Jonathan "Jessica" Yaniv assaults reporter Keeane Bexte - GET AWAY FROM ME YOU FUCKING CRAZY FUCKING THING

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Yaniv still has a pleasure in attacking defendless people and in being loudmouth in front of the public in the same time, this is the second time doing that.If I was a Canadian, I would be ashamed by this sped.
It's only turning Yaniv into a crazier more entitled little monster day by day.

Like he's going to get off scott free from this little incident. Then once he realizes he's safe he'll go on twitter to gloat and just want to do crazier shit.

I think we'll have years of entertainment to come. Thanks for electing a bunch of tards, Canada!

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harassment and mischief - Copy.png (

Haven't checked in on JY for a while, any idea who this "fake reporter Donald" is? Thanks
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It finally happened.
Uploaded here for preservation:
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This is like the 2nd time he assaulted a reporter correct me if I'm wrong.


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Sooner or later, if there are any men left in Canada who aren't wearing dresses or are somehow in cahoots with this fucking joke, someone needs to punch Jon in his eminently punchable face when he pulls this shit (i.e. in self-defense). He's that fatass kid who pushed people around because he was physically bigger- except while most of those guys generally meet their match pretty quickly after middle school, Jon is being protected from consequences for reasons I cannot understand.

Exactly. He's the fat tard bully from a weird home with the crazy mother who uses his weight to shove people around, and eventually, in a normal world, starts on the wrong kid, gets his ass kicked or face broken in public, and while he cries and screams revenge, you never see him again after that because he finally learned where the line is.

The fact Yaniv is alive or has his face not looking like Picasso drew it (well, you know) due to endless assaults shows men in wigs and dresses do not need special legal protections. They are not being harrassed, let alone genocided. If they were, Yaniv, for everything he's pulled, would have been found in a shallow grave a long fucking time ago. or would at least have been subject to a number of violent assaults.

If anything, Yaniv's case proves the society he lives in is too tolerant, or at least hidebound by legislation that favours miscreants like him, and works against the people Yaniv likes to victimize. Yaniv hits people. on camera, and receives no punishment. You hit Yaniv, even after he hit you, and you'll be in for a world of trouble if caught.


Chins? What chins?
I'm hoping this gets brought up in his weapons charge case or failing that, he does this to the wrong guy. Someone who will punch back. Would really like to see him hoisted by his petard yet again.
It's just a matter of time before Captain Troon pulls his shit on the wrong guy--you can't always tell who is who just by looking at them and then he will find to his shock and horror that some people possess immunity to the magic Troon Shield .

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Such womanly manners, charging like an Uruk and assaulting an innocent bystander, truly a hero the entire LGBTQ+ community can look up to.
I want to give Yaniv the first annual golden tampon award for courage when beating down a defenseless, ginger, Canadian Nazi. Presented by Troy McClure and the makers of Titty Skittlez (TM)

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Cannot wait for the prison season of yanivs Canadian adventures. Will he go to female prison or male prison? Will Canadian taxpayers have to pay for his gender affirming surgery while he is incarcerated? Tune in to kiwi farms to find out!

You just know within weeks he would rape an inmate if he went to a female prison.

It's just a matter of time before Captain Troon pulls his shit on the wrong guy--you can't always tell who is who just by looking at them and then he will find to his shock and horror that some people possess immunity to the magic Troon Shield .

Like this?

One can only dream of how confusing a Canuckstan court would find this case. Two protected species. It's like a degenerate version of Greatest Warrior. Who. Will. Win?

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Reporters deserve to get assaulted by trannies.

You're thinking of journalists. Reporters, to their benefit/detriment, get out on the field and risk things like this. Journalists are oven-dodging faggots writing articles about how milk/shampoo bottles/bandaids are racist.

I can imagine it. I don't know if it would be good or bad, I really don't, but the KKK would still be up and running and actively hunting those motherfuckers.

Maybe there would be another organization in which people from different nationalities and skin colors would join to defeat the greater evil.

And to think they thought black people were the problem... They were so wrong. The problem lies in people who says they are sorry for being white or that being black is a state of mind. The same sort of people who sponsor Yaniv's shenanigans.

North Korea doesn't have to put up with this alphabet people bullshit, jus' sayin'

EDIT: also no, Yanny would NOT rape anyone in prison. If he went to a female prison he would be up against women with ACTUAL priors. Most of them probably with more testosterone in one arm than he ever had in his life. There's an unspoken truth about how female prisons are worse than male prisons. He would get his shit kicked in for even making eye contact.

If he went to a men's prison, well.

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