Horrorcow Jonathan Ross / EffinRawz / SonicJonathanSonic / SuperJonathanSonic / SpeedDemon - Self-Admitted Pedophile with Homicidal Urges; featuring Ruby (EdgeQueen) & NuclearGamer

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New Poll: How does the Ross Adventure End?

  • Successful Febreeze suicide after 731 more attempts

    Votes: 243 24.5%
  • Gets Sent to Prison like Nick Bate

    Votes: 519 52.4%
  • A school shooting that makes Couch Cuck look competent

    Votes: 229 23.1%

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Just Another Kiwi Lurker
Anything interesting? Did he threaten to kill someone or say what he's been doing since he was gone?
I'll be perfectly honest with ya I don't know when or why this guy is on my subs list, I was just taking a break from Skyrim when I checked YT and saw this on my subs, I didn't pay much attention beyond confirming it was Ross and popped in a few minutes before the streamer talked about last night which clued me into the previous nights stream, Ross is still his mushmouthed self, seems like he's taking his meds though.


Host of Killstream
True & Honest Fan
Hah holy shit he has not learned a thing. Still wallowing in Internet drama with the same exact people.
This is gonna be great.

So he's going to be out in January, and working a minimum wage job to buy a PC, so he can do the same shit he did before. Settle Internet grudges and try to become and e-celeb.
Seems he's no longer believing the CP shit, guess the psychiatrist finally got through to him. The wise thing would be to completely cut the connection with all of those people who egged him on, but seems he's fully willing to put himself back in it.
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True & Honest Fan
Anything interesting? Did he threaten to kill someone or say what he's been doing since he was gone?
I've skipped through it and no. He is as exceptional, but seems to be calm, probably, because the other guy didn't try to make him sperg harder. I've caught them talking about Logan a.k.a. Jetrex who is now in jail for molesting his younger sister. Otherwise, I don't want to listen through all of it, because sound is shit and they are talking about nothing.

@OogaBoogaFreeRentSupreme do you know why Ross has internet access?

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