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Law kiwis, please correct me if I'm being a dolt.

From the Googles, especially this article on Proletariate Mook, it seems that a party who's been sued by a vexer has to make a motion to the court to have the vexer declared as such. It's not something the courts do on their own. When a motion like that is made, the court looks for two things:

The examples I'm seeing usually involve a vexer who's hammered one particular defendant repeatedly, rather than going after an array of defendants like Yaniv's doing. But since he's targeted Kari Simpson mainly because she's been an effective ally of Donald Smith, perhaps there's enough of a pattern established for their lawyer to put a vexer motion before the court.

If Yaniv does get declared vexatious, he can still file lolsuits, but has to get permission from the courts for each one. The rules for that and the form that a vexer has to file are attached.
Very occasionally a court will do it on their own accord, but usually it is after a motion by the opposing party. You need leave from the Court to file a new action once you've been declared vexatious.

The BC court system is in essence closed until mid-May. For some reason though, small claims hasn't suspended filing deadlines for pleadings (which BC Supreme Court and the BC Court of Appeals mostly have). So we will be treated to Kari's response soon enough.

It should be pretty simple though: The Plaintiff discloses no cause of action or reasonable claim. Ta-dah!

fuzakeru na

That he thinks she tapes him when he visits the audiologist in the building where she has an office is priceless. What the hell is he saying to that audiologist that he thinks is worth bugging an examination room to hear?
it's quite simple. He needs to show proof he visited this audiologist BEFORE Kari represented Donald. This can't be done, he chose this exact location for a specific reason after the fact. But he will play this off as "the reason I was in the car park was because i was at my audiologist"

who the fuck goes to an audiologist anyway?

>Audiologist: A health care professional who is trained to evaluate hearing loss and related disorders, including balance (vestibular) disorders and tinnitus (ringing in the ears)

The certificate of readiness he provided in the Szuc massage table case contains two summaries that say an audiologist found he'd had a 50% hearing loss and one of those summaries says he's wearing hearing aids in both ears, so there's that. This may just be something he told the online doctor, but it's more likely true than a lot of crap he puts out there since he didn't dramatize it like he did cancer and paralysis. He did tell Katie MandaPanda about it last year, but I don't know if that makes it more or less likely to be fact-based.

July 12, 2019:
Screen Shot 2020-03-26 at 7.11.23 AM.png

Sept 11, 2019:
Screen Shot 2020-03-26 at 7.10.34 AM.png

The first one ends "the last ?20 years," by the way. Looks like "last 720 years." Miriam looks that old, but Vancouver hasn't existed that long, so... naw.
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