Skitzocow Joshua Dufurrena - SpongeBob obsessed fedora wearing YouTube sperg from Pensacola, Florida


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Is this Aaron McCluske's long lost cousin? I think he is. This guy's content really speaks for itself and there's such a big volume of content to go through. He's a big cartoon sperg first of all and he makes whole videos about fake airdates of episodes for the show. The videos I've watched from him so far have been nothing but a trip.

Here's an excellent gem to start out with.

You can see the fedoras in these latest vids he did.

He wanted some website shut down.

His SpongeBob airdate videos. There are tons of these on his channel, Jesus Christ.

I also found his Twitter which hasn't been that active in a while.

Some dude tried calling out this guy too. I haven't watched these yet.

I think this guy is a major cow with a ton of potential after going through all of this. Enjoy.


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I am screaming but God is deaf.
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I looked up Safe Deposit Krabs and that aired 2013, not 2001. I understand him making fake episode predictions because that sounds like standard tard fare, but, why is he lying about something as inconsequential as that when it already happened?


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I'm pretty sure this guy is some kind of alternative universer Null where he is a little bit more autistic.

Although i have to say it's amazing how a guy with actual schyzophrenia looks and presents himself a lot better than most lolcows here.

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