based on social media profiles, public documents, court records, et cetera.

I'm not sure how to say this without sounding like a dick, but I think that based on yours and John's social media presence, it seemed like a safe assumption that neither of you were physically, emotionally, or psychologically stable during both pregnancies. On top of that, since you and John shared a lot of social media accounts during that time, I think that some of your individual lifestyle choices may have gotten blurred with his. That makes it difficult to understand the full circumstances that surrounded your pregnancy.

Regardless, I believe you when you say that it was a devastating experience and I don't doubt that it had an incredibly painful impact on your relationship.
Sorry, I should probably add that he was arrested today trying to cross the Mexican/American border and is being extradited back to Florida for federal charges. His mother let me know. Jade, on the other hand, is now lost in the world.
I figured that he would be caught in the near future. He was openly talking about his living situation on Facebook, and once the warrant went out for his arrest, I figured it was only a matter of time before he was found. Since Jade also had a warrant out for her arrest, I'm curious if she will be in legal trouble as well. If you aren't at liberty to say, I understand completely.
Nikki says John loved his kids so much…I’m sure that’s what he told her. I have phone records showing exactly how often he called. John did things on his own terms and on his own time. And I was home with a four and six year old who didn’t understand what was going on. Nikki might think he was a great father, but after he left, my children started telling me stories of their dad burning their toys, ripping off their clothes (in anger) and hurting them, and being told to NOT tell me about any of it.
Like I said in my other post, I am not surprised whatsoever to learn that he is a violent person, seeing as his emotionally + psychologically abusive tendencies are very obvious in his relationship with Madi. I have to be honest and say that I'm more inclined to believe your personal account of his behavior just based on the timeline of events and how they correspond with John and Nikki beginning to go public with their relationship on social media.

That said, I'm also inclined to believe that John is a highly manipulative person - if he weren't, he wouldn't have amassed a following by spouting the same pseudo spiritual bullshit that you can find from any other middle aged white dude with dreadlocks - and I imagine that many of the discrepancies between your story and Nikki's story are a result of him manipulating both of you. It's a classic technique for abusive men to convince their girlfriends that their last partner was evil, horrible, etc.

4/18: So, there still aren't any legal updates for our prophet. I've been periodically checking federal inmate listings, ICE detainees, etc., and he has yet to show up. I'm guessing it's just a lengthy process and nothing has been set in stone yet. Madi deleted photos of her and John from Facebook, and her profile no longer says that she is married to him. The incoherent rambling, however, continues.
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Jeanne d'Arc

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Aug 16, 2018
Was wondering if there were any updates on this dude, came back to one of the most genuine interactions I've ever seen on the Farms and a dude being extradited to Florida after failing to hop the Mexican border lmfao.

I don't know if we'll see him go inactive, but based on those two stories, I hope he does, personally.


May 29, 2019

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John Apt is a dirty hobo, a wannabe cult leader, and the self-proclaimed reincarnation of Jesus Christ.

View attachment 649813
Mr. Apt first came to the attention of the farms thanks to our very own Luna Slater, who has somehow fallen in as a member of John's "tribe." John's hobbies include panhandling throughout the country with his child bride twin flame, violently assaulting unsuspecting police officers, and posting on Facebook about his past life as Jesus Christ / Lucifer / various other religious figures.

View attachment 649812
A cursory glance at his Facebook might suggest that John is your run-of-the-mill white stoner with dreads, but further investigation reveals John to be an insane, drug-addled bum with violent tendencies, severe delusions, and an obsession with proving to the world that he is a reincarnated Messiah, sent to earth in order to lead his tribe of 144,000 servants.

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It isn't entirely clear at what point John came to believe that he was the reincarnation of Jesus, but early remnants of John's internet presence suggest that he was surprisingly normal - successful, even - before he ate a few too many tabs of acid.

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He worked in banking for several years before receiving his business degree at a nearby community college. He was the recipient of multiple academic awards, and worked as a relatively successful businessman for a few years afterwards. His LinkedIn contains several positive recommendations from former colleagues, who described him as an intelligent, dedicated, and highly motivated individual. He also had two children with his now-ex.

