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Blaire's involvement would be an absolute gift to JY. When skeptisphere Youtube pundits get involved, he can amplify the standard troon narrative of being a persecuted, bullied proud transwoman being dogpiled by the alt right.
Right now only terfs and kiwis are talking about him. Adolf Hitler himself could resurface in Argentina and call Yaniv a pedo and it wouldn't add to the alt-right-are-bullying-a-troon narrative.

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I would really love to find out what sped at twitter is enabling this censorship. I wonder if it could just be one person.

apologize for your run-on sentences
I actually cleaned it up on the Medium post, but I had to copy-paste it all to my personal blog after that got suspended and it messed up the formatting,

I will clean it up soon, but for now I just wanted a copy somewhere that I'm quite sure some butthurt deviant can't get it taken down, especially because nastier people like Brianna Wu already tried and failed to silence me for similar reasons for nothing that would be illegal under American law.


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I think for the maximum exposure you would need to get as many of these figures as possible to talk about it. Tucker and Shapiro are the most mainstream of these and have the most reach, Rubin would get it known by the people that don't follow the more mainstream of right-leaning media, and the others are more of a crapshoot as to how many people would see it outside Pewds. Pewdiepie bringing attention to it would be great memes, but there's no way of really telling where it goes from there, or if he really cares that much about these kinds of people.


Literally murdering people. But not literally.
They're saying JY is a private person?

Provide them with this:

Jonathan Yaniv in the News
It didn’t fly on Reddit, and unfortunately it looks like it won’t fly on other platforms either. Admins pick and choose when they apply this rule. It’s ridiculous to say no one can discuss anyone but celebrities on the internet, yet the rule is woolly enough that it can be taken advantage of by people like JY.
Admins all over the place need to grow some clean-shaven ladyballs.


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Just as he characterizes referring to him as "Jonathan" as "deadnaming" and referring to him as "Jessica" as "outing" (in spite of using both names himself on social media), he wants to have it both ways and pretend to be some high-flying, blue-checkmark, big-time, Internet-famous tech guru, while simultaneously claiming to be a private person when, again, it's to his advantage to do so.

Fuck this asshole.


You mean I got about 200 bitcoins
so therefore that means more LGBT on the BBC.
Now everyone is on the BBC, U jealous white boi?
Friends in high places.
Yet nobody will risk their careers to get him a real job or promote his stupid website. The guy is universally repulsive.

I have little fear that the guy is going to be able to keep this up forever. Plus it's twitter and a bunch of other stupid attention whore websites that don't matter to anyone except the idiots who use them. You should all do yourselves a favor and add the whole domain to your adblock. If this guy has any actual friends then they're probably fellow peds and they're going down too.

I'm more concerned that he's has molested a bunch of random kids or will do so any minute now. Has anyone notified the police? What about the ferry authorities? His extremely well developed and specific fantasies about 10 year old girls needing tampon help on the ferry are very disturbing.

I think we'd be better off and we'd get more traction treating this as another dangerous pedo vs the internet detective agency than the latest chapter in the dangerhair culture wars. I mean come on we all know this guy is absolutely not trans


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View attachment 629752 Jonathan's now identifying as Jessica on his YT DMCA takedowns. More on this shortly.
The guy also made a video about the DMCA claim
Just use "Yaniv" in place of a pronoun and sidestep all the misgendering technicalities.
Alternatively "That child molester" as was proposed earlier on in the thread ;)

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