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Lolcow Joseph John Green / Killa Mo 187James Garcia's Equally Retarded Juffalo Friend That Hates Cyberbullies

Discussion in 'Lolcows' started by yawning sneasel, Mar 19, 2017.

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  1. He has a friend named Joseph Green who is a Juffalo rapper. His youtube has like hundreds of autistic raps on it. He makes raps and call-out videos for his haters and argues constantly. Joseph is basically a guy who handles James online but it looks more like the blind leading the blind



    This dude seriously hates cyberbowlers. Apparently he has a bunch of trolls in the "horrorcore" community who are trolling him. I haven't dug too deep yet though. One of his trolls is a guynamed Bill Wilson aka Bill Qwarty. https://www.facebook.com/bill.qwarty?hc_ref

    That logo looks familiar




    He made an NSFW music video

    Angry at "horrorcore groupies"

    Pissed off at some dude named Irving

    Salt over getting pranked

    Fedora Fury

    Fat and unhappy

    In this video he calls out his "haters" on a wrestling board.

    He starts with internet comments then rants about trump shit
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    yawning sneasel

    yawning sneasel Manager
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  2. You forgot about his 'official' website: http://killamo187.webs.com/ (http://archive.is/Hzrcv)

    DeviantArt: http://killa-mo187.deviantart.com/ (http://archive.is/Vzfdv)
    Gaia: http://www.gaiaonline.com/profiles/killamo187/6137545/ (http://archive.is/h4AAM)
    Reddit account (appears to be shadowbanned): https://www.reddit.com/user/killamo187
    Tumblr: http://km18fn7.tumblr.com/ (http://archive.is/wm7F8)
    Twitter: https://twitter.com/Killamo187 (http://archive.is/7cLBR)
    Appears to live with family.
    Email: killamo187@mail.com
    DOB: September 21st, 1983
    214 Wesley St
    Petoskey, MI 49770

    Graduated from Boyne City High School in 2003.

    http://www.boyne.k12.mi.us/District...=&state=&country=&sortOrder=ASC&sort_by=fname (http://archive.is/aBIfc)

    At one point, he appeared to own the domain 'killamo187.com'. Go to it now and it takes you to Trump's campaign site.
    This is the original: https://web.archive.org/web/20160314041010/http://killamo187.com/

    Given the name, I believe this is his troll posting about him, which means this feud has been going on for at least 6 years..


    http://www.mdjunction.com/forums/pa...-support/2667034-my-12-yrold-ran-away-tonight (http://archive.is/Z0QRx)
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  3. Jesus Christ, right when I thought this thread couldn't get better. Now I'm scared we're getting so deep into the tism it won't let us out.
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  4. He SERIOUSLY doesn't like when people take his shit and post it on other places on the net.

    yawning sneasel

    yawning sneasel Manager
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  5. Does Killa Mo even have a neck, or is his whole upper body comprised of his chins?
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    Feline Darkmage

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  6. It's a bit of a Chinese phonebook I'm afraid, Chins all the way down.
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  7. I was holding some kind of hope that this wasnt as bad as I figured it was.

    Then I read his dob and let out a sigh that was about the same age as him.
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    Lefty's Revenge

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  8. It was a cult.
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  9. It's just too old to be using the internet.
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    Gym Leader Elesa

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  10. He graduated high school at 20 years old . . .?


    Needs a duet with Cutter tha Killer Klown.
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    Very Honest Content

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  11. A man that is like a decade+ older than me is complaining about cyberbullies online.
    And that's on top of his chin problem. The internet is a magical place.
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    Feline Darkmage

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  12. His head looks like his torso blowing a bubble
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  13. Something tells me that only likes the Red Wings because it reminds him of food.
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    MalWart Am I dead, or is this Ohio?

  14. man and i thought moviebob was King Hippo irl, this guy takes that title away from him
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    Dicaprio Delorean

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  15. "what do you mean the Red Wings isn't a kind of spicy buffalo wing!?"
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    Dicaprio Delorean

    Dicaprio Delorean A connoisseur of Pepsi

  16. lol

    Also, I can't get over the "trollergeists"

    As most of you already know. I’m planning to begin production and filming on what will be the biggest music video in Killa-mo 187 history. For the song “Fuck You!” from the upcoming album ‪#‎Ragnarök‬. Now what I’m planning to do is give a chunk of the video to random people to film themselves singing the hook of the song. But that’s not all. I’m planning another video to acompany it

    my nearly 33 years on this planet, and I’ve done my share of bullying back. Since 2011 I’ve been walking the path of redemption for my own mistakes. In the past 6 months I’ve embraced a more positive lifestyle [Positive Mental Attitude or PMA as it’s called on the streets] with looking at things on a brighter side.

    The start of this project is the massively big project which includes the music video for the anti-bullying song “Fuck You!” as well as a short documentary highlighting the damage being bullied or bullying has done to our modern society.

    Holy fuck :story:
    He talks like Neo Anderson, that pony sperg

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    DrainRedRain hot singles in your area
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  17. It's like somebody accidentally tripped on the top row of the keyboard when filling out his birth certificate.
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    Pigeon On A Stick

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  18. Fuckin' Juggalos, man...
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    The Dude

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  19. I would much rather not watch Juggalos fuck.
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    Dr W

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  20. He gives me a Tommy Tooter vibe with threatening to have forums shut down and trying to get law enforcement evolved.

    How is trolling illegal? How is cyber bullying real? Maybe turn off the computer and go for a jog.
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    Loxiozzz Weebtastic
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