Jojibot is an idiot who got himself doxxed.

  • Ongoing DDoS attack.


Jared Messing
Person of Interest
Dec 17, 2017
Infamous troll on Discord Jojibot who has been found guilty of numerous offenses to Discord user Zeldaman has been finally doxxed and is now exposed onto the internet like the no good troll that he is. Feel free to gang up on this user, destroy his reputation and turn him into a lolcow. Offenses include but not limited to
1. Changing user Zeldaman's name on his Discord server to insulting nicknames like "mortal meatbag" "autistic manchild"
2. Giving Zeldaman offensive ranks like "autistic" "animal" and "retard"
3. Lying to Zeldaman by saying he would give him an admin rank if he did things to him which he did then he gives him the admin title only to remove it for no reason.
4. When Zeldaman stood up for himself against Jojibot's oppression he banned him. He refused to listen to reason and lied about respecting said user only to go back to his obnoxious ways towards him upon rejoining. He banned him more then 5 times.
5. He has a habit of insulting Zeldaman's personal life calling him names and trolling him constantly as well as opposing and mocking his views and interests.
Rip him a new one. Jojibot's Discord. [Discord Link Redacted]
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