Manosphere Jordan Peterson - Internet Daddy Simulator, Post-modern Anti-postmodernist, Canadian Psychology Professor, Depressed, Got Hooked on Benzos

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On a serious note, it's interesting that they took every part of his daughter's video as gospel for the article except for the part where she emphasized that the issue was that he had developed a severe physical dependence on them rather than a run of the mill addiction, just seems a bit inconsistent.
It's already established that Mikaela is an idiot and she has no idea what she's talking about. Nobody ever should listen to what she says especially her father.


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Hmmm....NO successful treatment available in North America? ONLY in Russia? You've GOT to be shitting me. What are they going to do, force-feed him vodka instead? It's usually the other way around. At any rate, have no idea who this guy is and no fucks given.

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I'm not a big Jordan fan, but I do feel a little bad for him.Downer addictions are brutal and he never seemed quite right in the head as it was, I'll never understand how this mess managed to get a degree in "helping" people with mental illnesses.
The guy is clearly smart and he was able to hold his own in debates like that one with Kathy Newman. A lot of people struggle just from having a camera pointed at them. I think he genuinely wants to help people, I think he's genuinely smart and capable. But media spotlight is a lot of pressure on anyone and to deal with a loved one's cancer is hard as well. He also seemed to be one of the few people promoting a message of personal responsibility and seeking help to men. That has value. I hope he recovers well and is stronger for it. And I hope his wife recovers. It would suck for his daughter to lose her mother and have her father in a bad place as well, also. So I feel for the whole family. There are a lot of people who do less than Jordan Peterson and don't get as much shit as he does.

Peterson makes his fair share of good points but his pop culture saturation is annoying. Dude is treated like The Beatles or something including the fan merch, the "sassy" gifs, the hero worship, the faggy fanboyism etc. Peterson himself isn't anything special, he's a professor in white tower university academia, which means he has interesting ideas but he makes a living by coaching it in the most absurdly obscure terms possible. He didn't do much to catapult himself to fame, tranny fags did that for him.

People dunk on Peterson because he's annoying, and his fanboys are annoying. The "Peterson OWNS reeeetarded feminist!!!" Youtube vids are just a descendant of "athiest OWNS reeeeetarded right wing christian" from the fedora Atheist days. People got tired of those fast and people got tired of this fast. Peterson supposedly gave people "a new direction" but the fact is that it's too soon to see if his efforts have born any fruit. It takes literal years before the effects of positive change can be seen. Many of the people who claimed their lives were changed by Jordan Peterson have already fallen back into their slovenly mediocre directionless ways.

That's not a knock on Peterson, I think he had some good points too. But it does make the point that Peterson himself is not that different from self-help gurus on Instagram. The only thing he was missing were the "detox" laxative smoothies that would supposedly help you lose 10 pounds in a week. And then his idiot daughter pushed him onto the carnivore diet grifter train which put him on level with IG dieters.

So yeah, people will take the chance to shit on Peterson. He's annoying, he's got a tale as old as time with the self-defeating self help circle of life, and if you had an unemployed guy aged 18-35 in your life then chances are he bought a JP poster and the tshirt and whined at you about whether you had cleaned up your room or not.
I think this is it in essence. It's mostly not JP that is provoking the mirthful responses here, but because his fans have wound people up and his media saturation. I don't watch much media he is in and I certainly don't watch videos beginning with "X pwns feminist woman" blah. Not because I'm a feminist but because those videos are crap. I guess the omnipresence of JP and over-zealous fans who see him as a messiah are why we're seeing responses like this. Personally I think he's tried to help people and seems like a sincere guy. I like him.

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There's a definite low-key girl-next-door sexiness to her. Like she wouldn't be an instagram model but you would totally try to pick her up. She has "sex-drive and mood swings" written all over her. This may not be respectful on a thread about someone struggling with drug addiction, though.

