Dramacow Josh Thomas - TheBitBlock, Nintendo Beyond, Nintendo Youtuber

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It's been coming for a while.

So Josh Thomas, a Youtuber with a decade long history is becoming more and more notorious among Nintendo fan circles for his insane twitter breakdowns detailing his insane opinions about Nintendo and other Youtubers, most notably Gamexplain.

I don't have a ton of twitter screen caps on me, I'll let you guys handle that, but I thought I'd detail his history first.

Getting his start on Youtube in 2008, Josh specialized in covering obscure Wii games that other channels wouldn't touch. His enthusiasm for the console led to him getting a following. And then the cracks began to show.

Josh began putting very strange opinions that no one really supported. Fire Emblem and Xenoblade are not real Nintendo games and don't deserve to be in Smash. Nintendo needs to stop making 2D games entirely. Sticker Star wasn't that bad. 3D World isn't a real 3D Mario game.

He was blacklisted from Nintendo's Ambassador program following an incident where he released his Woolly World review two weeks before embargo specifically so that he could whine about it being a 2D platformer and not being all that different from Kirby's Epic Yarn. After that, his harshness towards Nintendo has only deepened. Although he still covers their products. He is never happy with ANYTHING they release or announce. And I believe it will only get worse from here, if the past few weeks are any indictation.

GS 281

You're gonna need more content than this. One twitter cap from a locked account, and the cap isn't even funny. Also, no links to other social media and all you needed to do was click on his youtube link from his twitter and then go to the about section for his insta, Google+ and Facebook. Then when I look at those, I am not even seeing any real content.

If anyone wants to see this guy work as a cow please make a TTS or PM me with some content and we will work it out, at this point there is no content and nothing for people to go off of.
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