Jonathan vs Amy Hamm (@preta_6) - Jonathan claims Post Millennial reporter sexually assaulted him in a courthouse restroom.

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Okay I think this deserves it's own thread as I think this will develop further.

Before Jonathan's trail Post Millennial reporter (and friend of Megan Murphy) Amy Hamm entered the women's restroom in the Surrey Provincial Courthouse. Upon seeing Jonathon in the same restroom she quickly exited. The following happened:
I entered the woman’s washroom, noticed that Yaniv was there, and quickly exited. Police responded to Yaniv’s false claim by searching my phone, only to discover that I had not done what Yaniv had claimed. He yelled at me that he was going to charge me with “voyeurism.” I was also verbally harassed by Yaniv’s mother, Miriam.
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Like anyone would want to sex Yaniv.
“She grabbed my feminine balls! Arrest that woman!”
I wonder what actually happened.

I'm betting Amy Hamm's account above is accurate: She walked into the women's washroom and saw Yaniv standing in the common area, so she immediately walked back out.

Yaniv lied to courthouse security, claiming Amy had photographed him in the washroom, the officers questioned Amy and, with her permission, examined her phone's camera roll. No pix. Yaniv said nothing to the officers about sexual assault.

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Shit, may as well have just punched him at that point, since he's gonna get histrionic anyway. Who wouldn't believe that Yaniv would self-inflict a black eye (easily also countered with "he slipped and fell in a stall trying to dig for used tampons!").
Just remember your roll of nickels in your purse, ladies.


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Miriam taunting Amy, cross-posted from the Miriam thread

Amy Hamm tweeted a request that others report JY's tweet full of accusations, and in response we have Miriam saying "How are you?"

There's a well established pattern of the Yaniv's harassing both alleged victims and alleged offenders.

There's no new board for this incident... yet, so posting it here to save it.

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She walked into the women's washroom and saw Yaniv standing in the common area, so she immediately walked back out.
Jesus I actually fuckin shivered....seriously imagine being a woman and going to the bathroom, only to find that fucking creature waiting for you and knowing full well just who he is and why he is there.

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I don't understand, this fat blob wants to be touched so badly that he harasses and takes people to court for not giving in and touching his genitals. But the moment someone does allegedly touch him he runs off to the police? Are we playing hard to get Johnny boy? Because if so you're playing this game all by yourself. Hopefully this broad can take him to court for slander, though I doubt anything will come of it.

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Someone needs to tell him the investigation was over after they checked her phone. lol.
The Post Millennial article says that Miriam was involved as well. I'm fairly certain she's the one with the money. I hope any civil action includes her.

It would be fitting to sue for $140K. One dollar for every single one of Jonathan's totally real Twitter followers that could have seen the Tweet.

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We're really gonna miss this tard if he's in jail.
Honestly im kinda torn.

On the one hand yaniv has been the best legit cow we have covered for years...possibly since the classic chris era, and has provided some of the most cinematic and absurd shit we have witnessed and which has been so fucking crazy its even penetrated normiesphere, and so having this cut off by a stint in jail would indeed be a buzzkill

On the other hand, yaniv genuinely fucking worries me.

I am worried he will try to ruin the lives and livelihoods of more innocent people just to get off on abusing the most vulnerable women he can find using canada's worthless fucking tribunal system.

I am worried he will go into a violent tard rage against somebody who aint able to stand up to a few punches or scramble away from him and do legitimate damage to somebody too old/frail/small to resist.

And I am really fucking worried that his obsession with getting negative attention to feed his ego and his open pedophilia and obsession with getting access to kids will eventually come together in the worst way imaginable.

When it comes down to it, I would rather this shit be nipped in the bud than see another Nick Bate situation unfold

We're really gonna miss this tard if he's in jail.
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Court? There isn’t going to be a fucking trial for This heinous lie and if there is, Canada needs to be carpet bombed back to the damn Stone Age.

I’m sorry. I know the rules. But this shit makes me feel ill and I’m going to be mad. This shit needs to stop before this subhuman garbage CHUD ruins anymore lives.


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