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I think he could survive this from a moral stance, getting addicted to prescription drugs isn't like getting caught with a gay hooker.
The real story here is it was always likely to end this way. I have no idea why he decided to go on such an aggressively expansive world tour for such a long time,knowing his own mental inconsistencies and problems. It's like Jesus Christ how much money is enough? Tickets for the Zizek debate were like $200 each, and he was clearly stretched too thin even then.
I was a fan of him till around he got involved with that dark intellectual web or whatever it is called, started doing stupid "does God exist?" debates and released his 12 rules for life. I feel like till then he was doing some decent stuff, but at some point money clearly became primary factor.



Hi everyone. It's been months since we've given an update on Jordan or my family's health and it's time for one so here it is. The last year has been extremely difficult for our family. Dad was put on a low dose of a benzodiazepine a few years ago for anxiety following an extremely severe autoimmune reaction to food. He took the medication as prescribed. Last April when my mom was diagnosed with terminal cancer, the dose of the medication was increased. It became apparent that he was suffering from both a physical dependency, and a paradoxical reaction to the medication. A paradoxical reaction means the drugs do the opposite of what they're supposed to. These reactions are rare, but not unheard of.

For the last eight months he's been an unbearable discomfort from this drug, made worse when trying to remove it, because of the additional withdrawal symptoms stemming from physical dependence. He experienced terrible akathisia, which is a condition where the person feels an incredible, endless, irresistible restlessness, bordering on panic, and an inability to sit still. The reaction made him suicidal. After several failed treatment attempts in North American hospitals, including attempts at tapering and micro tapering, we had to seek an emergency medical benzodiazepine detox, which we were only able to find in Russia. It was incredibly grueling, and was further complicated by severe pneumonia, which we've been told he developed in one of the previous hospitals. He's had to spend four weeks in the ICU in terrible shape, but with the help of some extremely competent and courageous doctors he survived.

The decision to bring him to Russia was made in extreme desperation when we couldn't find any better option. The uncertainty around his recovery has been one of the most difficult and scary experiences we've ever had. So, finally, dad is on the mend, even though there's a lot of physiological damage that he needs to recover from. He's improving and is off with the horrible medication. His sense of humor is back, he's smiling again for the first time in months, but he still has a long way to go to recover fully. It appears that we're going to get through this by the skin of our teeth.

So let me make a couple of things clear. Neither our family, nor the doctors here, believe that this is a case of psychological addiction. Benzodiazepine physical dependence, due to brain changes, can occur in a matter of weeks. It can be made even worse by paradoxical reactions that are difficult to diagnose and can be extremely dangerous. We've been told and hoped that Dad will recover fully, but it will take time, and he still has a ways to go. We're extremely lucky and grateful that he's alive. The next update will come from him directly. Thanks again for all the support.

Unrelated, but here's a song I like.


will definitely consider what you have said
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It sounds like that all-beef miracle diet sure solved his problems.

His daughter is still promoting that ludicrous diet too. She comes off as being as smart as a bag of hammers and a complete quack.

She seems pretty pleased that the Russians weren't scared to detox him and put him in a coma, but it sounds like he's completely fucked now. Being sick and unable to walk or type isn't a good medical outcome.

"This was not a case of psychological addiction. Benzodiazepine physical dependence due to the brain changes that can occur in a matter of weeks can destroy lives. It can be made even worse by paradoxical reactions that are difficult to diagnose. The medication almost killed my dad. "

It sounds like going to a sketchy Russian clinic and being put in a coma nearly killed him. At least he wasn't mentally disabled and bed-ridden before then.
Heavy bullshit there from the daughter. You know what we call a severe physical dependence on heroin? Addiction.

I had a long term benzo script some years back and coming off it is rough, but doable. With proper medical supervision, even a heavy dependency is usually done as outpatient. Assuming your doctor trusts you to actually want to come off them, mind.

I had a rough time for a while doing it but holy shit I would not have considered an induced coma in Russia. What the fuck.

edit: lol at akathisia being described as paradoxical. Hon, your daddy was rattling in between pills. Everyone who has been a long term or heavy benzo user knows that feeling. You get so they don’t make you calm, they just stop you rattling. You can get to that in ten, fourteen days. Using them outside of a very short course is a ticket to pain town.

