Artcow Jonathan Desjardin / funnytime77 - Thirsty roleplay pedosperg who made up multiple fake relationships.

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I've talked about him enough before. I'm kind of surprised ED hasn't touched him yet. He has a huge hatedom and one of the most spastic people I've seen on DA.

I can tell he is either 19 or 20 based on when he started college on his FB page and his conversations with Kristina in 2014 saying he was 18. Jonathan has a quite an online presence with roots starting in the Sonic fandom. It looks like everywhere he's been he's caused enough problems for people to call him out on.

This is old but five years later he's still really immature. His YT account was banned recently but the rants about him are still there.

someone hated him enough to start an entire tumblr blog on him

to sum up the above he goes around begging for belly fetish roleplays and artwork and has this crazy obession with one girl.

"spread this like crazy! do not ignor!"
He says these things whenever he thinks that whining and begging his followers could change the world. He made one post about asking people not to vote for Donald Trump. The guy lives in Canada by the way. He also whines a lot about cartoons.

He got all worried over a character from Steven Universe.

Jonathan and women
Jonathan uses Deviantart as a dating website. He had claimed that some women were his girlfriend when they had never said so. He's held multiple of these supposed relationships at once to the point that he was accused of cheating.

He's one of Kristina Kittensworth's most prominent orbiters. She's the one girl he's most obsessed about. He regularly draws fanart of her with her favorite cartoons attention. He claimed her and one of her friends to be his girlfriend. He was briefly blocked, then successfully begged to be unblocked by her. He made a lame apology to her and still till this day complements her and tries hard to grab her attention.

Dream he had with Kristina


It isn't just that he has sexual fascinations with underaged cartoon characters. He has contacted an underaged user Miathepirateking and commented on a few of her belly pics. Miathepirateking is only 14 years old.



Here is two grown men doing a belly inflation roleplay with a Nick Jr. character.

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