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Dee Price

ugly tranny,
Person of Interest
Oct 22, 2018
let me spell it out for you, but first you tell me what you know about the Chicago JDL

now please understand that i am 66 years old and a radical moron who wants exploit you children. i want to really get dirty with you.. in short, fuck the lot of you and anything i do to you will be so hot and steamy.

this is precisely the sort of thing i was referring to. i did hound a you tuber to death, my parents did disown me, i do cheat my customers or sell junk stone, but i love to finger dog and kiddies and well you look so delish.

i guess I,m derp.​

Well tom i fixed it for you. Now that is more like it. At least it is honest now.

You know you have a micro for the abuse tom or you would not come back.

You have to be able to take it tom. Do get being trans is a bit more than you comprehend tom.

No one in their right mind wants to be trans fool. It is not a social construct. it is not a spectrum.

IT IS A NIGHTMARE TOM. and you can never wake from it tom.
They did. And we made sure they disinherited you, you old faggot.
LOL yes we all did. I do wonder what the look on his mothers face as she watched Tom admission to both crimes.
lol. tell me more about myself, you ridiculous transphobic talking turds.

Dyann Carrington Sechi

Tommie Jayne Wasserberg

DetlSrcurupondsrefmber 24 aruirSgtdd 7l:28o PrMmceiudsse ·

My dear Tommie Jayne~ You’ve got to be the one friend I’ve not yet met that is wilder than any other~ softer and caring at the same time when the worlds heart is breaking~ and more mature than most can handle. You deserve a New Year filled with New Energy and Love. Respect and Thank you for all of the Activism you give. We need you. Happy New Year and a Peace much needed. Love,

David Martin
Tommie Jayne Wasserberg
, thanks for sharing this... here's the link: Death and Indenture - the basis for our monetary system for far too long! Is there another way? Well, yes... and it's happening on the Earth NOW. In 2021, we're going to bring it to a much larger scale.

Big thanks and praise to the admins of
NO Dakota Access Pipeline
for jumping this racist comment before I even had a chance to respond to it. This position is extremely harmful and the native leaders are adamant about the wrongheadedness of blaming all white people for things somebody else's ancestors did a long time ago. Not nearly every white person in the US's ancestors were complicit in the genocide. Mine had nothing to do with it and came here fleeing genocide.

Robin Hamm Did you just refer to yourself as native? smh
no dear, you are #EuropanSquatterOffspring and this genocide has not ended. You have no right. smh

Tommie Jayne Wasserberg This hatefully ignorant and racist declaration has been reported to the admins.
I am native to Chicago , Ill. My family came here as refugees from the same "enemy" you accuse me of being , while looking and acting extremely European yourself. My great grandfather was the sole survivor of a massacre in Rumania. Where was your great grandfather born , woman speaking for all First Nations Tribal Councils? What nation are you speaking for?

I speak for the clan Kohen and am born for the clan Gershom of the tribe Levy in the nation of Israel. Look up my ancestors and what we have been doing in this world for the past 5, 781 years before you try to beat me with that judgement stick, sister. I am an indigenous person in my belief system and lifestyle and have much respect among first nations people for the way i walk my talk. Who are you to go off on a point like that without any consideration of what the post was about?
Utter bullshit tom. You all you speak for is pedophile and dog fuckers. and both groups hate each other for being what they are so you are stuck all alone hated truly by the whole of society.

And well tom you do think in a very crude low intellect primitive way.
I bet Tommy will wheeze and shake his fist once again cursing that daring kiwi agent Yawning Sneasel.
LOL Sneasel's name if you look at the years he has been screaming tens of thousands of times you will hear him sperg about Sneasel.
Sneasel has tom in his back pocket when it comes to tardsmacking. Tom hates Sneasel so much he ass nukes the moment sneasel post with the typical rhyming rage rant Tom sperges out at most everyone. But he is a known raging lolcow tard.
you all fucking bore me with your hateful delusions that are little more than projections of the perversions you're in denial of. this site is just a fucking behavioral sink waiting to get blown up.
No delusions tom just hard honest facts you hate to admit to. Look tom we all know the reason you claim to be trans is to hide behind the trans community to try to avoid the truth and call it the male aspect and they are not nice. and how you are a nice wholesome female aspect is dominant.

The truth is you are a sick mentally ill man that is a vile perverted and admitted child sexual predator.

That also being a reason people tell you what you are and remind you of your past.

