Horrorcow Jonathan Ross / EffinRawz / SonicJonathanSonic / SuperJonathanSonic / SpeedDemon - Self-Admitted Pedophile with Homicidal Urges; featuring Ruby (EdgeQueen) & NuclearGamer

New Poll: How does the Ross Adventure End?

  • Successful Febreeze suicide after 731 more attempts

    Votes: 165 22.9%
  • Gets Sent to Prison like Nick Bate

    Votes: 382 53.1%
  • A school shooting that makes Couch Cuck look competent

    Votes: 174 24.2%

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rad trad
I find it a little sad with how much Ross has let himself go. At the beginning of the thread he was a tiny bit chubby but certainly not a fat fuck and at least grandma was there to make sure he showers so there's no dandruff. Now Ross is a fat fuck and has dandruff and has a ugly mess of a beard because he's too lazy to shave. Oh and now he's no longer with grandma so there's that too. All of this because of a kiwifarms thread.
The faggot likes kids. I couldn't give less of a shit about him. If he wasn't trying to poz little kid's negholes maybe I'd have sympathy, but for someone who openly admits to being a pedophile, this'll just make it easier for him to identify.


Ross went live and had some shitty audio before it spurged out on him. Nothing super noteworthy, just funny how he was talking to a livechat where nobody was watching or commenting.
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War Plan: Jacket

They used to beat me for their amusement
Does anyone know what happened to him after he got kicked outta the hotel he was staying in for his mega REEE?

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War Plan: Jacket

They used to beat me for their amusement
He's in CA. It's probably NEETbux.
Jim's assessment of Ross being "some abomination from the pits of the internet" becomes more and more fitting with every passing day, doesn't it? You know of any places where they're taking bets as to how long it'll be before he inevitably gets wrapped up in the justice system and becomes another statistic?


Chaotic Neutral
I actually talked to Ross recently im going undercover to get into his disord ill report back with any info I gather wish me luck fellow Kiwis
Okay, you're either one of the speds who hangs out in Ross' discord and you're trying to GayOp the Farms on his behalf, or you're a sped trying to GayOp Ross.

Either way I'll enjoy seeing this backfire.

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