JonTron Returns - Expect Salt Increase Soon

Chin of Campbell

Hail to the Chin
I know this is way late, but I hope people who get "cancelled" by SJW mob """justice""" will look to Jon for inspiration and proof that literally all you have to do is ignore them and they'll fuck off.

I mean, imagine using "haha you weren't in Yooka-Laylee" as an insult. Especially considering he showed up in the infinitely better and more successful Hat in Time. That's like telling Charles Martinet "Haha you weren't in Sonic Forces" on his way home from doing voices for Mario Odyssey.

Xerxes IX

Remove Kebab is a meme of peace
Yeah, good point. They won't fuck off but you can laugh at the smoke coming out of their ears while they try to figure out why their words aren't making you double over in apologetic terror.
Just look at the reaction to Notch for a more recent example, you could almost see divide by 0 errors in the SJW mob's heads when they realized calling Notch a transphobe over and over again had no effect on him.

And Hitler would've bitchslapped Jon for doing so.

He specifically ordered no artillery strikes on Paris because of the great affection he had for all of Paris' amazing architecture.
Depends on wheen in history we're talking about. Hitler ordered a lot of Paris to be destroyed though, as the western front approached it in 44. (which didn't happen)

He wasn't really of sound mind by that point in time.

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