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fucker of trannies
Mod note: This is not the thread for moralfagging, general tranny sperging or dipshit trolling ops. If you engage in any of these, you will be threadbanned. Post actual content instead of bitching. Keep the discussion on Yaniv, not other gross trannies.


Jonathan Gill Yaniv (born 12 June 1987) is a man from Surrey, BC, who says he is a tranny but makes no effort to look like anything other than a fat incel.


When incel Jonathan was studying CompSci at Kwantlen Polytechnic University he tried to create a 'National Sex Day 2008' (archive). Jonathan's idea was that with 1 million people taking part he could at last lose his sperginity.

Jonathan trooned out around 2017 by changing his name to Jonathan 'Jessica' Yaniv.

He says he joined a women's gym to get away from the filthy immigrants, and is apparently racist as fuck, despite being a minority (Jew) himself.



Jonathan joined 'Makeup Junkies Anonymous' to ask for tips on how to pass in the girls' gym, and how not to sweat off all his makeup.


When Jonathan actually went to the gym he was super-disappointed that there weren't more hot naked chicks getting changed.







So it didn't take long for Jonathan to start asking about 'how to bond' over menstrual products, and asking if you could see the tampon string in the vageen in the changing rooms.





Soon the topic turned to how to offer 10 year old girls a tampon








Jonathan is said to have been blocked (archive) from over 60 FB makeup forums for his creepy weirdo shit




Jonathan has a history of lolsuit complaints.

In March 2018 Jonathan contacted 18 female waxers who advertised bikini waxes to ask them to wax his she-penis and balls, saying that he was a woman. When 15 of the 18 said 'ew gross'.


Jonathan filed lolsuits (archive) against all 15 under Canuckistan Human Rights Commission laws for $2,500 a piece.

Because Canada, Jonathan got to remain anonymous in his 'human rights' lolsuits. However one of Jonathan's victims looked him up on the internets and found that his shitty internet consultancy firm JY Knows It profiled him publicly 'out' as a troon.


They also found some of Jonathan's creepy social media caps, so they filed to cancel Jonathan's anonymity. In response, Jonathan dropped that one lolsuit, but left the other fourteen.

Hints at Jonathan's depravity came out in an article in the Economist (archive), where he was identified as 'JY'. This triggered internet terves, who outed him shortly afterwards in this GenderTrender profile (archive).

Jonathan has created articles about himself on Wikipedia a bunch of times using 3 different socks, but they were all deleted because he's a non-entity and his 100k+ Twitter followers are fake, and his website, 'trustednerd', is just a scam for Jonathan to get free shit & put out press releases on behalf of bitcoin scammers.


Jonathan also believes the Canadian Federation of Students is a cult, and added this to their Wiki entry.

Jonathan identified as 'PR manager' for tranny singer Chelsko, and in June 2017 Jonathan told Chelsko that Chelsko would not be allowed to use the lady's changing rooms at a BC Water Park, because transphobia. However the water park said that this was a fucking lie (archive), and that trannies are perfectly welcome to unrobe their she-penises in the lady's room. So presumably Jonathan made this up.

Subsequent developments

These developments since the OP (to January 12th 2019), receipts in thread.

Legal developments
  • Published tribunal decision to reopen Jonathan's case following complaint by one of his lolsuit victims, says he might be deanonymised AFTER the case is decided if he loses.
Jonathan being a pervert and/or pedophile
  • Jonathan tampon perve/ball waxing caps #895 #899 #952 #1689
  • Jonathan's involvement with teen girl band Cimorelli to be creepy, pedophilic & obnoxious (sometimes at the same time) towards girls aged around 11 and up: #35 #89 #123 #157 #391 #431 #769 #923 #1502 #1594 #1633 (has bonus lolsuit for a baby kicking his seat on the plane) #1645 #1987 #2024
  • More posting porn in order to try to become admin of teen band's FB and get close to their underage followers #1533 #1541 [there are receipts elsewhere suggesting this is how he got to be Cimorelli FB admin, a position he leveraged to get close to teen girls]
  • Jonathan stalks 13/14 yo girls Ask.fms with perverted questions about tampons #59/URL] #874 #900 #940 #957 #1345 1346 1349 1354 #2055
  • Jonathan sells porn by pretending to be 'Krista Gunn' a female tech journalist/camwhore #481
  • Jonathan's makeup forum posts #620 #623 #999 #1006 #1909
  • Jonathan's obsession with vibrators & creepy tech such as Google Glass: #48 #381-386 #1244 #1247 #1251 #1327 #1652 #1969 #2224
  • Jonathan posting revenge porn/drug slurs against some woman he doesn't like #227/#228/233/239
Jonathan's transactivism/ratking-type behaviour
General dox/pix
Jonathan's scamming & fraud
  • Jonathan's contest where a girl fake 'won' a trip to Vegas with him #579 #584 #589
  • Jonathan harassing businesses with his (non-trans-related) bullshit complaints /lolsuits/scams/demands for free shit #82 #125 #246 #249 #261 #507 (also has pix) #1013 #1600 #1642

