Jonathan Yaniv v. Morgane Oger - We all knew Johnny was obsessed with Ronan

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Something interesting I found looking through Oger's FB. It's from May 29th which was right about the time Jonathan sent him a cease and desist letter. I hope they destroy each other.

Oger posted this earlier in the week:


(Link) (Archive)

It's not particularly clear, but I read it as saying nothing further than the C&D letter has happened - the case is still being threatened, but hasn't actually been initiated.
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Oger claims "..has initiated legal proceedings against me" which makes it sound as though there's something going on. sms.
Yeah, it's not very clear - in that post I linked to, it starts of as "...has initiated legal proceedings against me" but ends with a tort case merely being "threaten[ed]". If it's just being threatened then nothing has been filed yet. My reading was Oger views the C&D letter as initiating proceedings, even if it hasn't been followed up with actual proceedings yet.


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Yes. Sorry, new here - will fix that. Also, learn how archive.
That's ok! I can explain archiving. Ok, say you see a tweet that you want to archive, you grab the link to it and insert it in a site like You enter it in the first bar on that site, then when the page loads after you hit 'save' it will be a snapshot of the said tweet. At the URL bar on that page, copy the contents and that will be your archive that you can link here. :) It saves it forever so if Yaniv or twitter is to delete the tweet, we'll still have it.

This can apply to other sites too, mostly any content really.

ETA: Saw you got it, good job, dude!
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