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Shut up baby, I know it.
I agree with the others. There's something off-putting about him. He even wears what I like to call the "NAMBLA Uniform" I.e fat, shorts, sneakers and white socks pulled up high. Change his shirt into a floral pattern and we're there.
Quick try. Too floral?

Naww, John Ratcliffe had some sense of style. Jonathan Yaniv just looks fat and greasy.

Here's the child molester with nekomimi ears:View attachment 607547
Imagine that is looking at you...
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Is his face actually deformed? Has he had a stroke that affected half his face?

Physiognomy is fucking real. Pedo smile and unbalanced features = unbalanced pedo.

He is incredibly fucking creepy and I don't understand how he has survived to this point unscathed. The earnest tampon conversations are so unsettling, but the way he was talking to underage girls ( while they KNEW IT WAS HIM is what makes me think he is actually fucking dangerous. This isn't just some wierdo with strange fantasies, he has demonstrated he has no qualms being a fucking creepy sperg irl (finding females to wax his balls) AND that he has no problem targeting children online. The next step is to creep on kids IRL, if he hasn't already.

I'm not a big advocate for offsite shenanigans, but people deserve to know what a threat this guy is. He's clearly involved in small business workshops and the like, and unless they're all in on the same shit (that ball but picture horrifies me, he's not the only creepy looking motherfucker there), then I doubt they would want anything to do with him if they knew who he really was. I seriously hope that the 'journalists' and the like poking around here grow some moral backbone and out this creep.

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