Jonathan "Jessica" Yaniv assaults reporter Keeane Bexte - GET AWAY FROM ME YOU FUCKING CRAZY FUCKING THING

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Rafal Gan Ganowicz

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Today at court: (funny video)

Seems the judge didn't humour Jonny's demand for a publication ban:

Update: HOLY SHIT!!! Yaniv just assaulted a reporter at Court!!!!!!!

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HOLY SHIT!!! Yaniv just assaulted a reporter at Court!!!!!!!

Fantastic that he got it on camera. All those cops running interference for Yaniv and not a single one in site sight when this happens.
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Suburban Bastard

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It finally happened.
Uploaded here for preservation:


jessica serenity yaniv simpson
HOLY SHIT!!! Yaniv just assaulted a reporter at Court!!!!!!!

Bloody hell, he's fecking dangerous....yaniv runs towards him, and continues to follow and verbally abuse him. I hope charges are pressed.

If that video doesn't prove to the authorities that something needs to be done I don't know what will.
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