Jonathan Yaniv & Vexatious Litigation - Outside of the Human Rights Tribunal.

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Okay guys, I'm a bit late to the game here, evidently. KiwiFarm has a nice platform, actually smoother than a lot of the others out there. Kudos.

I did a quick skim of the posts to date, so my apologies if I sound and look stupid. This little shit looks and sounds like he's fully used to having the system bend to his will, but the broken legal system in British Columbia has recently put back into play the Anti-SLAPP legislation which the Liberals took out, and as disclosure relating to this matter is directly in the public interest, if he tries to sue any of this crew, or even just serves them with a Cease and Desist (usually a Notice of Motion) in an attempt to scare you into submission, we are able to go after him for his attempts to SLAPP us into submission, like he likely does to his addled mother.

We can all see his M.O. but what I find really amusing is his apparent lack of legal know-how, and the stupidity of how he's gone about shaking people down. What we need to do, is mount a counter-offensive, similar to his but the really funny thing is, ours might have a bit more bite. He's totally fucked, because he's probably going to be investigated for his well-documented Criminal Offences:
  • Stalking (Criminal Harassment CC264)
  • Extortion (Extortion CC364)
    See Canada Criminal Code here.

Those two are just off the top of my head. We need to be careful about threatening him with CRIMINAL legal actions, as that is technically a crime. We can threaten legal and lawful CIVIL legal action all fucking day. It's a caveat, where a "threat of civil legal action does not constitute a threat, for the purposes of this Act".

Civil Asset Forfeiture comes into play here, because we can threaten to take his home and his fake boobies. And strangely enough, if he is targeting children like any good sexual predator likes to do, the AG may be induced to facilitate a form of Civil Asset Forfeiture. It looks like all he has done thus far has been is to file pernicious actions in Small Claims and Social Justice Tribunals, and it looks like he paid $25 dollars to dial-an-ambulance-chaser to certify some piece of shit claim that couldn't hold water even if it was waxed.
The Cease and Desist he served this server's hosting provider was hopefully (it's that shitty) written by the snivelling little bitch himself, he just got a similarly shifty lawyer to sign it, if that. The little shit seems to think he's good enough to falsify legal documents... which might be a crime or a matter which can be resolved via a nice tight little piece of LEGAL action.

I like that Alex is more than happy to give the narcissist enough rope to hang himself, and Tucker was just the icing. He will lose, sooner than later. But after he shuts up, it might be wise to hammer him Small Claims actions, or preferable just go after him in Civil Supreme. What are your thoughts, guys?
Son (assuming your gender here), you're new here, so Imma explain how the Farms works.
We are not a litigation board. We are not a troll board. We do not file lolsuits; we get them and laugh at them. This board exists to chronicle information about stupid people doing stupid things (AKA "lolcows") so we, and the world at large, can laugh at them.
If anyone wants to use the evidence to put Yaniv away, great. More power to them. However- and this is important- Dear Leader and the Farms in general will not get involved. Anyone files suit against Yaniv, we'll be more than happy to document it here, but we won't get involved. If a user here decides to nail Yaniv to a cross (metaphorically), they must do so in their own capacity as a private citizen and not try to drag the Farms into it, lest they become a lolcow. Should the Canadian courts demand evidence from Null, it's up to him whether or not he hands it over; he's repeatedly stated that the only court orders he'll obey without question are those that come from American courts (since Lolcow LLC is an American company.)
Now, don't get me wrong, you look like you've done your research, which is great. But this is the wrong group of people to present it to. We only observe. We will not legally go after him. Of course, the final say is with Null. But even then, if he decides to get his revenge legally for what Yaniv did (see OP), that'd likely be his affair, not the forum's.
We play defense, and play it well. But we do not go on the offense without a very, very good reason.

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I'm having trouble finding an e-search for Ontario. Wasn't one of the pageants that didn't permit him based there?
Most Tribunal decisions wind up on CanLII. There are a lot of J.Y. occurrences, most unrelated. Remember, his mask only recently came off.
The point to appeal FOIA denials/redactions is the OIPCBC. You'll want to utilize the Public Interest Override.


iirc the lawyer in the waxing case(s) mentioned him only changing his name legally shortly before the court case(s).
I assume that's what his only BCSC appearance was. The rest of his shite is Small Claims and Administrative Tribunals, aka babysitters court. He's a bully, straight up, using the legal system to have his way with the vulnerable (Children, Elderly and Immigrants).

The Storm is upon us.


