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They climbed aboard their silver ghost
I'm not a journalist and have never claimed to be. Don't monetize my videos or have Patreon
I've been offered to be introduced to someone with lots of money by someone I know with connections and turned it down.

I do what I do and don't make claims of being something else. I dox Antifa, I'll film inside areas you are not allowed to, I'll happily brawl with boots and fists any protester/Antifa who lays their hands on me

Anna also said she doesn't dox yet she retweeted a dox of Kurt Phillips who was behind ARC Collective for 12 years
she did that BEFORE he finally came out and admitted it was him.

Anna injects herself into the story and the cries journalism when she gets called out for it.

If you want to create a thread all for me I'll cool with it. I put myself on the board so whatever comes of that, I'm not going to cry about it. unlike Anna.
You're just begging for a Lolcow thread here, aren't you?

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Gee, thanks, uh, "Institute for Research and Education on Human Rights", keep punching @ Nazis!

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"John Southern"?
Clearly a prime example of the "master race".
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John southern

W00K #17

Boy Man God Shiiiit
Hes starting to come off really similar to Yaniv in that he just keeps coming back for more even though nobody likes him.

Him and JY are two peas in a pod.

Y'all should date.


They climbed aboard their silver ghost
Gee, thanks, uh, "Institute for Research and Education on Human Rights", keep punching @ Nazis!

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"John Southern"?
I mean, the " southern" part is right.

I am 275% unsurprised at by any measure that he has a thread now. I genuinely have had more logical interactions with Jessica Yaniv than this boomer moron.

EDIT: Also, John. I think I know why you are crusty now. You will never even see the amount of money in your bank account that I dropped on that nose job. :)

I actually like Donald, but Donald is responsible for Donald. He'll get out of jail and be fine.

Also she could be legally blind but still able to see a bit.

Really though, who fucking cares?
I have keratoconus, which I was diagnosed with in 2016. Prior to that, I never wore glasses. Since then, I have had three corneal surgeries, and am anticipating one more this year.

My left eye is 20/500. My right eye is holding up the show, rapidly decreasing, but I use accessibility on almost all of my technology, and have to be accommodated at University.

My Opthamologists (because I actually have three of them) tell me there is about an 80% chance I will need a double corneal transplant by the time I am 30.

Are there screenshots of these conversations
Here is an example of how 99.9% of our interactions went:

Screen Shot 2563-01-12 at 10.52.11 PM.png

I would beg him not to get himself in more trouble than he was in. The only time I ever asked him for information was:

1. To verify phone records/ensure he had not called Yaniv (he didn't)
2. To ask whether he did send the email Yaniv was purporting he did (needed info for #3)
3. To get more info from him to pass on to JCCF, which I wrote a 2 page briefer on the Yaniv v Donald situation (not paid. All done on my own time).