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Obviously, virtually all Canucks live relatively close to the U.S. border, but I didn't realize that Langley Township was directly on the border until looking at a map earlier today. Johnny Tampons could literally scoot from his front door down to Washington state.

There was a time when Canada could have possibly been part of the US, and had the freedoms the US does that prevents the sort of legal bastardizations that Yaniv takes advantage of.

If Yaniv and his ilk keep going, some Canadians need to invent a time travel machine and show their ancestors what sticking with Great Britain will lead to.
We don't want that frozen wasteland. Maybe the oil.


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Thank you. Shit! Legal Kiwi's how is this allowed? I thought in any trial, even a feelsie trial, prior knowledge/influence/knowtheperson was cleared out of court?

Putting aside questions of semantics and whether or not the tribunal is a court, etc. the BCHRT does have its own Codes Of Conduct that members like Cousineau are beholden to. That’s why I was asking about the communications between Yaniv and Cousineau a few pages back. In the Code (Sect IV, Part B, 23-25):

23. A member must not participate in any Tribunal proceeding in which the member or close relation or associate of the member has had any prior involvement.

24. Except when conducting a mediation, a member must not communicate directly or indirectly with any party, representative, or witness at any stage of a Tribunal proceeding, except in the presence of all parties and/or their representatives, or unless the correspondence is copied to all the parties and/or their representatives.

25. Where a member cannot reasonably avoid contact with a party, representative or witness during the course of a proceeding absent all parties and their representatives, the member will restrict their communication to matters unrelated to the proceeding.

We don’t know if Cousineau even responded to any of Yaniv’s calls or emails. But if she did and did not inform the JCCF of these communications, that could be grounds for... well something, provided anyone cares enough to take on this ridiculous court ( :optimistic:) . But by their own code, it really sounds like she should’ve recused herself from this case since Yaniv was continually sending her emails about his suicide attempts and the “harassing” threats he was allegedly receiving.


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I might be remembering wrong but I think he did tweet about being happy with a waxing job that he did get once, so I assume that business was white and, unfortunately knew how to properly handle nutsacks.
On the flip side JY also shared a photo of skin ripped off their arm from a wax at a nail salon by an unqualified waxer (JCCF why the fuck hasn’t that come up in defense yet?!)


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Link to photo?
I don’t know how to find shit in past posts so this is easier.



I find this whole sign thing interesting. According to the website, to adopt a street, you have to go out once a month and clean both sides. The street is at least one km long. You also have to fill out a report in details, along with where the trash can be collected.
As far as I can tell, he's adopted at least three streets (3km + in total). If he can't even walk a few feet without being winded, needs a scootypuff, has seizures, etc... how is he able to clean the roads? I can't imagine he can even bend over to pick something up without huffing and puffing.
If he has to submit reports he probably makes shit up and no one actually checks. In my concept of Canada I imagine it as a pretty clean place in general. If this was in NYC, depending on the block, it would be covered with trash within a week.

Stickers don't count as vandalism/defacement in Canada, since they can be easily removed.
No way, I've never heard that. Is that true? Some stickers are purposefully made to be extremely time consuming and energy consuming to remove and made specifically for the act of graffiti.
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Johnny boy is triggered today!

"My mom is not psychotic." BAH-HAHAHAHA!

Why does he think Denton is a sock puppet of Lindsay Shepherd? I know Lindsay has gone at him a few times, but she's done it from her NewWorldHominem account. Is there any evidence that Denton is actually Lindsay? Because that would be funny as fuck.


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That’s bait to try and get them to call him out for having a penis. He’s stewing right now trying to figure out how to get them banned.

Why is he trying to imply that some random internet person is actually Lindsay Shepherd though? Is there any truth to that? Does she have a sock account?

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