No one in their tight mind including trans females would want you anywhere near a female bathroom.
or an elementary school or a dog pound or kennel or any bar or place of social gathering or a beach or the side of a road or living in a dumpster in some poor city that got left holding the wasserbag.
i'm sure they will react quite rationally if he does and inform me. Neither one of them is even likely to open anything from a stranger though, especially not martin. he has to triage his friend's messages and dyann likely never opens stranger's email. Those are not pedophilic admissions to most people either, you insane sexually repressed reprobate.

Unfortunately, the Chicago chapter was suborned by the Kahanist religious Zionists who diverted us from protecting the neighborhoods to attacking the Zionist state's enemies. Eventually, the original chairman, Buzz Alpert, split away from them.

Why are you so racist?
Yes Tom why are you so racist.
You silly bitch, Sneasel is just a punk ass bitch being manipulated by the hoffman group.
fuck you tom Hoffman did no such thing what the Hoffman group is actually reee is well a group of friends that love to see you sperg your ass off.

You are at a programmers board tom most are computer programmers tom. How do you think they sat there and developed a game about you in a matter of months.

The Hoffman group only lives in your head sperg.
wtf is the hoffman group? is this some illuminati conspiracy?
LOL a group of wealthy cyberterrorist that profit off toms image ( as like that is actually possible ) they run fictitious drug shipments that are named after fruit. pay off police to tardwrangle tom. It is a complex operation that actually takes no effort seeing as it is all fictitious and only exist on toms head.
What's the last book/article you got published/ printed in a high circulation periodical?
They say tom has a serious article coming out in Dog Lovers Quarterly about the proper finger action you need to finger your dog to a better climax both yours and theirs.

It is said to be repulsive and stomach churning.

He also has a new autobiography coming out called I love them really young and some are dogs .
View attachment 1817232 Fucken A cool, thanks Josh!

You are a gullible moron . My legal name is Tommie Jayne Wasserberg . There is no "N" in the word. I do not diddle dogs or think it's ok to have sex with children. You also don't realize that this is recreation for me and I'm laughing much harder at the lot of you than you are laughing at me , you stupid animated ass waste. It's like a workout in a gym for me to play dunking clown for hordes of hypocritical harridans, Mr. Hanky.
You fake name you say Thomas. you are a fake changing your driver license does not change the fact that you are a male you act and look and are aggressive like a male.

And tom you talked about it fucking kids and fingering dogs. you wrote repulsive recollections of it tom.

You do get it is too late tom you admitted to being a dog diddling kiddie fiddler.


A thousand years old
True & Honest Fan
Jan 15, 2014
... hey, i thought you'd like to know the onion farms has made a nool thread, might be helpful to @Miss Tommie Jayne Wasserberg since tom doesn't know much lore..
might want to give the thread another go? eh
Shit, if Tommie teams up with Kengle, the Farms is fucked. Two such intellectual titans working to a common goal would be unstoppable.


I'm going to unlock all the achievements.
Dec 21, 2018

Oct 29, 2020
Shit, if Tommie teams up with Kengle, the Farms is fucked. Two such intellectual titans working to a common goal would be unstoppable.
Please no. The black hole of autism would strip the Earth of it's atmosphere before cracking the crust.

i don't cheat my customers or sell junk stone
Nigga you can't even tell pyrite from gold. There's a reason they call it fool's gold.
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Dee Price

ugly tranny,
Person of Interest
Oct 22, 2018
LOL is Kengal making you feel loved? No? Why he shows you the attention you tried to get out of bob. Why not Kengal HA HA HA HA
The person who makes overtly sexual comments to you on AMB isn't @Kenneth Erwin Engelhardt you absolute spastic.
LOL Tom is to stupid to get that he falls for everything.

Aug 5, 2021
Tom was caught posting on 4chan's /lgbt/

He sent a screenshot while logged in. I doubt Josh is an MTF, but that means he's bigging up his own website on the tranny board which is pathetic...

Kiwi & Cow

Master of shitposting
Feb 21, 2018
Unironically based take, as the old saying goes the only reason Josh doesn't have a thread is he owns the site.
He does lol. Go to the proving grounds for the ultra secret Null thread.
LOL is Kengal making you feel loved? No? Why he shows you the attention you tried to get out of bob. Why not Kengal HA HA HA HA

LOL Tom is to stupid to get that he falls for everything.
Could you stop acting like a tryhard for once in your life?


Custodian of Records, King of Lies, Ooperator
Nov 14, 2012
Its pretty weird how quick your reply was to this, as if you were watching the talk on /lgbt/ and waiting for it... most of the posts here are days appart, do you watch all the threads about you for updates?
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