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A shift in John's behavior can likely be attributed to his newfound interest in yoga and music festivals around 2011 and 2012. This change of heart is documented on an old Wordpress blog, where John spoke in cryptic, ambiguous terms about the many realizations he had while attending these events. The mother of John's children also seems to have dropped off the face of the Earth around this same time. (Fortunately, a bit of digging showed that she and her two children have found normalcy and stability elsewhere.)

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Around this same time, John met Nichole Leger, AKA Nikki Starseed, AKA Starseed Davina. She who would become his "twin flame," his partner-in-insanity, and the mother to two more of John's children, both of whom are dead.

View attachment 649817

Starseed & JB

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As with countless other cows, John's exceptional behavior has been heavily fueled by the presence of an equally-exceptional romantic partner. Enter Nicole Leger, more commonly known by the nicknames Nikki Starseed and Starseed Davina.

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John and Nikki's love for one another became its own entity, in a way, with several shared social media accounts between them. They traveled around together, attending festivals, preaching their mutually shared nonsense, and presumably taking copious amounts of psychotropic drugs.

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During this stage of John's life, his posts became more and more cryptic, and he and Nikki began pursuing increasingly bizarre endeavors. They advertised their psychic services online, assumed responsibility for a hippie music festival in California, and spoke often of being one another's "twin flame." In several Facebook posts, John explains that he and Nikki are lovers from a past life.

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Similar to his prior relationship, John impregnated Nikki on two occasions. Sadly, in both instances, the children died upon birth. Very little detail surrounds the death of the children, save for John and Nikki's Facebook posts. At this point, John's following was growing in size, and several commenters can be seen expressing sympathy and referring to the children as spiritual messengers who had passed on to another realm.

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Yes, both infants were given the middle name "Halcyon."

From 2016 to 2018, John kicked it up a notch and began descending into much more noticeable levels of insanity. The following posts are quite lengthy, so if you don't want to read the drug-fueled ramblings of a schizo hippie in the midst of a serious midlife crisis, the posts basically express John's belief that he is a reincarnated deity, and that he has been given the important spiritual task of preaching his message to those who wish to join his tribe.

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Despite their former insistence that their love was preordained by God himself, Nikki & John parted ways sometime in 2018. Neither partner spoke much of the separation, but it's safe to assume that it had something to do with John's new twin flame: a young girl named Madeleine Jade Everhart, who had just recently graduated from high school.

View attachment 649842

Partners in Crime (Literally)

View attachment 649838
At the time of this post, Madeleine is a 19-year-old girl. She hails from California, and her pre-John social media suggests that she was a pretty standard pot-smoking, beach-loving blonde teenager. Since becoming John's new twin flame, Madi's life now consists of panhandling around the country with her 38-year-old boyfriend, who frequently uses Madi as an excuse to beg for money on the internet.

View attachment 649840View attachment 649839View attachment 649841
John refers to Madeleine as his wife, although there is no legal record to suggest that the two are married. However, there are legal records to suggest that their bond transcends petty, earthly concepts of "husband" and "wife." No, Madi can better be described as "John's personal human shield."

View attachment 649834
The above screenshot comes from a fresh police report, filed into the Broward County records database just a few weeks ago. I've re-uploaded the PDF here, if you'd like to read the full report for yourself. It turns out that the Messiah is currently facing felony charges after he began accosting a police officer while he was performing a routine traffic stop.

View attachment 649836
I should mention that the traffic stop wasn't even being performed for John. No, the cop was speaking to a complete stranger who just happened to be in the vicinity of our brave hero and his child bride, and John took it upon himself to confront the police officer. In attempting to protect her innocent and well-meaning lover, Madi was arrested as well. Fortunately, Madi's mother, Linda Everhart, was kind enough to bail them out of jail. I'm sure she must be very, very proud.

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Since John's legal issues are ongoing, I figured I should periodically update the OP with information about his latest nonsense. Currently, the State of Florida has a warrant out for both John and Madi. Neither of them showed up for their respective hearings, and they've stopped communicating with the courts. According to John's Facebook, both of them are currently hanging out in Mexico, where they are trying to shill magical rocks on the internet in order to pay rent.

