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The lolsuit shows mom's condo as being in Walnut Grove, yes, a low-rise development with current listings in the $320k-435k range. But it's supposed to be a 55+ building, so unless sonny boy's gotten some kind of exemption, he should be living under a different roof.

He and mom don't seem to be the best of buds. He's tweeted in the past that he was particularly sad about his father's death because his mom, unlike his dad, had never been supportive of his trans decision. (Sorry, don't have a link or screenshot of the tweet.) When he wrote in the lolsuit that he went to her condo to visit the dog, I thought, ah, putting it out there again that you don't like mom, eh?
Yeah, and trying not to get in trouble for living in a 55+ building...or trying to hide that in doxing his mom's address, he doxxed himself.

The mom's an ER clerk at a hospital in Langley. It's gotta suck going to work, having public look at your nametag and giving you that look, like "you're not related to, uh, no, never mind." And that's JY's fault, not the Economist, not Meghan Murphy, not Morgane Oger, not the Farms. It takes a special something to be no one with over a million views. Few lolcows achieve that level of cringe.

Xenu Warrior Princess

Shut up baby, I know it.

Well, OK then Jonathan, since you brought it up: That selfie you took in the women's vs now clearly shows that paunch has grown. As has your chin growth. You can take metamucil or exlax rewrapped in a MLM diet cleanse all you want, but no matter how much you're shitting, you're clearly eating more. And shitting while and where you're eating. Your poor fucking dog.

ETA: Do we have archives/screenshots of his latest Tweets?
Yeah, I just haven't uploaded them yet.


Bellend Lugosi
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Imagine being more bothered by being misgendered than by being accused of being a pedophile.
Would calling him a lady pedo make him stop complaining altogether? 🤔
How about it, JY? We can call you Mary Kay Letrooneau, Mary Kay Letrueandhonestwomaneau, or just Jessica "Pre-K K-Y JY" Yaniv. Would that wax the balls of your soul?


everything is terrible
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True, it also seems like most of this nonsense ( the pageant, his hideous looks, etc..) are a bizarre ploy to distract from the fact that he is a vindictive pedo with a menstruation fetish.
"the best way to look like less of an invasive pervert would be to elbow my way into a women's beauty pageant dressing room! brilliant!" truly a great plan, can't wait to see the next one

edit: also, anyone who got their account fucked with for mentioning this dudes name has a chance to report it to the fucking trump administration, who have a form soliciting exactly these kinds of stories of unfair political bias on social media:

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Hmm. Wonder if JY's having a hard time getting his business shakedowns taken seriously thanks to the amount of documentation that's out there now. Compared to a year ago, there's a lot more evidence for his legal victims to find and reassure them not to take him seriously. The pivot to threatening Shaw suggests he's counting on big businesses' robust discrimination policies to work in his favour now that he can't strong-arm hard-working Indian ladies.


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Imagine being more bothered by being misgendered than by being accused of being a pedophile.
Would calling him a lady pedo make him stop complaining altogether? 🤔
I think it’s less that he’s bothered about being misgendered, more that he hopes that kicking up a stink about troon crap will distract people from the fact that Jessica Yaniv, aka Jonathan Yaniv, JY or TrustedNerd, is a self-confessed pedophile with a particular fetish for the menstrual cycles of preteen girls.


Found some decent Jonathan Yaniv cosplay on imgur.

View attachment 760437
"WAX MY BALLS OR I SWEAR TO GOD I'LL SUE #halloween_costume #cosplay #jonathanyaniv #jessicayaniv #jy #trustednerd #WaxMyBalls

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Android phone and menstrual products at the ready, in the ferry terminal bathroom, lying in wait for 10-14 year old girls.

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A smugness that only a paedophilic vexatious litigator can have."
How long until Yaniv dmcas it? Kid looks 10x better than the real yaniv tbh


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Wow, that was a real coup for the folks at typeform. Weird to see the same kind of form for an official white house inquiry as you'd use to request a report from the analytics department at work.

I bet whoever has to sort through that pile of responses is going to get real familiar with ol Johnny boy.

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