Horrorcow Jonathan Ross / EffinRawz / SonicJonathanSonic / SuperJonathanSonic / SpeedDemon - Self-Admitted Pedophile with Homicidal Urges; featuring Ruby (EdgeQueen) & NuclearGamer

New Poll: How does the Ross Adventure End?

  • Successful Febreeze suicide after 731 more attempts

    Votes: 143 22.3%
  • Gets Sent to Prison like Nick Bate

    Votes: 342 53.3%
  • A school shooting that makes Couch Cuck look competent

    Votes: 158 24.6%

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DO THE HUSTLE! [*Disco Intensifies*]
And who's the faggot saying he wants to "get Metokur to notice his channel now"?
Probably Steve Cote. I can't tell whose who nor do I really care. But I know that whoever it is has been trying to get Jim's attention for a while going by past Ross streams.

The thing is, I'm pretty sure Jim would probably look at these guys the same way he did at Edge Queen and Nuclear/Psychotic Gamer.


DO THE HUSTLE! [*Disco Intensifies*]
For those who don't want to sift through the video for the Ross part, see below.

2:50 to 4:30 - Ross talks to the "Police" about the time he saw Nudist videos that contained children in them, as well as his Kids in a Tub viewing habit.<
Rest of video - Ross' Discord orbiters jerk each other off, a couple of them mention trying to get Mister Metokur's attention.<

Cactus Eastwood is the alias of the one of the many speds in Ross' discord(s).

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