Note: John and Madi are proud of their liberated homeless lifestyle, so the address listed is only their technical address, according to legal documents. In reality, they pretty much just roam around and stay wherever they can find someone to leech off of.

Name: John Raymond Apt
DOB: 06/23/1980
Legal Address: 6164 SW 192 Ave Pembroke Pines, FL 33332 (as of January 2019)
Phone: 858-776-4511
Facebook (Personal) | timeline | posted photos | tagged photos
Facebook (Godstep) | archive
Facebook (Temple of the One Tribe) | archive
Twitter (Personal) | archive
Twitter (Personal 2) | archive
Twitter (Shared with Nikki) | archive
Online Psychic Network | archive
LinkedIn | screenshot (doesn't archive)
CouchSurfing | archive
Google+ | archive
YouTube (Personal) | archive
YouTube 2 (Shared with Nikki) | archive
Blisstival Blog | archive
Personal Blog | archive
Starseed & JB | archive

Current partner: Madeleine Jade Everhart
DOB: 02/12/1999
Address: 6164 SW 192 Ave Pembroke Pines, FL 33332 (as of January 2019)
Facebook | archive
Instagram | screenshot (doesn't archive)
PayPal | archive

Ex-partner: Nicole Leger / Nikki Wall / Nikki Starseed / Starseed Davina
DOB: 12/29/1977
Facebook | archive
Instagram | screenshot (doesn't archive)
Patreon | archive
Twitter | archive
YouTube | archive
Online Psychic Network | archive
Personal Website | archive

Seems like an honorable and self-respecting man.

OG 666

After a long period of silence, it appears that John was picked up in Imperial County, CA last week. I'm not entirely sure if I'm parsing the arrest record correctly, but it seems that he's been extradited back to Broward County, FL, where he had a warrant out for his assault on a police officer.

Here are the relevant screenshots. The entire case document can be found by searching his name here. Unfortunately, CA makes it very difficult to obtain court records, so I'm just going off of the documentation that's been filed under his case in Florida.
Screen Shot 2019-06-10 at 9.26.33 PM.png Screen Shot 2019-06-10 at 9.27.01 PM.png
From what I can tell, he was in custody in Imperial County, which is on the US/Mexico border, so I'm guessing he was being detained there after illegally crossing the border, and then they matched him up with the outstanding warrant back in FL.

The next couple of weeks should be interesting. I'll update the thread if/when his FL case file has more updates.

Update 7/30: Our boy has a new mugshot, courtesy of the Broward County Jail. Looking good, Johnny boy.
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Jun 25, 2018
Apologies for necroing this thread, but if anybody wanted to know how his tweaker rampage against a police officer concluded, here's your chance.

Screen Shot 2020-04-07 at 2.12.44 am.png

His ex-wife Rita, went after him in the family court last fall, the case later disposed.

Screen Shot 2020-04-07 at 2.23.13 am.png

John also signed his name as Jesus(?) Christ on one of the court documents
Screen Shot 2020-04-07 at 2.18.44 am.png


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Jul 16, 2020
I'd like to chime in as I know John and Nikki personally, and I have witnessed most of the things with my own two eyes being in direct contact with both people.

First of all I confirm that both unfortunate pregnancies were brought forward without using dangerous substances. They have no fault at all in what happened.

I met Nikki in a dark period of my life, when spirituality (and Nikki herself) helped me to go past a very tough time. I actually detest hippies and drug abusers - nothing wrong with having a little fun with recreational drugs, but centering one's existence on dope and way worse substances to the point of affectionately calling them "medicine" is deplorable.
Let's start with Nikki. She's smart, she knows how to talk to people and she knows how to make money without damaging anyone. In the end, with her ways, everyone is happy and goes home hand in hand with a smile on their face. I do not mean she's sly, but she chose her lifestyle in a way of damaging herself and the others in the least possible way, if any. I think her own "pre-awakening" two kids are the ones who suffered the most, deranging in ways that normal liberal - hippie society reputes as sweet and melodic, but in substance is the product of a deep psychological breakdown and lack of maternal figure in the most important time of their puberty. But anyway, unlike John, Nikki is playing with a full deck, and she's all but not resourceful, and I am sure that some day she will come to terms with all that and will face her children in a different way. Obviously now she will say that everything is fine and dandy, but we all know that it is not. Not for now, at least.

