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I know Wikipedia isn’t the best. But it’s better for numbers than Jon.

Roughly 0.3% of those that have actual transition surgery admit they want surgery to undo and correct their mistake.

More than half of young trans kids stop their transition before they reach 21.

True transgenders exist in less than 0.1% of the population. To find out that almost half of that percent regrets it... that’s rough.

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Bro, don't even bro, bro.
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You can guess what Slingblade and co. say about the detransitoners:
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(Sky News story in case you haven't read it already.)

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She was "laughed out of interviews"? OMG how can that possibly happen? :lit:

Empowerment means dressing like a whore:
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This is an endangered species that should go extinct, the sooner the better.

+ + + +

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E-begging resumed as soon as he's safely at Mom's.
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It's really difficult to get accurate numbers regarding detransitioning because many who do detransition tend to keep quiet about it out of fear that the toxic trans community will harass and attack them. I've mentioned this before, but I have two dear friends who were pre-op MTF trans. As the trans community became more politically radicalized and toxic, they couldn't handle it anymore and were afraid of being harmed because they were both politically more conservative. It was a difficult process and they've both had some health issues after going off hormones and other medications used in transitioning.

But of course, just like men stating they're trans in order to sexually abuse and attack women/girls, trannies who detransition don't exist! Everyone who becomes a tranny obviously know exactly what they're doing and have of course felt dysphoria since the second they were born. No one has ever begun gender transition has done so because they were confused, because its trendy right now, because of peer pressure, because they think it will make them attractive to real girls/women or to take advantage of women, because if mental illness, or even because they were shitty people as cis men who did horrible things and are merely avoiding accountability by becoming a member of what is essentially a protected group. Nope, never happens. The tranzginger community is the purest, most honest, most honorable group of people you will ever meet, and they never do wrong.

Kiwi Lime Pie

Tastefully gobbled. 🥝🥧🐈
Actually, lots of hotels are fucking great. But you can't afford to stay at any of those hotels.
To take it one step further, there are plenty of hotels that are both affordable and decent for an overnight stay, but T. still wouldn't be able to afford them if their grift money has to last through the entirety of the cross-country commute.


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To take it one step further, there are plenty of hotels that are both affordable and decent for an overnight stay, but T. still wouldn't be able to afford them if their grift money has to last through the entirety of the cross-country commute.
He should also have received October's benefit payment. He just prefers not to pay for anything himself.

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I’d be interested to hear how he knows the porn preferences of “transphobic assholes.” As far as I can see, the only people open about jacking it to troons are other troons.

Unless this is wishful thinking, like his crush on Trump.
They don't, but it's become SOP for troons to say shit like that for a couple reasons. One is just a simple attack for the people they hate: straight, cis, white people men who actually have lives (including jobs and money). Another reason is because they're insecure sexual deviants. Think of your average troon: unattractive, unfeminine, either obese or a scrawny twig, unwashed...not sexy by anyone's standards. But they have delusions that they're now sexy women and everyone gets hot for them. So they repeat this lie that cis men, especially cis men who are critical of trannies, are all secretly hot for them and beat off to tranny porn. Because if straight cis men are beating off to tranny porn, by association that means they're also beating off to them. Its mental gymnastics to help these grody trans trenders feel valid in their delusions.


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Bro, don't even bro, bro.
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Turns out there is another Satana, apart from our favorite Satana Kennedy:
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This Satanas is a troon that Slingblade met in TGEroticaAwards 2018, where Slingblade received the Holy Communion of #AnalRips.
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Wow this is 3dgy! Almost as 3dgy as The Ghostbusters (2016)!
Oh wow! Look how spoopy and edgy and witchy this guy is! He even has hot pink hair, so you know he means business. Not to mention his totally spoopy funeral coach from the 80s that isn't even one of the cool, collectable coaches like the late 50s Cadillac models. Its had, like, just so many dead bodies in it. Its probably haunted or something. I hope he doesn't use his witchy magic to hex us, you guys.


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On the other Jonathan:

No True Troonman indeed.


This is a Zeroth-World problem if ever there is one. Of course employers are allowed to dictate the dress code!


Just go away. You won't be missed.


A sensible response should be "You are fucking nine! You are too old to play pretend!"



How much shall we pay you this time?

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