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The Iconoclast

Gonna return to Lily when she kicks the bucket
Wew, first legit lolcow OP, here we go.



So, today I stumbled upon a very... interesting person, to say the very least. His name is Jolene Sugarbaker.

Youtube -
Facebook -
Twitter -
Website -

Description about him on his website:
Jolene Sugarbaker is The Trailer Park Queen!
She teaches you how to live on a budget
and do it
The Trailer Park Way!
For over 24 years, Jolene has been entertaining on the Web,
TV, Radio and through her
Award Winning Trailer Park Cooking Series.

In the early 1990's, Jolene's Trailer Park Haven launched on the fledgling internet.

Becoming one of the first Comedy Websites on the Internet, Jolene's site appeared in over 150 Newspapers and Magazines.

Ms. Sugarbaker went on to become a Popular Radio Guest around the USA, teaching everyone how to Live The Trailer Park Way!

You'd also often find Jolene on the Stand Up Comedy Circuit, whether hosting a show, or appearing as a special guest.

Later in 2000's, Jolene would teach Stand Up Comedy Classes for Fairfax County School's Adult and Community Education, graduating over 60 new Comedians to the World. It was even chronicled by The Washington Post!

As a Designer, Jolene's clothing designs have been seen in hit shows such as The Jerry Springer Show, Good Morning America and in movies such as Transformers : Dark Of The Moon.

Jolene is now celebrating 11 Years on YouTube. Her Award Winning Trailer Park Cooking Show has been seen by Millions.

Jolene is a seven time Taste Award Winner and is a Member of the Taste Award Hall of Fame. She was recently inducted with Martha Stewart and Gordon Ramsay among others..

The Trailer Park Cooking Show is one of ZAGAT's Top Ten Online Food Shows.....

What's next?

Stay tuned! The Trailer Park is just getting started!

Basically, this Jolene person is a fat crossdressing fake troon who makes weird cooking videos in a remarkably creepy fashion, and wears makeup like a clown. His Youtube channel has 15000 subscribers, despite him advertising his 10 year anniversary on YT.

Channel trailer

First video

Teaching comedy

As would come with the description, he hates Trump to oblivion.



"Trumpanzees"? That might be a little racist when directed at certain people, don't you think?

And he can get very triggered when """provoked""".


Lol, copyright infringement.

If my OP is bad (and I'm sure it is), please give me advice. Thanks.


Straight Outta Vellie
It seems like he was playing up the whole trailer park aspect as a joke at the beginning.
Honestly a trailer park drag queen cooking stereotypical white trash food while surrounded by kitschy shit sounds like a great idea for a comedy channel. In the right hands it could be great. Shame it's being wasted on this guy.

The Iconoclast

Gonna return to Lily when she kicks the bucket
Jolene actually reminds me of Stefonknee, but with more makeup, and isn't pretending to be 6.


nice find
o thx bro

Mandatory apologies for doublepost


Also, it seems like Jolene recently got into a little twitter spat with this user named Phillybeatzu (since I see his name in several of her mentions) by calling him a violent Trump supporter and employing the classic socjus method of blaming someone for their follower's shitty actions:


Also, he thinks Trump is a "Russian Pee Pervert", whatever that means...?