Possible Address
Registrant Name: jonathan yaniv
Registrant Street: 6264 greenside dr w
Registrant City: Surrey
Registrant State/Province: British Columbia
Registrant Postal Code: V3S5M8
Registrant Country: Canada
Registrant Phone: +1.7782788933

Social media
LinkedIn (attached cap)
Wikipedia account Jyaniv
Tech website (archive)
Tech website FB (archive)
Shitty consultancy website (archive)
Consultancy FB (archive)
Personal FB (archive)
Personal YT (archive)
TrustedNerd YT (archive)
Trustednerd Twitter (locked, sry)
Personal Twitter (also locked)
Insta (locked as well, see attached cap I found on FB)
Attached mp3 of Jonathan's voice calling some kind of Indian scammer (Jonathan really hates Indians, calling them 'curry heads')


  • quickbooks-scam-call-800-367-2164.mp3
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True & Honest Fan
Holy shit, I actually know of this person.

His "marketing" services consist of him posting rave reviews of his clients and venomous and defamatory reviews of his clients' competitors on sites like Yelp, TripAdvisor and Facebook, and shilling for his clients on social media in a very transparent and clumsy way. He is completely unethical and not only doesn't disclose that he's paid for such things, but even tries to con free products and services from the competitors that he then proceeds to dump on, under the guise of being some sort of media personality who will provide some exposure through his shitty blog. Fortunately he is so incompetent that it is extremely obvious what is going on and his reviews tend to get removed by the sites.
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Mary Tyler Meltdown

High Class Exhibortionist
Yeah this link which apparently had his dox has been taken down:

And so has the FB thread discussing him in my OP.

He is versed in how the internet works and is adept at getting shit taken down (if only temporarily).

Definitely important to diligently archive everything about him.

XE 600

I'm really confused as to why this troon needs a tampon? Even the most stupid of troons realize that they don't need tampons. Plus asking for a tampon would be weird regardless whether you're a man who thinks they're a woman or an actual woman.

Also as a side note: most women who go the gym tend to go in there already in their gym clothes. This is mostly because of people like him.


fucker of trannies
Great find, definitely a clear cut example of a man attempting to claim trans status to look at nude girls and be an utter creep to female children. Is he in any way associated with the Rat King? I can't seem to find any tweets of support from the usual suspects.

Apparently he shares an address with the Morgane Oger Foundation. But it's just a PO Box so probably coincidence.

I'm trying to find his personal address, he went to Semiahmoo Secondary School, which is in South Surrey and his FourSquare (archive) shows him in South Surrey/White Rock.

6264 greenside dr w
British Columbia
Phone: +1.7782788933
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Jaded Optimist

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We all know he is full of shit, but for what its worth...

Ive taken that ferry (vancouver - victoria) many times throughout my life and as a cis female I have never once been approached by anyone for menstrual products on the ferry. Also he is from Surrey? If he is that racist that is one of the worst places to live. Surrey is filled with sikh gangsters.

His weird obsession of bodily function reminds me of troy rangi for some reason

let there be plight
People like this are the reason actual transgender people can’t use the bathroom without issue. No matter how you feel about the transgender issue itself, I think we can all agree people like this just ruin everything for everyone else. Definitely just a pedophile trying to get confirmation that he can diddle little girls and blame it on periods.


True & Honest Fan
I'm really confused as to why this troon needs a tampon? Even the most stupid of troons realize that they don't need tampons. Plus asking for a tampon would be weird regardless whether you're a man who thinks they're a woman or an actual woman.

Also as a side note: most women who go the gym tend to go in there already in their gym clothes. This is mostly because of people like him.


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