Jonathan "Jessica" Yaniv assaults reporter Keeane Bexte - GET AWAY FROM ME YOU FUCKING CRAZY FUCKING THING

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You know, as much as I want to be pissed I'm looking on the brighter side of things here. The fact that Yaniv hasn't been arrested for yet another assault tells me just how deeply lacking in testosterone modern Canada is. Meaning it shouldn't be too hard to conquer. Murica should mobilize and deCanuckify the north. Seize the means of poutine! All your maple syrup are belong to us! The Bison fears not the Beaver!
Just what we need, a bunch of Soviet Canukistani asbestos merchants voting in our elections.


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Yaniv in prison would be in that weird doldrums zone: too much of a pussy to be able to rape even a shrinking violet woman in a girl jail yet so physically repulsive that it would never even occur to a single person or animal who has ever lived in the history of the planet to "sexually assault" him even in a manly man's prison......

He probably used a professional to photoshop his photograph. I don't understand what the point is with troons. We all know what they look like.
If a pro did that editing then he should hang his head in shame. The trick is to make pics look untouched.

That's a DIY jobby. We all jnow how cheap and tacky jonathan yaniv is.

Yaniv would say that it was "self-defense".
When you're too hot to be on the streets........." A girl's gotta do what a girl's gotta do."
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You can’t scream get away from me while 1) attacking the person when they haven’t attacked you and 2) continue to advance on them while screaming.

He’s literally screaming “get away from me” while chasing the reporter.
It’s a cunning plan. Screaming “I’m not stabbing you with knife” while being filmed repeatedly stabbing someone with a knife, would certainly convince a judge you are a innocent victim with only the best intentions.

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In 2021, Shit will hit the fan 4 Chris
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Mariposa Electrique

In 2021, Shit will hit the fan 4 Chris
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Gone are the days of Karla Homolka being hounded by the press for the rape and murder of her sister along with other teenage girls. Even that was a Yaniv-esque style shit show. She's a free woman living under an assumed identity in the French Canadian wilderness somewhere, all paid for by Canada. Canada has never been uncucked.