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Google Trends for Jonathan Yaniv. It's the Streisand effect in graph form.
People know me as [name] the amazing [business] person and my name is often the top searched term [...] I have developed an extremely high social media following… I do fear retaliation.”
Top searched term where, Jonathan? It sure wasn’t until you were exposed as a pedophile.

By the way, about that Makeup Junkies group - do the women in it (the ones who say he’s so pretty and that he has A+ makeup skills) know what he’s done? I assume they have but I can’t recall what was said about it.


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By the way, about that Makeup Junkies group - do the women in it (the ones who say he’s so pretty and that he has A+ makeup skills) know what he’s done? I assume they have but I can’t recall what was said about it.
Well, they were made aware he was creeping on women in their dms when he was publically banned from the group(s) (60 in total). Not sure they know about the ball waxing saga.


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that's why I tell everyone to check out #girlslikeus on twitter on the weekends. the trannies post :hundreds: of traumatizing going-out-on-the-town selfies. they must think they look great. its really a syndrome & they just don't see what the rest of us see.

that's why they have no shame. they look in mirrors and see petite young hotties looking back.
Uh this is slightly :offtopic: but that hashtag gave me three of the most hilarious and horrifying images I've ever seen in a matter of seconds

Am I being wildly over-optimistic to think that all of this has to come out at some point?

And that it will be a big global scandal when it does? I mean, Twitter and Wordpress and Reddit participating in censorship to protect a pedophile? That is a big deal surely?

And that it has the potential to make Yaniv, Binbag and perhaps Ogre into well-known figures and thereby peaktrans half the world? They are all such hideous human beings inside and out, it's almost impossible not to recoil with disgust when you learn about them. Plus the Yaniv story, as so many people have said, is like a cautionary tale about why most transactivist ideas are very bad ideas.

I probably am being way too optimistic. Stuff like this always seems like a much bigger deal when you're following it. But it really does seem like it could be a tipping point with regard to transactivism.

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This is the hill troon activists want to die on

Honestly, I don't think this is the hill they want to die on so much as it is the hill they're being forced to die on. As others have mentioned in this thread, the activists were adamant that allowing trans people to use whatever bathroom they wanted wouldn't result in perverts trooning out in order to creep on women and girls. They swore up and down this would never ever happen, and so now they've cornered themselves. They can't admit that people like Yaniv exist, because it invalidates their entire argument and gives extra ammunition to their opponents.

It's kind of like Anthony Burch privately admitting he thought Zoe Quinn was full of shit, but going on to defend her in public anyway because he'd already lined up on the anti-GG side and he couldn't dissent from the party line.
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Actually, it's greasier than that.

He pestered like 18 places and three of them were willing to wax his balls. He's just maliciously pursuing the other 15 who turned him down.

The reopening of Poyer's case put Yaniv into an interesting spot. The commissioner who authored the decision to deny punitive costs but allow the reopening so that costs could be argued otherwise yelled at Oger's respondent today over the respondent calling Oger "he." This commissioner, Devyn (no idea what sex the person is) is clearly in Yaniv's corner, which Yaniv could be counting on. But still, Yaniv hasn't shown appreciation for the Streisand effect, nor the leakage to US media, which a provincial tribunal can do fuck-all about.

Outrage is spreading about JONATHAN YANIV

@trustednerd bitching about "scammers" on a "scammer site":
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OMFGz I've seen this guy around town a couple of times now! He stands out but not in a good way. I certainly had no idea he was supposed to be a woman.

I don't know what it is about Surrey that attracts troons who don't even try. There's a cashier at the London Drugs on Scott Rd. who is the most blatant troon i've ever seen in my life. He (obviously a he, massive Adam's apple and all) dresses like your grandmother and speaks with a breathy high falsetto like Chris Chan when he first started out trying to speak femme. He's obviously confused alot more people then me as he wears a button on his work vest that says 'She/Her', his preferred pronouns I presume. :c

Nah, if you look at the pedoyogile screenshot carefully, you'll see that one of his victims was an Indian woman. Which, I gather, is a prominent demographic near where he lives.

I haven't read the entire thread, but seeing his address in the dox, he lives just south of Newton which has probably the heaviest concentration of Sikhs living outside of the Punjab anywhere in the world. So yes, a 'prominent demographic' is in fact a massive understatement.
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