It is okay to say, I had a problem and I needed to get clean. Trying to make out JP is a special snowflake of special medical needs to avoid saying “I had a benzo habit“ is foolish.
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Wait, did his daughter already marry Andrew Tate, the webcam pimp living in Romania?
Oi mate, I sent tat weak beta male of me new fathah in low up ta Moscow ta sleep it off iz xanny poppin'. Depression an drug addiction just all in yoor head mate, use yoor fuckin will power.

I am the God Of Drug Recovery.

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I'll be criticized for this, but I would not go to Russia. It seems like a poor choice for an American, a very dangerous one. You'd have to be extremely brave or desperate to go. Putin is very dangerous and Russia's reputation proceeds itself.
The only real danger to rich Amerikanci in Russia is their mind exploding from the inane bureaucracy, and the realization of how shit the lives of the medical professionals are there for the most part.

And maybe a mythical vatno-gopnik will stab them for being evil american imperials.

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The people who can't break the habit... my sympathies lie with them. Addiction is a really, really heavy burden to carry. Of course I recognize the name Jordan Peterson right away... today, I learned what akathisia is. It sounds really unpleasant. It also sounds really familiar.

This feels so sad to watch. Thank you whoever typed up all this, you're a godsend.

Null likes vaporwave, good taste in music. Seems fitting to christen this. How does one get the True and Honest Fan tag, by the way? Sorry for offtopic stuff, I was just wondering.

I'll be criticized for this, but I would not go to Russia. It seems like a poor choice for an American, a very dangerous one. You'd have to be extremely brave or desperate to go. Putin is very dangerous and Russia's reputation proceeds itself.
You’re suggesting that Putin would go out of his way to kill a random American tourist. Not just that, but a well-off tourist bringing money because he needs medical aid, which is a relatively rare thing for Russia since the medical care there is usually ten miles away from top-notch, even for money.
I think Kermitson might be not the only one with a benzo dependency here.

I'll be criticized for this, but I would not go to Russia. It seems like a poor choice for an American, a very dangerous one. You'd have to be extremely brave or desperate to go. Putin is very dangerous and Russia's reputation proceeds itself.
This pretty much. Basically his addiction was A very serious and Dangerous one, not many Addictions can kill you with its withdrawals.

Jordan petersons issue with American rehab places proscribing 'more drugs' in this case is very very reasonable, Basically you substitute the drug for something less serious and monitored, in order to lessen the effects of withdrawals, the end goal to reduce your addiction with reductions and substitutions over a very long period until you can quit for good.

What peterson seems to have done, is taken his evidently very extreme addiction (Multiple years long apparently, with this drug at the supposed max dosage he was taking that is very very bad) and searched for a country willing to have him undergo a rehab program where he quits cold turkey. (Seemingly by the use of medically induced coma which may have caused him to contract pneumonia)

See this isn't an example of Russias superiority in rehab programs, but simply a lack of ethical concerns when it comes to drug addicts, Peterson opted to take himself out of the care of people with actual ethics behind there reasoning, and place himself in the care of a country whose programs aren't the least bit concerned with the health of addicts.

Not that this is necessarily his failing totally however. He clearly was not capable of reasonable thinking and wanted very drastic and illogically dangerous options to no benefit of his own, Drug addicts don't tend to think rationally, especially when they are trying to quit cold turkey. This is why it should have been his family, wife, or probably daughter as she seems to be the most influential to Peterson outlook on healthcare who stepped in, said no, you aren't thinking straight, this is a very very bad idea, listen to the professionals or we might have you committed by force.

It's a bleak situation but this is how I see it as of now.

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This entire saga is a deeply sad one. To watch a highly intelligent man who attempted to have freedom of speech in Maple Land become an addict to deal with the slow loss of his wife is just rough all around. I hope he has a speedy recovery from all this and comes back stronger than ever.