And then John. A handsome, literate, highly intelligent man fallen in absolute disgrace under every single point of view. After the physically violent relation and split up with Nikki he went completely bananas gallivanting the US and beyond with clueless Madeline, who kept lashing out furiously at each one of John's friends as soon as they didn't show absolute and monetary subjection to the "Holy Couple". And despite John's hate for institutions he kept lodging at Starbucks using Apple phones and using Paypal to muscle each one of his contacts into giving him until the last dime. And some more.
He became more and more cryptic, to the point of being absolutely ridiculous when speaking in verses and parables even in private chat. An absolute nutcase. He called upon the wrath of the gods and the angels and devils for whom would not part with their earthly belongings, treated everyone as his subject who HAD TO contribute continuously and generously to fuel his drug-fueled folly. To the point that he now completely disappeared, with his mother desperately trying to find him.

I hate to say, as expected, "wife" and "immortal feminine counterpart" and "insert some spiritual sonorous nonsense here" Madeline scooted out of the equation and went off working at a homeless shelter. Laudable, in my opinion.
To be entirely honest, despite him being this foul I started to grow worried about him, so I came across this forum trying to find out if he was still alive, at least. Which I hope he is.
All in all, a miserable story that encompasses almost everything except spirituality. In this John always was and will be, if he's still alive, tagging behind Nikki's tail, but unable to replicate her more gentle and consistent ways. I will not judge whether those ways of hers are honest and benign, but I think they are, for most part at least. If anything else, the intimate psychological support she offers does have healing properties, being done with the mastery she is capable of.

Dec 28, 2020
"I hope you can understand that. I never pursued him. Ever. If you go back to the phone records and look at text messages,"

So I stumbled across this thread doing a google search for John Apt.

I used to know John very well. Spent time with him, Rita and the kids. Wrestled with them...helped cook dinner, slept on the couch a few times. Camped near them. We were friends.

John *was* a friend of mine years ago - and after seeing the posts from Nikki and Rita I feel like I have to set the record straight on a few things as a direct witness to the events leading up to John leaving his family.

I wouldn't have posted anything - but after seeing Nikki come in with a pretty significant lie in a thinly veiled attack on Rita and make herself out to be some kind of victim in all of this made me want to puke. In this case at least - Nikki was a home wrecker - she DEFINITELY pursued John knowing fully well he was married with kids and the source of all the marital issues were festivals, work, drugs, spirituality (and his being a lazy irresponsible narcissist).

Oh - and I have a receipt...
Nikki 1  2.16.2013.PNG

Attached is a screenshot of a Facebook conversation from Feb 16, 2013. John and I were joking about ladies (I was already divorced - I knew he was having marital problems, I was trying not to judge). In his very own words - Nikki was the person he was "trying to beat off with a stick". Nikki absolutely pursued him knowing full well the impact it was having on his marriage and kids. I first hand witnessed her pursue John at a festival some months later (literally the day after his family left she was all over him), and had several conversations with him about it. Every time it was about her pursuing him (and in the beginning - he wasn't interested in her, he was interested in other women who ultimately rejected him.)

I do think John has some underlying mental illnesses, combined with some extreme narcissism (if he doesn't have mental health issues - then he's really a delusional douchebag. I prefer it to be the former). I absolutely 100% believe that Nikki not only deeply contributed to his problems but was there EVERY step of the way enabling his decline into this psycho-spiritual babble and was thoroughly aware of all the bullshit thefts he pulled on his family and ex-friends. There's a lot more shit I could bring up around drugs, "aliens", money, his kids - Nikki and John enabled the shit out of each other...but this provable lie is enough for me to show she's still quite dishonest and manipulative (that was my impression of her years ago).

Oh lastly - who gets pregnant - TWICE - while you're homeless spiritual "ministers" living out of a car (that Rita is making payments on!!)??? Some damn shitty parents - that's who...

John was my friend. It was amusing for a while, but sad to see someone self-destruct like that. I have no idea who he became.
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