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Mr. Skeltal

Calcium fortified at your own risk
Butchers like Marci Bowers would certainly give it a go.

There are types of surgery where they use part of the sigmoid colon to create the neo-vag, particularly in patients with a small dick. Results are what you'd expect. The main complaint, vagina smells literally like shit.
Worse yet is that Frankenstein shit that the SRS ghouls did to Jazz. They took parts of the peritoneum (the lining of your thoracic cavity)and what little atrophied penis that Jazz had and quilted it together to make the freakiest stink ditch yet.


Lady chode
I always figured that the ball-waxing thing was just to get women to touch his dick, but this makes me wonder if the goal isn't to get women to laugh at his dick.

Scrote waxing could easily fit under the heading of CBT. And maybe when he's telling teenage girls about his tampon fetish, he's not looking for acceptance, he's looking to be told what a nasty little boy he is.

Second Hand Syringe

My blood is poison
I can't help but keep going back to the conversation about Yaniv's first sexual experience. Where he "didn't know" if they did it, didn't feel anything... well um, let's be real here. That egg isn't hitting bottom any time soon.
He's forgetting about the mohel that his mother hired to suck the tard blood off his little baby dick when he was circumcised. As far as I can tell his first sexual experience involved an old je;wish man with herpes.


True & Honest Fan
Have we confirmed that the picture is legit? I mean I obviously trust WGKitty very much, but how can we be 100% that this is all legit?
I can't 100% for certain confirm it but it was sent with some chat logs and the twitter account sending it was decently old/relatively well followed.

This might sound dumb but some of the emojis used in the chat logs aren't ones normally used but ones I've seen JY use before.

Other than that it all kind of fits, like how fat those legs are, his feet kind of turn in at the toe like the picture, even his nails not being painted (they are currently not painted).

On the balance of things I'm fairly certain it is actually his dick in that picture.