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I think you're being a bit too unfair to Cognitive Behavioral Therapy. It didn't become the go to therapy because you can reimburse easily (in some countries like Germany have fun getting reimbursed for therapy lmao) but because simply it works.
The sad thing is that America is not really interested in psychotherapy for the individual. The focus of psychology in english speaking coutnries is not deep reflection or higher awareness of the self, but rather how to keep you working and productive. That's why Peterson is such a psychometric sperg too (Psychometrics main use is to filter people into job brackets. The best psychodiagnostic tool is Rorschach, and the fucking thing takes fucking ages to do, so is virtually unusable).

Most americans would rather be given a pill than do the personal intellectual work of self-relfection and learning. I'm not judging, but as they coined "time is money". And individual therapy takes a lot of time where you are not making money.

CBT is an ego based therapy and is quick. It boiles down to the phrase "If you think good, you'll act good and you'll feel good". It has lots of limitations like most ego-based therapies, since it doesn't even adress the unconscious elements. And besides having your therapist tell you how you should think to feel good is annoying as fuck. Depending on the person, it may work enough to change some thought patters that can have a good effect, but it doesn't go much further.

Oh and as a note, Freud wasn't the first one to "discover" the unconscious. It was Francis Galton. An English scientinst, of all people.

I quote from Galton;

"Perhaps the strongest of the impressions left by the experiment regards the multifariousness of the work done by the mind in a state of half-unconciousness, and the valid reason they afford for believing in the existence of still deeper strata of mental operations, sunk wholly bellow the level of consciousness, which may account for such mental as cannot otherwise be explained."

Galton referring to his experiments in word association. Published in 1883 when Freud was just starting his medical career. Freud was the popularizer tho.

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Has this been discussed yet? What in God's name happened to Jordan Peterson? His 12 Rules for Life should get an epilogue.
Rule 13: Don't develop a crippling drug addiction that leaves you immunocompromised and chock full of diseases
Not to mention Rule 14: Don't fly to Eastern Europe for further treatment for the lingering effects of your benzo addiction during a goddamned global pandemic.

He is so done.
I don't think he will live for long.
Covid+benzo addition+dying wife+slut daughter+isolation and professionnal faillure + clinical depression since a long time = Suicide coming soon

His god is not treating Peterson kindly
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