Skitzocow John S. Bulla: Schizophrenic, convicted Pedophile, minister -

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The trolling saga of one John Stephen Bulla is filled with many years of on and off trolling.

He was apparently first found by some Skype trolls a very long time ago. They left John alone soon there after.

In 2010, Strope, a member of the Bill Waggoner Crew, found John Bulla on a tinychat room talking about Jesus and young women. Strope doxed and found out about John's past as a sex offender who spent ten years in Kansas prison for raping his step daughter. ... onId=82743 - public record of his sex offense.

Eventually Strope and the whole BWC trolled John off the internet after obtaining his nudes and getting him arrested. John was later spotted by another group of trolls and the BWC once again in late 2013.
He has been making many YouTube videos while other videos have been remixed.

Even his voicemail a week ago (which is the funniest voicemail ever) is archived

Also Bulla has a girlfriend quest...

Check out his schizophrenic ramblings on his site -
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Re: John S. Bulla: Schizophrenic, convicted Pedophile, minis

I know this is your first post here on the forums and it seems you went to some great detail to search out the lolcow forum instead of what most people do, which is the Chris forum. If you look right above your detailed post, you will see:
Do not post personal information. Please do not "dox" people or post their personal details; this includes, but not limited to: social media accounts, e-mail, phone number, address, etc.

You may want to edit your post.


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Re: John S. Bulla: Schizophrenic, convicted Pedophile, minis

I don't really see this guy as a lolcow at all. There's nothing lol about him. Chris has his faults sure, but he's no real threat to anyone, which really is what a lolcow is all about. This guy is just terrifying.

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Re: John S. Bulla: Schizophrenic, convicted Pedophile, minis

I remember hearing a story that a cult leader forced himself on his teenage daughter by saying she'd go to hell if she didn't do it.

What do you think the odds are that this guy did the same thing with his family member :'(
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