Jonathan "Jessica" Yaniv assaults reporter Keeane Bexte - GET AWAY FROM ME YOU FUCKING CRAZY FUCKING THING


It's only gay if the balls touch.
Lmao, the ladylike comment here cracks me up.

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@McTavish brings up n interesting point....We only know what's publicly available for the most part....
Who knows what other drama JY has going on in his "private" life?
JY wouldn't advertise any such goings on in his life if he could avoid it.
I don't know about Canada...In the States things like disability fraud, tax problems can get very serious prior to there being anything public such as court filings....
This is all so fukking insane...& anyone (social services) that doesn't see it is also insane.

fuzakeru na

I'm done with Canada. You have a fat mentally ill pedophile doing all this shit. (weapons charges, assaulting multiple people ON CAMERA, blatant racism, suing women for not touching his cock, getting people banned from court rooms for fake reasons, having journalists phones searched for even more fucked up fake reasons, has the popo in his big fat pockets)

absolutely nothing happens to this cunt. He attacks and abuses and is racist to people and has THEM deplatformed. He belts reporters on video and has them BANNED from court and questioned for 20 minutes by police!?!?

surely wearing a moo moo and having maggee noodles for hair isnt enough for all of this protection?


i will eat your fucking soul
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I'm sorry but I dont have much hope for any repercussions against him. With how he's got the cops wrapped around his finger, hes done so much shit already that should have landed him in hot water but it just slides right off him.

What kind of worthless gutless excuse for a cop worships a child molester like Yaniv? What is wrong with these cops?

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