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On Sept. 4, 2019, Yaniv filed in small claims court seeking $35,000 because he says he was injured when a physiotherapist's treatment bed partially collapsed beneath him on June 26.

A copy of his claim and discussion of it are here: Jessica vs The Physiotherapist Corp

Other threads dealing with his litigiousness:

Also related:

Jonathan Yaniv v. Morgane Oger (Yaniv seems to have had his basement legal service send Oger a cease and desist letter and nothing more, but perhaps a lolsuit's to come)​

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A couple things in that

1st. His aunt? ...last Dec.? I didn't think it was that recent that the aunt left the picture.
2nd. "East Indian caretaker" !!!!! Can't get much more racist than that...Especially when you include it in who you're expecting service from.....I'm sure he wouldn't have said the "Transgendered caretaker"


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I'm going to leave this here as I'm not sure what this is all about. It's a screenshot from a YouTube video*( - which I've downloaded to my pc in case it vanishes.


It's the $100,000 lawsuit that intrigues me yet I can't seem to find anything about it or if it's just more guff from yaniv.

ETA: yaniv's lawsuit seems to, maybe, pre-date early March 2019 as he mentions in that screenshot as having entered Miss BC (2019)

edited for clarification - * video created by a twitter user.


It's an old Yaniv post - see here.

Thanks for the link. It doesn't really explain/or been exploreded further though (afaik).
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It's an old Yaniv post - see here.

I'd totally forgotten about that. Was he (a) lying, (b) referring only to having Scary Letters R Us put something in the post, (c) stealth-filing so we haven't found it yet, or (d) filing somewhere other than BC provincial court? I guess "I have a lawsuit" isn't the same thing as "I filed a lawsuit."

Annnnd he was throwing down the Amanda Todd card quite explicitly in April as well. His life is a Möbius strip. Perv > Threaten lolsuit > Threaten suicide > Perv > Threaten lolsuit > Threaten suicide > Perv > Threaten lolsuit > Threaten suicide > Perv > Threaten lolsuit > Threaten suicide > ...

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Just lurking ....

But my first impression here is:


It seems to me like this guy sure can dish it out but he can't take it.

And more legal stuff ....

Trying to make sense of all this.


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Cross-posted from the sosh media thread:
Screen Shot 2020-01-05 at 7.34.26 AM.png

Link | Archive


Maybe this is what gave him hope (article | archive): Last year, a Kamloops law student with a serious drinking problem and a history of depression filed a complaint with the BCHRT stating that the organization that controls the credentialing of lawyers in the province unfairly stigmatizes mental illness. It's a pretty good blog article, but the blog is named Vancouver Is Awesome, and the news being conveyed is that the BCHRT has gagged all parties in the dispute. :story:

And moar... PDFs attached:

- The BC Law Society's hilariously manic process map of what it takes to become a lawyer in Canada.

- An application for the 10-week Professional Legal Training Course wannabe lawyers have to complete before taking "my bar exam in the near future," showing 2020 deadlines and the prerequisites of a law degree and "articles" (a nine-month work experience requirement).

- FAQ on getting into the Professional Legal Training Course.

- Examples of the kind of questions Yaniv would face on "my bar exam" during Part II, which assesses barrister knowledge. I like this one best:
Screen Shot 2020-01-06 at 7.53.14 AM.png

A few miles away in Washington state, law grads taking the bar exam are faced with questions like this:
Screen Shot 2020-01-06 at 8.04.14 AM.pngScreen Shot 2020-01-06 at 8.04.20 AM.png
Suffice to say Yaniv will not try heading south to further his brilliant legal career.


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I'm not sure it's such a good idea to question Jessie's legal competence, Wabbits. A quick look at Jessie's recent tweets shows all this private study is starting to pay off, with their level of understanding of legal terms being a recent standout feature.

If you aren't careful, Jessie will arrest you for slander and you'll end up like Donald - CHARGED GUILTY!

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(Link) (Archive)

What are the odds that Yaniv got his legal education by streaming Legally Blonde while swilling stolen Bailey's?


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The MeowMix blog has started a feature called The Litigious Little Liar Log and says it plans to update it as Yaniv continues to dazzle the courts and tribunal with his cupidity,

Archive of the current version of the log

Another resource: The Proletariat Mook blog is still compiling records on Yaniv, some of them originally posted in the chaos of KF. I'm too autistic to know how that blog relates to Pedofiles North (articles + documents?) and The Registry (documents only?), but they're all under the wing of