Jonathan/Jessica Yaniv FAQ - Quick guide to some of the more common questions about Jonathan/Jessica Yaniv

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W00K #17

Boy Man God Shiiiit
Yes, burglars broke into Jonathan's place and fed marijuana treats to the poor little thing. Canadian crime is a special kind of crime. I plan to move there and wear a dog costume at all times. Of course, if the dog just got into Jonathan's stash, then I'm going to be one very disappointed ex-pat.

Can you imagine JYs awkward ass in a drug deal? It would me more awkward than that episode of Curb where Larry David tries to buy pot for his dad's glaucoma.

There's an error in the FAQ's OP that was picked up from something I wrote in the subforum. Here's the correction - four-year should be two year:

He lays claim to a 60-credit two- four-year computer science degree certificate from Kwantlen Polytechnic University in Surrey, BC. (h/t @TheGhostofODB) While a student there, he basked delightedly in publicity garnered by his Internet campaign for a National Sex Day.

The MeowMix blog has a 2019-in-review series up on Yaniv that puts the major events in chronological order. Pretty useful.

Part 1, January - June (archive)

Part 2, July - August (archive)

Part 3, September - December (archive)

1/20/20 addition:

The MeowMix blog has started a feature called The Litigious Little Liar Log and says it plans to update it as Yaniv continues to dazzle the courts and tribunal with his cupidity,

Archive of the current version of the log

Another resource: The Proletariat Mook blog is still compiling records on Yaniv, some of them originally posted in the chaos of KF. I'm too autistic to know how that blog relates to Pedofiles North (articles + documents?) and The Registry (documents only?), but they're all under the wing of

1/21/20 addition:

Would be good to change the FAQ's reference to Jess Rangel to Jess Rumpel.
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