Jonathan "Jessica" Yaniv assaults reporter Keeane Bexte 1/13/20 - GET AWAY FROM ME YOU FUCKING CRAZY FUCKING THING


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Feb 10, 2017
Am I the only one who thinks Canada is going through a bizzaro world 1960s?

We have a "minority" (or someone who LARPS as one) who gets to bully the "majority" based on clear bullshit, and the only way to win is to prove the "minority" has no excuse for being hateful.
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jonathan gill yaniv aka jessica serenity simpson
Apr 24, 2017
Cassandra Fairbanks done wrote an article

"Yaniv is a Canadian trans activist" - pisses me off. He's no more an activist than I am.

Oct 24, 2019

It finally happened.
Uploaded here for preservation:
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My dude looked like Butterbean throwing haymakers like that


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Nov 29, 2018
This is delicious - the twitter post with the video is at nearly 200K views. I can't stop rewatching.
no tweets from jonny boy for 8 hours! mama yaniv has been quiet nearly a day.

Aug 9, 2019
Fantastic that he got it on camera. All those cops running interference for Yaniv and not a single one in site sight when this happens.
That's because every juicehead cop in Canada was flown to the GTA to protect Ron MacLean from having to demonstrate basic masculinity by answering a few direct questions from David Menzies.

"Find your mark, look the other fellow in the eye, and tell the truth." -James Cagney


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Aug 13, 2019
So rebel media is consulting lawyers as to whether get JY charged?
This whole thing is beyond belief...Has anyone found if he is getting benes for his "disability"?
Has anyone sought to file fraud charges?...His racism... much more can I name off?
A Pub Ban? I thought he was a "Global Internet Personality"?
Then today...Not only the assault ...He accused Anna of filming him in the head...the Cops checked her phone & found that to be a lie...How many lies does he need to be caught in? How many people does he have to attack physically (one can only wonder how many total he's attacked online).

After today....Can ANYONE say he's not mentally ill?...Why aren't social services involving themselves?
How many times has it been said on the farms that this won't end well if he's not stopped?
& he keeps pushing the limits.
After seeing this behgavior?...The waxers that refused him should be thankful they weren't alone with him.
He got the extension today, as he needs more time to consult with a lawyer...I seriously doubt if he has talked to a real lawyer about his case..... I think he would be to embarrassed to tell the truth to an atty..... To find one that would represent him with his notoriety...AND...JY would have to cough up cash..... Any way one can check & see if there are any mortgages (2nds +) on his or MY units?
So much more I can say...Just too fukkin much goin on to take in...Now think of poor dainty JY has all this plus goin on in his head.
Gonna sit back & watch this shitshow evolve

Rafal Gan Ganowicz

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Dec 25, 2019
He quit riding the scooter a while ago. Should get it fitted out with blades and challenge a zamboni to a game of hockey.
Robot wars but with troon jockeys. Better than a monster truck fucking rally!
"And Yaniv smells blood, he- I'm sorry, she's going for the tackle and- OOOOH, that's gonna be an assault charge, Jim."
He's all about "the tackle"
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